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  1. Yes GOM. They will get their fair trial before final actions can be determined. But, lack of action by the NZGRA at this stage is more harmful to the code than Coles actions. As happened in Australia the code is loosing it's Social License and we are providing all the ammunition they require. That is why I stated SUSPENSION, nothing else, until the trial action is completed.
  2. After watching the TV3 News item just now, where the Green Party spokesperson called for the abolition of Greyhound Racing in NZ, coupled with the No Comment from the NZGRA and that the RIU are awaiting developments with no present plans to lay charges, it is imperative that the NZGRA immediately suspend the whole Cole Kennels racing activity until the outcome of the trial. They found it unbelievable that Cole was still racing and handling dogs at Wanganui today. We must act to save the integrity of our code.
  3. Now Auckland as Cambridge track has issues. Noms now open until 8am tomorrow.
  4. phew, we don't need to worry Hound Fan. advisory posted late today on the NZGRA website, unsigned under the heading "NZGRA welcomes Messara report, "We would like to address one piece of information that appears on pg.73 of the report, that “Greyhound racing is proposing to reduce their number of venues from 7 to 3 after 10 years.” We believe that Mr Messara may have been referencing discussions and industry submissions that took place as part of the Future Venue Plan process that looked at a variety of possible futures. We can however clarify that GRNZ does not have a plan to reduce the nu
  5. "Greyhound racing is proposing to reduce their number of venues from 7 to 3 after 10 years. We have not undertaken detailed work on the harness or greyhound codes, so are not in a position to comment about their preliminary venue plans. The information provided by the harness and greyhound codes to the Future Venue Plan Joint Working Group meetings on 6 June and 6 July." Also Greenfields Project. The Greenfields site could also possibly include provision for harness and greyhound racing, and all activities currently held at the Cambridge Raceway. Who was the Greyhound rep at these F
  6. Suggested in NZ Herald article that instructions to John Messara is to concentrate on the viability of the Thoroughbreds. Interesting read.
  7. This is what happens when a determined railer draws an outside box
  8. Remit three - Submitted by Head of Welfare Greyhounds must remain in the care and control of a Licenced Person at all times unless the Association gives written permission to do otherwise. Greyhounds must not be kept at the premises of, or trained by those who are not Licenced Persons, unless the Association gives written permission to do so. This is a new Rule in response to the Hansen Report which raised concerns about greyhounds being trained or broken in on unregistered properties, and unregistered/unlicensed persons. I wonder how the proposed new rule will apply to this
  9. Also entrance is free and carpark is right beside entrance to stand/lounge.
  10. ??? Have the drains been fixed, or just the damage to the track repaired.
  11. go to the Auckland club site -
  12. I believe Karen trialed a dog, I do not know who, the previous week that ran around 30.35.
  13. Hi Clarkie, pups are great and breaking in looking very promising. A couple are wagging a few tongues.
  14. Back to the original topic. What do some of the Trainers out there think. Throughout NZ the horse codes regularly have races with smaller fields than us but pay prize money to the 1st 5 places with travelling/appearance payments on top. Australian greyhounds are paying it but we get a lousy $20 for 5th and 6th only. I believe this decision was based on the huge amounts paid to 2 to 3 trainers with an unbelievable number of starters each year. What about all the others struggling to make a living or just cover costs.