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How did we let this happen?

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I have been almost overwhelmed in recent times by the sudden changes happening to our constition and rules. I'll bet I am not the only one that may not be fully aware of the detail and intention in many implementations.

      How did we the members let this happen without a whimper ? At the last AGM gone by lunchtime became a reality. No discussion or remits , no chance to make the feeling of the participants  known. The removal of the licensed members representative gone with the stroke of a pen . We are now run by head office with more staff than ever before, most not from within the industry who go about deciding  what is set in stone for the participants without any input or discussion from the participants. The anonyms board members who we do have some influence over appear to be mere box tickers for the new brigade from outside the industry.

   That point actually makes me wonder what the role of the elected members actually is. During the Paul Connor era it was stated that the elected representatives should be seen to be representing all the clubs in their area's, and must have regular contact with all the clubs in their area Can someone from Otago or Southland clubs tell me if the Southern representative carries this duty out as was expected of Paul. Do all of the rest of the clubs get attendance at meetings from their elected reps?

I remember many years ago being at an AGM when a remit from the executive was tabled to say that the executive should be able to change rules as needed because it was too cumbersome waiting for an AGM as was required. I immediately thought that reasonable but my old sparring partner Brian Hunt representing Taranaki jumped to his feet and thumped the desk forcefully telling everyone (as he is want to do) that it would be a very dangerous step to take where the members lose the little control they had over their own destiny. How right you were Brian

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