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  1. Kiah


    With the benefit of hindsight, would anyone like to apologise to anyone?
  2. Kiah

    Maori Anger Over Rena Agreements

    Ooh Opo. Im back and I find you alive and well. Pity................
  3. Do you feel Lou was a one off crooked Kiwi (but born in Aussie) cricketer? Whats with Cairns and McCullum? Do you have faith in NZ Cricket to bother to fix anything? Has anyone forgotten that the NZ cricket coach lied to the public over sacking the last captain? Why has no one bothered to question the shafting of world cricket by the big three powers Aust, Eng and India? How much will NZ cricket have to beg and scrape before being allowed to fight for crumbs with the other big cricket nations? Since when did NZers generally agree with bending over to get sod _ _ _ _ _ _? Why did NZ vote for the Indian crook to head world cricket when he is facing the courts? Has Sneddon thrown away all his hard earned credibility trying to represent cricket internationally? Do you feel that Sneddon is lending his image to prop up international cricket by accepting the board position? Do you feel that cricket is now just corrupt and rotten to the core? Why is anyone supporting this game that goes for five days and often with no result? Is this game a massive waste in NZ resources? How much rates money is poured into maintaining cricket grounds nationally at the expense of every other sport? Why is cricket not a user pays sport? Why do other sports pay similar amounts to councils yet cricketers are the biggest single cost to the councils? Why is cricket even on our TV screens? Why do people allow their kids to play the sport when many of the role models are crooks and unfit (all meanings of the word) people?
  4. Kiah

    Super 15 2014

    Chiefs have most of their backline back this week and should knock Canes out of running. The form team is the Blues who are more than a good chance to hurt the misfiring Crusaders this week. That would result in a Chiefs Blues finale for a place in the finals. If the Reds do us all a favour and beat the Force this weekend - then the Force beat the Brumbies - we could get four NZ teams into the semis. Though all would be playing each other with two getting knocked out the following week.
  5. Kiah

    Harness Syndicate rort

    Ashoka - you cant seriously believe the rubbish you are writing. Seriously - this is shonky! No matter how you try to spin it ...
  6. Kiah

    Getting away with murder

    Go the Lions!!!!! Gotta rate Odriscoll to be unlucky. It was his Welsh mate that let through that try last Sat. OD made his tackle but his mate didnt trust him and left his man. Now with the second Welshman back - Gatland has gone with the Welsh combination. I hope he is right but it certainly looks like he is favouring the Welsh - I dont think he is but the media will play on it. He will be the hero if they win but a loss will see the knives come out
  7. Kiah

    Getting away with murder

    Dom Post have the worst rugby writers of all the major dailies since Jim Kayes left. Idiots have only managed to pick about 30% of all the super results when a blind monkey should select 50% What the chiefs is doing is mostly legal. They are watching and waiting for the ball to pop out. Sometimes they are guessing and time it right other times they get it wrong and back out. Which the ref lets them off with. The cleanouts have been pioneered by the chiefs and copied by others now. Two men are going into the tackle and blowing way over the ball. Its legal. THe Dom writers just havent caught up with the rules. Watch the first half again and count the number of canes offsides every single time the Chiefs had the ball. they must be behind the last foot of the maul/ruck. They arent even close. Their are a couple of NZ born in theLions and for me - the only Maori player in either team is in the Lions. But besides that, they are the biggest tour to beat for the southern hemisphere - and I want that honour to be held by the ABs alone!!!!
  8. Kiah

    Getting away with murder

    1. Forward Passes - Blues robbed when the Stormers get away with forward passes in their game over weekend. The ruling on forward passes in rugby is currently farcical 2. Canes have taken a leaf out of the Aussies manual and are blatantly offside every ruck and every maul. The Chiefs were getting slaughtered by that tactic but they are just superior across the board 3. Aussie front rowers are CRAP and get away with sucking penalties from the refs - they continually try and muddy the waters so that refs are lenient - or at least 50/50 with dishing penalties 4. Go the Lions!!!
  9. Kiah

    Black Caps

    In four years time one of the English cricketers will be prosecuted for betting on NZ .... mark my words lol. It is truly the only time NZ cricket wins anything ...
  10. Kiah


    Congrats Opo. You persuaded your "cousins" to write to a few editors. Well done for organising a letter writing campaign. Given the incestuous nature of your dribblings you should all desist from breeding with each other. Your rants get progressively worse. It gets tiresome ...
  11. Kiah

    Does anyone know when

    Too much crap has happened Eljay. I still cringe when I remember my bet Changeover winning when he should have been stuck 3 back on the rails
  12. Kiah

    Quick Wins to save On Course Racing

    i settled with my wife many years ago that Sunday is family time. But i like the other things mentioned. Would prefer gourmet food at cost prices as an attraction ...
  13. Kiah

    All Blacks 2013

    Great Defence. Was really hard yakka to keep them out. Some lovely breakout stuff too. Hope Ranger takes all chances this week - looking forward to see him do some damage
  14. Kiah

    Push Out Rule

    Yup Cantab Matt. Shouldve gone alright. Rules must be applied. If a horse is going to race dangerously then it shouldnt be racing until its trialled satisfactorily
  15. Kiah

    Major Rugby Tours

    Every town in NZ buzzed when a touring team came in. They need to do this - say every four years or so. I bet the likes of Llanelli, Munster, Cardiff etc etc. would love the ABs to come calling too ....