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  1. I still chuckle at Alexander Fieldes attempt to pronounce Titian, years ago in a commentary. It came out as the memorable"Titty Anne".
  2. Aye, we could have ended up with Poto Williams!!
  3. I hope the victim is being cared for.
  4. Great concept, but seriously amateur production standards. Embarrassing for the hosts.
  5. Have you considered using the mute button?
  6. Not a good look . What's the solution to prevent that happening again?
  7. And earlier, a delay caused by an accident to a young jockey . Any word on his condition??
  8. In such a case what is the protocol for Mr Harris to continue training in the interim. Obviously he is presumed innocent until found guilty, but does concern over care of the horses override that? Just curious.
  9. And some pretty average fields on the rest of the card, now leaves the meeting looking pretty flat.
  10. Certain vested interests have decided that an AWT will solve everything in the south. But Timaru to day suggests otherwise. Here in Oamaru, there are fewer meetings, no radio or newspaper coverage, no TV for the poorer folk, and maintaining any interest or enthusiasm for racing is becoming hard. An AWT track at Riccarton, in my view, does nothing to tackle the real issues.
  11. And how many days of winter racing does it take to get Riccarton munted.? Perfectly good tracks like Timaru and Oamaru sitting idle. Time to share the meetings round a bit.
  12. No I did not know that they met there, but thank you for that priceless information. I was more interested in Twitfords "success rates" in challenging roles and thought this might be a place for his talents
  13. Dr David Clark and Phil Twyford will be looking for new jobs
  14. Ludwig


    Nice gesture on his part to hand the colours to Matty .
  15. Ludwig


    Well done to Matty Williamson for training Flossie, his first win as a trainer. Oamaru's finest and I'm sure there are plenty more winners ahead.