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  1. why wont anyone say what he said on here? worried about the new hate speech laws or something? for those of us who didn't see the interview can someone tell us what he said exactly
  2. Nztr could make sure no damaging headlines like this get in mainstream media by making changes at stabling. surely awapuni has enough stalls that dirty old boxes wouldn't have to be used race day? Can anyone tell me if allan sharrocks horses come down the night before or on the day? Australia seem to have enough day stalls for meetings surely all nz courses could be made to have enough adequate stalls for race day and have boxes cleaned out for any horses that plan on staying the night before a racemeeting. anyone know the cost to build say 50 stalls? there would be
  3. Did I read this correctly that they aren't even testing the concentration so they cant tell if some one did actually give a horse or dog p intentially or just some staff member or contaminated box and the sensitive test picked it up? I don't believe anyone would give a horse/dog p its not going to make it run faster its not a performance enhancer. So a lot of innocent trainers are getting tarred with being a cheat when it really is something they no control over
  4. As one of the staff members I find your comment completely distasteful and uninformed. None of us do drugs and I don't think anyone snuck into a stable to have a bit of meth in the middle of the night. It's much more likely that someone who works at Awapuni has been urinating in stables and contamination has come that way. Or sneaking off to stables to have a pipe during work. All track riders and stable staff should be tested randomly all over NZ. But, as we all know the industry doesn't have the resources or money to do this and neither do the trainers. Sad really because th
  5. Who is the leak and why isnt NZTR or someone trying to find out who is out ruin racings reputation? Someone has got a relationship with martin van beynen who clearly isnt a fan of racing On the meth...I dont have a answer but it seems unlikely someone snuck into the shitty awapuni boxes during the night to smoke p?? People that do that will do it at home or at a friends not sneak around at night in unused horse boxes. more than likely a staff member,I read where they all tested clean bu isnt that only in your system a matter of days so makes the test a waste of time?
  6. grass was far to long! I know a lot of farmers that would have been happy to put there dairy cows on that track. And again to much regular irrigation that doesn't make grass put roots down deep enough. Just irrigate now and then but soak it when you do Metservice was predicting rain? why confusuion over forecast track as dead 5 anyway. I notice a lot of people dont know the difference between there rural and town forecasts. Rural far my detail.There 5 day and 3 day rain models are normally accurate. Cant stand there new website though!
  7. The truth is a painful read.. Anyone know why David Ellis one of the bigger personalities of nz racing never seems to speak out against anyone running the industry? and how on earth did Cameron George get the job of chairman??
  8. does anyone think that melody belle or avantage are as good as probabeel? If all 3 went around in a race whether 1200m ,1400m or 1600m I think probabeel would distance them. one of the best mares we have seen for a very long time
  9. ROMMEL – Trainer J Bary reported the gelding has now been retired from his stable after sustaining a suspensory ligament injury to the left foreleg mention of ulcers in stipes report on the day turns out it hung because of leg injury. so who was the mug that put ulcers in the form comment and where did he get the information??
  10. Can someone explain this form comment? A horse called rommel at hastings thursday.
  11. In the central districts they had 2 trial meetings within 6 days each other and then nothing for 6 weeks.... They are clueless
  12. Have you looked at Hastings races over the last few years?I would say 60 to 70 % are waikato trained horses. Nothing wrong with otaki fields or tauherenikau for this time of the year so its not a CD problem. There haven't been enough meetings in the CD if anything.mdn 1400s have been having 40 plus noms during the last 5 weeks or so Your Question should be why haven't the waikato trained horses supported this hastings meeting? maybe new years day don't want to pay time and half for a public holiday for all the hours involved for staff?? plus a 20% surcharge on floatin
  13. You all wondering why walker doesn't get rides... He summed it up in a recent interview that he tells the truth to the owners/trainers if he thinks the horse is no good. problem is when he sits 3 deep or makes bad decisions and gets beat he comes and blames the horse saying its no good. There is few owners/trainers on here.Anyone get pissed off when a jockey slaughters there horse and instead of admitted it blame the horse? That's what walker does and its put him on the wrong side of a lot of owners and trainers in Melbourne.
  14. does seem odd,I can imagine especially young horses having a good look at bright orange road cones... also they don't run any trials further than 1400m so why was the track so important to protect on the inside after the post especially on a firm track. horses are pulling up on that part of the track, doubt they would be doing that much damage
  15. Raced horses even before the days of irrigation Winx and when summer tracks were rated hard and fast and there were certainly no more broken down horses then than there are now. Must of been a long time ago.... horses these days are not bred the same and also rules regarding drug use are obviously very different. ridiculous comparing horses donkeys years ago to the ones running around now
  16. Theoretically Army. No penalty if you have a vet cert. Notwithstanding, why are galloping people complaining about the industry when they aren't prepared to line up? And are we going to see a heap of scratchings at Ellerslie next week because the ground is too good for hurdlers and 'chasers? Who wants to line up on a good 2 in October and jar there horses up?? Have you not owned a horse before?
  17. Maybe one lot of horses were facing a stiff breeze down the back straight and riders also rode to the outside of the track. its completely stupid to compare times between tracks I could argue like you have the the Awapuni track manager got it wrong in calling it a heavy 11 in the times you have shown in comparison to Egmont times . Your assertion was they deliberately falsify the readings which in my view they don’t. What are you actually basing your opinion on? I know times aren't everything but you cant be that stupid that if you don't think they are relevant.
  18. Metservice? Really? You actually trust that website??? Its way off the mark on a good day. To race at Hawera is a blessing for trainers and riders. To go 45 minutes north would turn punters off immediately. Are you a conspiracy theorist?? these are official weather station recordings not some made up data. don't get me wrong hawera is a great track and would have been perfect if they raced on Thursday. I'm saying if the track is heavy call it heavy. be fair to punters and owners/trainers
  19. Maybe one lot of horses were facing a stiff breeze down the back straight and riders also rode to the outside of the track. its completely stupid to compare times between tracks I could argue like you have the the Awapuni track manager got it wrong in calling it a heavy 11 in the times you have shown in comparison to Egmont times . Your assertion was they deliberately falsify the readings which in my view they don’t. Are you actually serious? the wind slowed the horses down by 5 seconds.... they raced down the outside at awapuni as well.Check your facts before
  20. any decent punter wouldnt bother betting on the first few races when we haven't got stipes or track managers that cant even tell what they are racing on. maybe bring back the penetrometer readings?
  21. Please name the instances instead of generalising to back up your assertions. Remember stipes ask jockeys for their opinions as to the state of the track and go by what they say. So you have 3 parties the track managers ,stipes and jockeys deciding on the state of the track, Track managers advise at 7 am. Jockeys and stipes after the 1st race at 11am You quote 18 mls overnight which may have fallen in the hour prior to 7am not necessarily the night before ,readings at 7 am may have read a 8 or 9 and the extra 1.5mls could push into the 10 category. Its not rocket scienc
  22. They seem to be repeat offenders down there lying about the state of there track. How many times do they call it a slow 8 or 9 and after the first race its downgraded to a heavy 10.... This is happened numerous times even on fine days its had a downgrade. Surely lying to get starters someone should be held accountable and bad does it look for punters And before anyone says it rained after scratching time,they 18ml overnight and 1.5 mls after 7.30am...
  23. These petition's, half of the signatures are from fake facebook profiles Do they check these out?
  24. I recall several years ago whoever did the south island comments were brillaint,really funny but accurate. some of the tab comments today are so bad and uninformative for example. ran 3rd first up 4 th last time. do they think we are that thick we don't know what 34 in the form means?!
  25. Does anyone know who does the TAB form comments ? geez they are embarrassing, a 10 yo could do them better....