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  1. Booby Bec

    No more

    Yeah i tend to agree, wait until you hear all the facts
  2. Booby Bec


    The first call is rubbish. Watch get on in aussie, astute tipsters there. Tan and Rodley a very difficult watch
  3. Booby Bec

    Southern Harness

    Yeah exactly!!! I do follow his horses as he's a very good horseman, but how he continually gets stuck 4 and 5 back along the fence astounds me. Kind of like Richard Brosnan in the last decade
  4. Booby Bec

    Southern Harness

    I I agree, used to be a fan of Brendon McCllelan but his driving is dreadful. However the odd time he produces a good drive the horses go very well. Should just use the good drivers down south and stick to training them. A very good trainer
  5. Booby Bec

    Police Raids

    You talking about Greg O'Connor?
  6. Booby Bec

    Police Raids

    Cheers far, quite amazing who is involved here
  7. Booby Bec

    Police Raids

    Does anyone ACTUALLY know who the others are with name suppression? I hear a trained at Russley is one of them
  8. Booby Bec

    Mile Racing-Good or Bad

    mile racing has it's place in NZ but for me I wouldnt enjoy all races being over a mile or even mobiles for that matter. In saying that would love to see an open class mile at Ashburton or Wyndham
  9. Booby Bec

    Presenter on Trackside

    cant agree there guys, but just my opinion
  10. Booby Bec

    Presenter on Trackside

    Anyone listening to the joker on trackside tonight. I've heard him commentate trials at Puke and Alex Park. Has a voice on him that makes you want to burst your eardrums!!
  11. Booby Bec

    Oh Dear Sam

    Does it win tonight??
  12. Booby Bec

    Oh Dear Sam

    Have u driven a few winners?
  13. Booby Bec

    Not a Bad Record

    These numbers explain why people are wanting to buy young horses.
  14. Booby Bec

    great racecallers

    What bout the mighty Rick McIntosh, "Go hard or go home"
  15. Booby Bec

    All Stars Simply The Best !!!!!!!

    Fair comments from all concerned. Yes with their expectations and volume of horses ordinary ones get moved on quickly. Fair comments from all concerned. Yes with their expectations and volume of horses ordinary ones get moved on quickly. If the trainer you speak of keeps sacking horses hopefully he has some fast ones to take their place. As an owner I don't have any expectations on horses racing at 2, but at 3 I would like to think they are doing something. And if they are racing at least paying their way. If not dont want to waste more cash and dont want trainers wasting their time