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  1. Thanks Piper thought this the problem.It is disappointing that they do not highlight types bets for tabs and types for account holders' (thinking we may not notice!!!) I know answer to get account but when had access to an account I was betting on too much as it was too easy to win and lose in equal proportions
  2. strange when forbury up for sale the low lying nature of land big deal. now want to put housing estate. whats going on and what help is coming from harness racing NZ for the 2nd major population in the south island. ?
  3. Went to the TAB sports bar on thursday to try and make a dollar as struggling through old age. (as you do)and had a win bet ff. so far so good. Then decided as a moneyback scheme (wise) would try the newish option displayed on TAB website TOP2,top3 and top4.Alas after several fruitless attempts the operator said cant be done. so unable to place bet and a lose/lose occurred tab lost and clubs lost . Now being in search of the truth rang the TAB helpline and the lady couldnt provide help I needed only to get someone with more intimate info. but "the computer says no...." you cannot help harne
  4. the 17 month season is finally over..Obviously some asterix must be applied to some stats for history. (eg 2 nz cups and 2year olds normally 3 getting shots at records) The totals for earnings for horses and sires may be effected. but some analysis is now available. There were 4 half millionaires this long season. being.....copy that (636000),self assured(631000) sundees son(631000)and bettor twist (536000) and the near miss krug (473000). This is the sunshine end however as it s clear on an average cost of around 2000 per month for racing a harness horse approx 80 % would have trouble showi
  5. T man you point out the problem line 5 of "night rage: up to july 31 then of course can find the big boys and girls races. We all know all racing may stop or regions may depending on covid and its variants . But probable plan better than giving up in 7 months time. This is a minor point but you wish to assert authority on most topics and indeed you succeed a good proportion of the time ...but yet to meet a person who is smarter than everyone else 100 %... (the season now is the calendar year ...and August 1 has nil significance unless some clubs are not getting dates ( the winston effect. l
  6. I see the problem... full dates for racing year ( like them or not) should be a nd always have been available earlier than Saturday start. Sounds like a song coming on.... Do they know its--( xmas)a new season.....Someone should tell HRNZ !!! LOL
  7. I have read info released so far A commitment is sought for 3 years at 75000 per year. Ihave been in business and in these strange times would be risky for long term investment. I hope I am not considered a whinger Like Navitas have bred and raced many with first winner 1970. and still have a"" flying" 2 year old at present I have forced a club to at least try a passing lane and despite whingers saying it will be a disaster it has improved harness racing at least in the punters eyes. trainer bonus another innovation was up to 75000 when last raced for all forced on the soothsayers.also got c
  8. It maybe "worth a shot" T man but I hope due diligence has been done to contact the wealthy to see who is willing to front up and horses.
  9. Like your confidence T Man, but have major doubts as to its success. the jewels were going well with 2 smaller clubs enjoying the big boost in interest each 2nd year. Until the "clever" people decided AK and Addington could bid for the event !.even the original clubs could bid. What a farce. It is akin to the ruthless management ploy of dismissing employees by say their jobs have been disestablished but of course they can put in an application for the few new jobs !!! still its Christmas and I must not get wound up and wish all Harness Racing enthusiasts all the best and great success for the
  10. So a huge race for the wealthy persons of racing to Cambridge 2022. Big deal but any good for the majority of owners,trainers/drivers who wont be risking $75000 to get a start ( now called slot !) We may need big carrots to aim at but when this has been seen as a replacement for the developing excitement of the Jewels day it does not appeal. The Jewels gave everyone an opportunity to get a start by earning money through the season and was in effect a championship in each section of harness racing.Sometimes to get an historic raceday (eg Jewels Day)it takes years of running the same format to
  11. Ivan the guyfox spot on. I asked my bettor mates if we throw a lazy dollar or 3 into punters club and got a loud NO from all. It will be a disaster. Punting is an inexact science which is well accepted but when"" experts "are let loose you would expect a better bettor
  12. may I be first to acknowledge great effort by Mick Guerin and Greg Oconnor in being the experts to spend 1000s of dollars in the punters club. As we know they are experts at analysing races and betting trends and in fact all matters pertaining to predicting race results .. great result as they declared a dividend of60 cents for every dollar invested. Our group bets in Aramoho produced over 400% but then do we know asmuch as Mick !!
  13. P.S. am 74 years young so cannot wait TOO long for a reason ....
  14. It is a bit disappointing that purpose of a mini meeting for CD harness racing was to save costs by running with the greyhounds... good thinking as good for industry. however with damage to Whanganui surface the dogs moved to wednesday so logical mini harness would move too. but alas" logics" not a word often associated with Harness racing and no movement . Perhaps the person would like to justify their decision .
  15. Wonder if they would be keen on a straight property swap with my 3 bedroom Whanganui. LOL...
  16. after a long delay Mr R Cameron has received a 3 month suspension and no fine or costs. It seems a long and fair decision by the JCA. The race after the "bad driving decision" possibly made the excuses put forward redundant. Hopefully Saginaw can go on and win many more races.
  17. my error only 11 breakers in first 2 races. very hard to bet on these races... does not happen in USA 2 warnings for breaking then an extended "spell"' and race 8 if Nat had not looked around in the straight may have held 1st as only slight adjustment made.. to cost husband the win,
  18. I wonder if anyone including the "whale" would be brave enough to pick an all up on race 1 and race2 at Addington tonight. A better fun bet may be estimating breakers in the 2 trots. my guess around 12. most serious punters will start at race 3 (5:26 pm)
  19. Unfortunately we need fuel so a comparison lost with TAB risking losing customers unless fairness is maintained . most can live without an investment to return nil profit or 20% when risk considered.
  20. Quinella of night.. quotedabove . came in fantastic but tab theft paid $1.00 !!lol also in earlier race 8 Tab betting on late scratchings meant divs obviously would drop but must have been tab feeling tOO exposed on fav Pauly D on dropped ff from 3 to 2. same as tote 3 to 2.but just at close suddenly tote droppedfrom 2 to 1.10 and paid 1.20.and 1.30 place. such a late drop all ups ? big punt last min? but more likely TAB (imho) placing big money to square ff pay outs. Am I getting paranoic in my old age or is there smoke about ?
  21. Seeing we both wrong ,it was stated that Ms Telfer was to be in charge of the new Canterbury set up and Steve to handle Auckland... and it is a big operation and a successful one, thoroughly deserved..
  22. Sorry George and mrs Amanda Telfer was aware of the training arrangement . my mistake. agree all the money heading Alta wiseguy but logics say B D Joe .... must be quinella of night.
  23. Bit rich wanting ideas for future use of land.(even if it provides warm " fuzzies" for those making suggestions) .More importantly to see who ends up with the funds from sale. AND is it not the purchaser who decides its destiny ?? Why. has sale of equipment/memorabilia been put off indefinitely. ? could be like gavel house held electronically if covid the excuse. Maybe HRNZ or Racing Authority need the sales of all property say 10 to 20 mill. to help pay a portion of Aucklands reported $90 million debt.
  24. Agree eljay no blame on Mr Telfer,good for him. yes it is a sad trend for harness racing and perhaps the "experts" might like to see reality instead of stating how great things are going...