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    Newmarket RC got a reaction from scooby3051 in Read form...or watch form?   
    But you will continue to morph into another name to go along with your many others and abuse the privilege elsewhere. Joe Kidd being the latest on the sewer site
    For those of you who wanted to know what happened to this character
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    Newmarket RC got a reaction from john legend in box seat ,debate on blood spinning   
    Great post John , just call it a family squabble  as only 1 person  has got a touch nasty calling a few people names etc.
    I found the Box Seat program to be informative and unbiased, others obviously have issues with it but the serials on the other channel have not challenged it which suggests even they are convinced its Kosha
    As for your " My name is sentence" its  sounds like your a reasonable sort of character
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    Newmarket RC reacted to tacula in Interesting drive   
    Just throwing out a comment re Blair Orange drive on Hampden in r10 at Winton yesterday.  Had ample time to peel out of trail before home turn. He decided to stay in trail and allow another horse to build momentum and beat him. Did he give hampden the best chance of winning? Was he spoken to? not in stipes report 
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    Newmarket RC reacted to john legend in UMC still at it   
    Ho hum, another race  another pointless victory in 1.53 for u may collect 11111 . the picket fence continues as do the knockers. .maybe more are joining the enthusiasts for a horse from the wrong side of the tracks.He does not appear to be in top gear yet so roll on november .
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    Newmarket RC reacted to harewood in UMC still at it   
    Not sure if you are in jest, I hope so 
    If not how is it pointless, I would have thought every victory anywhere by any horse is worth cheering for by the connections. In this case the more wins UMC has the quicker he goes thru the grades the sooner he can take on the best at Adders Hardly pointless in fact the opposite.
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    Newmarket RC reacted to JackSprat in UMC still at it   
    He's certainly a horse with a big future ahead of him. Apparently the soundness issues aren't an issue at the moment either. I'm sure Tank won't mind the freezing mornings on the beach this winter!!
    Another horse appeared at Winton on Saturday too that appears to be cut from much the same cloth as U May Collect. The name Wild West is one you're going to hear plenty about. He is very much U May Collect-ish in the way he goes.
    Unfortunately he'll probably be sold before long so Southlanders might only get to see him in the flesh for a short while.
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    Newmarket RC reacted to john legend in UMC still at it   
    Harewood the word pointless has another meaning being so easy it was simply in its own class. I am absolutely( given he stays sound) certain he can keep on winning  and will become a kiwi winks. 
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    Newmarket RC reacted to tasman man 11 in jewels day   
    Hard to disagree with you , but I guess the Quality of the days Harness Racing will be long remembered after the price is forgotten.
    Plus one assumes there are enough folk [ demand ] willing and able to afford to pay for a comfortable room and surroundings to view what is usually an exciting days racing.
    I guess its a bit like paying for a club membership these days...not a lot of value in it with free entry etc these days.
    As a rare drinker ,I also often find myself 'subsidising' the drinks of the big drinkers who can have a great days  'good value' drinking on any ticket which includes drinks .
    I see it as contribution to the Club and Industry as they really need to make a dollar on their biggest day......... The actual cost I compare to $450 to Watch Lions test v All Blacks , $300 for Celine Dion ,$250 for USA rocker whose name escapes me [ great show ! ]  A$750 for Members stand [with some restrictions] for the Derby/Melbourne Cup duo....A$100 minimum for Melbourne cup public area to see very little !
    At least its just a gold coin donation[ to St Johns] to get into the Jewels ! Everyone welcome !
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    Newmarket RC reacted to scooby3051 in box seat ,debate on blood spinning   
    So what trainers are these...sounds like you are talking from a dark place....
    And can you please show the stipes reports you refer to as well...thanks.
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    Newmarket RC reacted to JackSprat in box seat ,debate on blood spinning   
    No insinuations or unsubstantiated allegations from me. Simply asked a few questions about the latest fad product and it's legitimate uses. I haven't alleged anything about any person to have to retract.
    People have been using products in this game from day one to try and find "an edge". I merely question whether this is happening here or not.
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    Newmarket RC reacted to Iraklis in box seat ,debate on blood spinning   
    Jack, I aint an average punter I DON'T BET! and that statement of yours is in fact not correct, when you were talking about the treatment bein an anti inflammatory I thought you were talkin about the surface rub type application (as I've already explained) which do have witholding time etc, but as this treatment is of the horses own blood enzymes and not performance enhancing (if you had watched BoxSeat you'd already know all this) etc, couldn't see why you keep referring to it as artificial, and needing significant withold times? I say again your clutchin at straws trying to make something outta nothin, only you just can't see it or you can and you're just bein ignorant....and the thinly veiled snide remarks to Lee in reference to the BoxSeat program confirms it for me.....I suggest you go back to Lee's website, and re-read all that info you so carefully found before, I'm sure if you do it more slowly, more thoroughly this time you'll get your own answers! LEE HAS ANSWERED YOU BEFORE AND IN DEPTH!
    Cheers Iraklis
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    Newmarket RC reacted to JackSprat in box seat ,debate on blood spinning   
    This we all know Iraklis. You seem to take great pride in the fact that you don't punt or make any financial contribution to the industry. By the way, the term "average punter" is a slang term referring to "an average consumer or user of a product or service" as opposed to someone with technical knowledge or expertise in the field.
    Rumours that I deliberately planted a word with a double meaning in that post just to see you reply in capitals are just that. Unsubstantiated rumours!
    I did watch the Box Seat, every single word of it in fact, but being from a scientific background .... well lets just say (oops, Scooby has told me opinions contrary to official HRNZ policy will not be tolerated, so I can't say!).
    I'm looking forward to Part 2 which should be enthralling!
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    Newmarket RC reacted to Iraklis in box seat ,debate on blood spinning   
    Jack, there you go again making unsubstantiated claims, I have never, ever, said I take 'great pride in not makin any contributions to harness racin' you have absolutely no idea whether or not I make any kind of 'contributions to the sport of harness racin at all, there are other sides to harness besides bettin! and yes I am proud of the fact I DONT BET! bettin aint the be all and end all.....I do know you aint makin sense, rumours, what rumours? what the hell you on about there? oh and the product is 'legitimate' it's been passed by RIU etc, and what side benefits other than healin a part of the horse (by using it's own serum) that is causin an issue, could have the potential to 'skew the playin field'? huh? IT AINT PERFORMANCE ENHANCING! and in your own words a permitted product! and if you did watch BoxSeat you clearly didn't understand it, or didn't want to hear the truth of the matter; keep graspin at straws mate and makin your innuendos, you aint botherin me with your rubbish.....LMAO
    Cheers Iraklis
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    Newmarket RC reacted to JackSprat in box seat ,debate on blood spinning   
    OK, I may have paraphrased a little!
    You along with a few others on here you have got hold of the wrong end of the stick! The issue I have is not with any trainers that are using ACS as they are doing so legitimately under the current rules.
    The issue I have is with the legitimacy of the product itself and the pain killing anti-inflammatory benefits it provides as compared to the benefits most people are aware of.
    There are no names to name. The users are quite open about it, and rightly so. After all, it's a permitted products under the current rules.
    The side benefits however have the potential to skew the playing field!
    If raising the issue makes me a bad person, then it's little wonder the industry is on shakier ground than me!
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    Newmarket RC reacted to scooby3051 in box seat ,debate on blood spinning   
    Now you are starting to piss me off...which will not end well...and where did i say anything of the sort???? I am the one they come after because of the unsubstantiated innuendo you are throwing either respect the forum rules or don't bother contributing unless you are prepared to put you real name and details to the post.
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    Newmarket RC reacted to Max powers in Oscar Bonavena   
    He is ranked 7th or 8th after his win
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    Newmarket RC reacted to JackSprat in box seat ,debate on blood spinning   
    Again I ask, what exactly is your contribution to the discussion other than re-iterating the fact that you're out of your depth?
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    Newmarket RC reacted to JackSprat in box seat ,debate on blood spinning   
    Totally agree, horses race with varying degrees of discomfort all the time. But there are rules in place to prevent otherwise lame horses suddenly becoming sound on race day.
    There are a host of products that can alleviate these lameness symptoms - all of which have a withholding period leading up to racing.
    Why isn't a product that claims to have the very same effects subject to the same restrictions?
    If as they claim, it's simply a healing agent and doesn't enhance performance why is it necessary to use it close to a race?
    The answer is obvious.
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    Newmarket RC reacted to tim vince in box seat ,debate on blood spinning   
    To u
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    Newmarket RC reacted to Lee270744 in box seat ,debate on blood spinning   
    Jack I have to ask you this would you go to the doctors if you were fit and heathy would you take your car to the mechanic if it was running perfectly then why would you spend all that money to just have your horses serum in the deep freeze if your horse is fit and heathy.
    If as I think you have the All Stars Derangement Syndrome then you are more to be pitied.
    Most products that have withholding periods may have an ingredient that will produce a positive swab and I'm yet to see a horses own serum produce a positive as it is impossible.
    These innuendoes and nonsense you write is it because you lost $10 on a trifecta at Waikato?
    I have said before your hatred and jealousy of successful horse people knows no bounds.
    Ill have one more try who are you Jack everyone knows me surely you are not that timid?
    Lee Pilcher
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    Newmarket RC reacted to Blue in The Mighty Laz   
    Il Vicollo had Jack cade, one of the best of his era. Lord Vicollo wasn't bad either. Sold to Aussie he became one of their best 3 year olds but Mark knew he wasn't as good as JC so proceeded to go to Aussie and beat him. Wasn't planned but I raced 2 by IV. One not very tractable but won three in six months and the other won 7 in just over a year, then $130k in the states.  No superstar at stud probably blighted by the blue magic thing but still way ahead of the likes of Gotta Go Cullen for example. No telling is there.
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    Newmarket RC reacted to Iraklis in box seat ,debate on blood spinning   
    Jack, just who is using this treatment on their fit and healthy racehorses? come on there'd be no need to, as on the BoxSeat it was only spoken of in relation to soreness (I would presume muscle, joint or tendon), and the lack of performance enhancing capabilities; and I have never heard of anyone administerin this treatment to a fit and healthy racehorse, love to know where you got that one from? I think you're assuming that people are doin this, quit lettin your suspicions run away with you, come on has been in my experience as in any athlete you can sustain injuries that you can still run with, row with, cycle with and or race with and then there are those where you just gotta take time out to heal, this treatment has legitimate uses in both scenarios (by your own arguments above), and I say again its has been classed legal for use, and it has no performance enhancing capabilities, except where you and others 'think' there is, and dude, think bout this you don't broadcast all across TV on harness racings No.1 programme, out there for all the world to see putting said experts (Vet), researchers, presenters, Trackside, Boxseat programme directors reputations all on the line for a thin veneer of bullshit, sold to punters....
    Cheers Iraklis
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    Newmarket RC reacted to 2Piper in Ultimate Stride makes Debut   
    Won today at Rangiora but did gallop in the two false starts.Lucky he did not interfere with anything. In my opinion there should only be a front line for early 2yo trotters and have a babies day every 2-3 weeks to help ringcraft and to help spread stake money  to owners. Not cheap to get a horse up at this age.
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    Newmarket RC reacted to JJ Flash in Ultimate Stride makes Debut   
    What a fantastic debut, misses start by 4 then shunted wide on the improve only to be run down late by dual winner who got perfect trail. All the noise was accurate and what a great job Phil does with his stock.
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    Newmarket RC reacted to Blue in Oscar Bonavena   
    One well placed win and a couple of other dropouts would see him in the field if, in fact,  that's what they're aiming for.