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  1. Ludwig

    South Island Jumps Racing....

    I agree. I bet he's another useless.northern toss pot trying to tell us how to do things.
  2. Ludwig

    More race meetings canned in the north.

    Get rid of some of these under utilised northern meetings, and give one back to Waimate
  3. Ludwig

    More race meetings canned in the north.

    Great opportunities here in the South for new trainers and owners. Good horse numbers, some fine under utilised tracks, areas of significant population growth, to name several. The place to be.
  4. Ludwig

    More race meetings canned in the north.

    With Waimate gone, and Kurow and omakau scheduled to go, the "don't touch Waikouaiti" is interesting.
  5. Ludwig

    More race meetings canned in the north.

    Waikouaiti....or whack a white as Kevin Payne used to say.
  6. Ludwig

    More race meetings canned in the north.

    It's a dual code meeting on Otago anniversary day. There are good strong horse numbers in the South, particularly in harness. But I agree entirely the whole programming of both codes needs to looked at. We go from the feast of five gallops meetings in 9 days over the holidays to the relative famine now.
  7. Ludwig

    select committee

    I notice that Tim Van Der Molen from the Waikato is on the committee. Is he active in any branch of the industry?
  8. Ludwig

    Auckland noms Friday

    35 going around in trials at Oamaru today. Good to see.
  9. Ludwig

    Any updates on Inca ?

    Sorry to show my ignorance, but Michael House's name keeps coming up. Is he a significant player here?
  10. Ludwig


    I still remember Alexander Fieldes and his effort to pronounce "Titian".....ended up as Titty Anne.
  11. Ludwig

    The Box Seat-A Question??

    If they want more people to watch it, try putting trackside on Freeview.
  12. Ludwig

    Has T. Lee had a stroke??....

    So easy for people to come on here and attack race callers. It's a difficult job and well done to them . Time to move on.
  13. Ludwig

    Leo Molloy - Not Guilty!

    Well done, Mr Moderator.
  14. Ludwig

    Ben Hope

    Agree 100 % Racing doesn't need this.
  15. Ludwig

    Parliamentary horse trading

    There is more to the South Island than Riccarton.... thankfully.