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  1. Remember JA could talk under water with a mouth full of marbles
  2. Yes isnt it so true that empty kerosene tins make the most noise. Another example is Winstones PM noddy
  3. We all know that we have to have some rules but I have always noticed that if you give a "dickhead' a bit of power all you get is a powerful dickhead.I always used to like to go and see my horses saddled up but reluctantly understand that in these days of large syndicates there is a safety issue. I have also said that racing is the only industry that needs people but then proceeds to pay people to keep them away
  4. The only ones tat can survive are the ones that use other peoples money
  5. I agree with this comment fully. I believe the greatest handicap to racing is the fields. The stakes are so low that most owners cannot afford to keep racing their horses and anything that shows promise is immediately sold overseas and as a consequence both the numbers and quality of fields drop off. Good horses attract people who generally then like to have a wager. Whether it is $1 or $10 who cares . The important thing is that they do
  6. I like the balanced duplications of Nearco in Neartic and Tessa Gillian plus the supporting lines behind that. But this may be a simple view
  7. Another nice horse with an interesting pedigree also won at Matamata. This was Soleado by Don Eduardo out of Ensoleille. To me this combines a lot of breeding theories and certainly those of Swynford in the middle of the pedigree. I would be interested in your thoughts on this matter
  8. I am glad that I a'm not the only one that does not understand these discriptions
  9. At the various horse sales we regularly hear commentators speaking of horses having wonderful colt or filly pedigrees. What does this mean and how are these pedigrees actually formulated. I would be grateful if some of you knowledgeable people could inform me of your theories on this matter
  10. From this discussion I believe that the consensus is that breeding to Danehill on the sire line of both the mare and the stallion is the unsuccessful pattern the pedigree provided by Swynford has the the duplication on the sire line and the mare line through a S & D. However am I right in believing that this is another form of the Northern Dancer Mr Prospector nic which provides balanced line breeding to Native Dancer.
  11. There has been some discussion on inbreeding to Danehill where the pedigree buffs are saying that one pattern is useless and one pattern is successful. What does this mean and how are these patterns formulated in the pedigree? I would be grateful if some of you wise people could inform me