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  1. And how many days of winter racing does it take to get Riccarton munted.? Perfectly good tracks like Timaru and Oamaru sitting idle. Time to share the meetings round a bit.
  2. No I did not know that they met there, but thank you for that priceless information. I was more interested in Twitfords "success rates" in challenging roles and thought this might be a place for his talents
  3. Dr David Clark and Phil Twyford will be looking for new jobs
  4. Ludwig


    Nice gesture on his part to hand the colours to Matty .
  5. Ludwig


    Well done to Matty Williamson for training Flossie, his first win as a trainer. Oamaru's finest and I'm sure there are plenty more winners ahead.
  6. Definitely. Still locally owned and it shows.
  7. It's like the "hipster" organisers of the Caroline Bay carnival in Timaru. A few years ago, the headline act was to be 1960s country singer, Eddie Lowe. Good grief,he's even older than me. And then they look dumbfounded when teens, among others, show no interest. The same ,stuck in the past mentality.
  8. I agree with those last words, a bit of life. My last few times at Riccarton, Ashburton and Timaru have left me shaking my head. The racing itself is fine, it's just the total package that's being offered for a day out is just so stuck in the past. There is such an urgent need for new ideas and marketing to get the next generation involved. For many, it is a big turnoff.
  9. 77 horses going round at the Oamaru trials, but neither I nor the other two spectators allowed to watch. Crazy. Then they want our betting dollars. In a word, No.
  10. Good luck with that. Stables wrote the book on doom and gloom.
  11. He will have to wrestle that job from our athletic minister of sport
  12. Ludwig


    At some point he would have retired. Surely that would have been the time to make changes, unlike this totally undignified way
  13. So Gerry Brownlee?? He could pass for a jockey.
  14. It's interesting that Ian McKelvie has been kept on as Racing spokesperson, but with a very low ranking. It would be interesting to see who they would appoint as Racing Minister, should they be elected.
  15. There are good and bad decisions made by all political parties. But it's sad when someone is so in love with one side, their objectivity disappears, and all they can see is the negative on the other. Very sad people.