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  1. Hmmm...I'm sure many will be KEEN-AZ to have a go!
  2. Bear


    Really? Are you 100% sure of your facts here??? Have you read the Rules of Racing regarding if a certain percentage of a pool is on one horse???
  3. Hmmm...... You say "I'm a semi professional punter" and then, in the same paragraph; "no serious punter would ever consider the TAB" So, does that make you a non-serious semi-professional punter? And if you are what you say you are, and you "use a lot of online sportsbooks" then what is the problem?
  4. Totalisator Agency Board Not sure what this thread is about?
  5. Watch it Michael; the great unwashed will be on your case - I mean, really, who are you to make such bold statements?! Oh, yeah, a HORSE TRAINER in THE KNOW! Still won't convince a lot of the moaners and whingers on Race Cafe, most who only care about what racing owes them! Good on you for speaking your mind!
  6. Might And Power won a Cox Plate after winning the Melbourne Cup Makybe Diva won the Cox Plate, a Tancred and a Sydney Cup after winning a Melbourne Cup Viewed won a Caulfield Cup after winning the Melbourne Cup, so did Dunaden Fiorente won the Australian Cup after winning last year's Cup And who wouldn't want $3M over $1.8M? In this part of the world surely any "horse" person wants a Melbourne Cup over a Cox Plate
  7. It was my understanding that the TAB took it' information straight from NZTR, especially when it comes to NZ fields But, of course that could mean both NZTR and NZ TAB are wrong! Where does NZB source its breeding data from
  8. The organiser makes such decisions; everyone is aware going in and everyone has to pick from the same race field
  9. So, what's wrong with what they're doing? They've seen a market, and they're winning - jealous much?!
  10. RK You stated "Most of the NZ jockeys punt and a few undoubtedly punt against themselves" - where the F**K did you come up with this wee gem?! Name them, go on, prove it! This is one of the worst statements I've read on Race Cafe in a long while
  11. As a slight aside, does anyone actually know how David got caught??? I mean, did he bet and collect at a track or a TAB, or did he use a TAB account? OK, should he get LIFE? I think so, but a precedent was set across the Tasman regarding Ollie, wasn't it? Didn't he get ten months for backing another horse to win a race Damien was riding in? I know things are slightly different, Oliver still rode to win (?) but Walker obviously did not But, now that it appears that there is at least one other occasion when Walker has admitted doing it can the guy EVER be trusted? Th
  12. $5M? Nah, don't think so. Especially after what happened to BC's little bro OK, if this one went to the Easter sale? Starting point of $1M, leaping quick to $3M, then struggle to make $4M. Maybe $3.8M
  13. How many races have each of those two horses had since that race in 2012? What has been the form of the two horses?