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    I would say it would have had little damage, track had a decent grass cover and was hard underneath
  2. I remember having a conversation with Mick at Alex Park one night, after driving Top Lot to win the first. What I thought was just a friendly chat over a pottle of chips ended up a full page spread in the Weekly!!! He had a couple of facts slightly exaggerated but I was thoroughly impressed for someone who I have never seen write down so much as a bullet point. If I ever get round to doing a journalism degree (which I would love to do), I want Mick as my mentor :-)
  3. "touch (other than accidentally) another person or any thing other than an article of his own equipment before weighing in" Did the whip 'accidentally' get passed from one to another? Before anyone asks, I don't know either jockey from a bar of soap, I don't bet, I've never been in trouble with the stipes, it simply looked really bad on tv, and I'm curious as to whether it breaches 'integrity'.
  4. Crustyngrizzly, I also thought that to be true. I've been pulled up for less in the birdcage with my own horses. Time some consistency was shown.
  5. I realise they don't weigh in with a stick, and no Rebecca's stick goes flying over the running rail. The question is since when were jockeys allowed to hand each other anything? As far as I was aware, they aren't. And what was to gain from passing her a stick? It was quite clear on tv when she lost it, why try and cover it up? That's what it looked like. It will be interesting to read the stipes report.
  6. Race 1 at Gore, Rebecca Black loses her stick not far off the post when riding the winner. As she pulled up beside another horse afterwards, she was handed a stick by the other jockey (KC Walters I believe). I'm pretty sure that's not allowed? Surely?? Or am I wrong in saying that?
  7. I've seen a couple that the Triabit pinched cheeks on, young ones that were upgrading from tom thumbs to "big kid bits", once they had worn them a few times they seemed ok though. Just as an observation, I think they are the kind of bit that is better off half a hole looser than your standard bit, they seem to sit better and riders have said horses are more relaxed with them that way.
  8. Hubby on way back to Cambridge now, not happy! Said had they moved the rail out 2m to avoid sand patch the meeting would have been able to continue. Stipes didn't want a bar of it.
  9. Who's to say Dexter wasn't driving this horse in it's qualifying trial because it's under offer by owners of Cran's? I'm all for a fair playing field in the trainer's premiership, but be careful you don't jump the gun. This could be a perfectly legitimate situation :-)
  10. It's the Sydney R2R sale, NZ vendors are to use the Avondale track for the run ups.
  11. emiliana

    The Box Seat

    I missed the show that started the ball rolling, but here's what I can gather.... Mark Jones had a segment, "Keeping Up with the Jones's". In this he expressed his concern on the management of HRNZ and the impact it is having on the industry. I didn't see it, but after talking to those who did most people agreed that changes need to be made somewhere, our export vs racing vs breeding numbers are shocking. The following week, "Keeping Up with the Jones's" was cut from the Box Seat format, causing quite an uproar on the social media sites by industry personnel. Many were upset that Mark spoke his mind publicly about these issues and was 'punished' for doing so by being pulled from the show. It raised the issue that if one of our high profile figures can't call it how he sees it, what hope does Jo Breeder and Bob Trainer have in changing anything? In the days following, the Box Seat announced via social media and a brief mention on Trackside that it would be taking it's "Winter Hiatus" early, but would be back for a special Jewels preview. Hope that helps!!
  12. emiliana


    Fair call on Stirling Point and Pure Power NZ owned, but does that mean the Aussies can claim Mr Feelgood's Inters win then? Pavlovas all over again.... ;-) I just think that the lack of interest in the Inters from NZ owners and trainers is a clear indication of how the powers that be have completely stuffed things up.
  13. emiliana


    Plenty Nick? I see two NZ trained, and a lot of Kiwi exports. That means five Kiwi trained horses are contesting the heats. FIVE!!!!! If that's not an indication of how little faith there is in the new scheme then I don't know what is, sad to see an iconic event like this go down the toilet. I also agree with Mardy, change is great but this isn't.
  14. Here's hoping you never watch a maiden race from Manawatu or Cambridge then
  15. News through tonight that Jack has passed away, my thoughts are with the family. A true harness legend