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  1. Yes no tellers ….what a great idea to lower on course patronage.another gem by the TAB.
  2. Well Said Ivan, the wide ramifications of a huge region closure will be detrimental for those in any part of the industry and would be counter productive. It is not the way to save the TAB and many alternatives are in train for consideration which would actually work on a commercial basis. As President for Life (PFL) it would be great for you to organise Bus trips, but be very careful ...LOL.
  3. good summation T man. Only thing is if no harness racing in most of north Island The kids carts is organised by harness racingtrainers and wives so most likely no k carts in region. It is also run on harness racing programmes which wont exist so will not be able to give the children raceday experience. A big loss asTaranaki/Manawatu a thriving area for Kids carts .. Donated my signed yellow jewels silks to them as believe future of harness racing lies in kids carts. But if TAB see no point in these regions then no point in giving children the illusion of a future in harness racing. DISGRACEFUL.
  4. The 5 top stables in the region have over 100 horses in their stables at present .but the knockers and doom merchants don't want to know. That's ok The govt is being made aware of these matters. Roll on the opening day at the manawatu raceway. Come on down Stables for a new experience .
  5. The TROLL strikes again.!!
  6. Give up Stables you are a total Muppet.
  7. T Man, I do respect your feelings, However the House show has been positive andhas also been used as a trojan horse to damage the clubs argument for a healthy future. the Club has raced successfully since 1959 and had role as central districts main facility once demise of Wellingtons Hutt Park in 1995 MH appeared in last 3 years and did scare off some trainers coming from other areas which were reg supporters. Without MH these will return so it is not the death knell that may appear from outsiders.Best thing Mr House is to set up stable on course Palmerston North. makes sense(cents) .
  8. T man, you don't just decide to run a couple of meetings when a region 33% of Nz closes down. There is no opportunity to do that.There are a lot of things happening so no ones crying or giving up and as for Stables you amaze me because if you are as successful as you say in your own lunchtime you would have empathy with trainers who are hurting but getting on with life. Your offhanded comments such as "forbury gone " and give up Manawatu....gone. when a month battle is on.. I have found all harness racing trainers/drivers even owners all fierce competitors on the track but go to great lengths to help each other off track .this is a universal code which you appear to lack.. that's why I find you unlike all other trotting people I have come across since the 1960s(first winner Sun King claudelands 1970 paid 50/1)
  9. If that is true Stables, I find your caustic reference to others as virtually collateral damage and of no importance very distasteful at best .
  10. Stables please list the horses you have trained/owned/or driven ?
  11. High Eljay, thanks for comment The borders move somewhat with infohprse. Otaki often included also w airarapa. Bryan Taylor is in the process of retiring and has horses for sale. a pity as a fine trainer and person.(Masterton) Many of these trainers were booted out when hutt Park was not saved by HRNZ and now face similar fate. No wonder they find the "so what " comments from smart asses on this site hard to take. yes Micktap great analysis . even Auckland needs trainers from Cambridge to bolster their numerically weak fields .
  12. 7 trainers listed in wellington area... including Dennis Kessell at Mangaroa who had 3 wins this season, helped by Bill Marwick. There are approx. 30 active trainers in the wider area including Doug Gale,Scott Dickson,Bryan norman,Phil and Willie Fleming,Steven Doody,Wendy Devenport,Fred Mitchell,Allan Pyers, Murray Gibbs Fred Mitchell, There are another 100 approx. people working in various stables as well as a host of owners.The actual numbers of horses varies but the bigger stables eg. Scott Dickson had 149 starts this season,Doug Gale 94,Bryan Norman,85 Phil Fleming 58 Steven Doody,82Fred Mitchell 72,Wendy devenport 29. The Raceway did get regular support from trainers from Marlborough region and Cambridge .
  13. The vision statement for HRNZ READS AS FOLLOWS....HARNESSING EXCITEMENT SERVICE INTEGRITY AND PROSPERITY FOR OUR STAKEHOLDERS AND CUSTOMERS.... would all Board Members have the guts to front up to those trainers in the central districts and explain how they are honouring their own vision statement. ? Dozens of these trainers from wellington to hunterville and up to New Plymouth have established facilities for harness racing at large personal cost to enable them to provide horses for racing centred on Manawatu Raceway. To give 70 licences to ak and Cambridge and nil to Manawatu or any racetrack in the area is in stark contrast to the vision statement and could be open to legal challenge if not corrected . We all accept there is pain and suffering but lets not reward areas and close others down. It simply is a disgrace and maybe national awareness through publicity is the only remedy.
  14. The Clear error of judgement to close Manawatu raceway along with all other opportunities for harness racing fans already can be seen with a large number of horses on the market offered at much less than cost . It is indicative of HRNZ and RIDA making a huge mistake in giving a guide to the future by removing all lower performing horses that could have worked up to better classes through Lower NI racing. I see even weanlings by top sires such as sweet Lou,Bettors delight,A rocknroll dance at "giveaway " prices. . I know several owners who are getting out as soon as they can. This only the start .where will it end ?. Maybe even some of the big trainers may end up in melton or menangle. By then might as well close HRNZ and hand all matters to the TAB/RIDA. Poor Management clearly shown in recent decisions will then mean the demise of trotting in NZ. (quelle domage)
  15. The song comes to mind (with artistic licence) TELL ME WHY I DONT LIKE stables,,, TELL ME WHY I DONT LIKE stables
  16. true mike but lets be pragmatic..any dates are good dates. even the shorter meetings with greyhounds would save costs and allow trainers to stay in the area. otherwise they will eventually move or retire. either way it would be detrimental for harness stupid.for the people employed to "promote harness racing to a. make it difficult then close it down. .if I was the president I would not open the facilities for greyhounds every week unless harness racing is permitted. HRNZ or RIDA do not have rights over the freehold at Manawatu.. I wish we could all work together but there appears other agendas at play. especially when the departing CEO (peter Jensen) was not prepared to even reply to my suggestions.
  17. Lets hope the "slash and burn merchants" don't feel too entrenched in their 2 track North Island policy and give Manawatu a chance for survival of the region (compare with the 14 South Island venues.) As Phil Fleming states there are enough trainers in the wider area to support the innovative proposal. Really the dog option or with Gallops somewhere say joint meetings (awapuni/otaki/Wanganui/New Plymouth) cut costs but keep hope alive,.I also wonder if wall to wall trotting Cambridge/Auckland will prove an overkill as many thurs/Friday clashes have proved detrimental in recent seasons. .Manawatu would be a welcome addition. for punters and horses.
  18. Leggy,you say what is happening and has been over the last 10 years.Even old Bs like me have to accept change is nearly always necessary. However when you make changes in Business most often to cut costs you must not cut where it has a bigger effect on the bottom line. . This crucial business axiom has been ignored by the TAB and Mr ed named but a few. They often forget that punting is not a crucial part of life (cf food/shelter) .It needs promotion,availability, The competition for the punting dollar is intense. from lotto etc. even aus betting agencies often offer better odds .
  19. true Cyril... moving the racetrack 300 km up the road doesn't help either. (stables is just a ……………) supply own word all will fit.
  20. right on Mr Ed ,the promo efforts have been counter productive. and JJ Flash they are taking action ..should have said were but even shedding staff is costly.The damage has been done and is locked in. I am still unhappy that many trainers are to face more than just a pay cut
  21. Some apologists for our supposed leaders of this industry need to look at facts.... many trainers /drivers and indeed owners and punters may wish to stop READING NOW as following could prove INJURIOUS to their health....The TAB employs 630 full time staff costing over $60 million....136 staff earn over $100000 and it gets worse, 10 people are paid between $250000 and $700000. AND RIDA THINKS CLOSING THE MODERN PURPOSE BUILT MANAWATU RACEWAY IS GOING TO SAVE THE INDUSTRY . As an owner punter I find the Industry destroying itself by looking in the wrong place for survival is very very disappointing. (thanks to Barry Lichter for some facts)
  22. TMan, read the latest report by Barry Lichter on facebook which clearly identifies the leaders of the industry including the codes,TAB ,Rita and old NZRA. as delinquent in their duties to promote racing in an efficient manner. Over many years the accountants held sway and silly decisions were taken which only added fuel to the fire which is now blazing. I call the decision to deny trotting to most of the north Island in 1 move as incredibly stupid and shortsighted due to the damage it will do to the image of harness racing,the development of future horses and horsemen as well as costing more than will ever be saved.Punting often is improved in areas by ownership and sponsorship also creates interest. To punish well run and economic raceways along with some that should have combined years ago is heavyhanded to say the least. Racecourses that have closed in this (manawatu/wellingtontaranaki)nclude...Bulls/marton/fielding/foxton/Levin/Hutt park. so why we now have to look at closing.Manawatu/hawera/stratford tauherenikau especially when some are not decrepid but modern facilities. The cost to the industry comes from RITA and other organisations that place a huge burden on the profits that could filter through to the trainers and owners .I have never known any business model that closes outlets region by region without any warning or preplanning. I have also been talking with many irate owners and trainers !
  23. stables I am unhappy when good people and a lot of them are getting burned for Why? you are a pest at best or an old fashioned "stooly" If you enjoy closing a whole region down is SUCH A great idea you are an unfeeling uncaring person who I have the pleasure of not knowing.You probably like the Trump as well.
  24. Once upon a time... there was a bear called winny and he tried hard to make a big splash by selling lots and lots of property .but alas this failed as most were not available for sale without courting bears and council bears joining in.He did not give up no no no The properties for the chop were given but a few crumbs ,dates and raisins that naturally were not palatable and tasted more like lemons. But it weakened their appearance and condition so much they became somewhat vulnerable to big bear Winny. He then decided restructuring no no just a Rita meter maid to complete his task .Now Rita had some power for a meter lady,but she had been spending more than her income so needed help herself Ah thought Winny give her an offer of 72.5 million dollars and in return she would save face before an election of course and remove the bad raisins and dates altogether. Job completed.No food no healthy bears around. Bang bang we shot them down... the 35 suits who support Rita then take many millions for themselves and they and winny all happy bears. The Industry collapses.already horses for free happening and fine people get old childrens bedtime story I found....
  25. Before Stables jumps up RIDA is not misspelt It is the new Racing Industry destruction agency...many would see this as most apt.Its strange that Australia has more racecourses than NZ by a bigger proportion of the population even now and the ones they close eg Harold Park are the big inner city ones which no longer are fit for purpose.