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  1. Trump written off

    Now Ohoka read carefully and understand the NK situation....not The Guardian propaganda
  2. Counties Abandoned

    Trainers may want dead tracks....Punters DON"T The best way to degrade racing is having horses race off the rail on supposedly good tracks....a punters nightmare. The best way to reduce turnovers! I would prefer races on fast smooth tracks with predictable positioning.
  3. Counties Abandoned

    Thanks for proving my point.... pissing down with rain and racing on the rail 4 1200m races all1.13 and change. Now please explain how irrigation has no affect on tracks in winter....assuming they were still watering in April and began in October Explain how irrigation promotes grass root depth Explain how irrigation stops weeds growing Explain why irrigated fairways don't hold up as well as non irrigated in winter. Explain how irrigation lowers the water table. Explain how my lawn is firmer than Counties track today Explain how the rugby wasn't cancelled today around the sports fields Explain how the penetrometer reading will better in the carpark than on the Counties track Explain how the tracks were in better condition in May years ago before irrigation. Explain with all the money spent maintaining racetracks the surface is generally softer than non irrigated turf. Explain why horses race off the rail in summer when there is rain around degrading the product. I genuinely would like the answers to those plus my original question
  4. Counties Abandoned

    The form doesn't change so the surface has no affect on the horses... I know that
  5. Counties Abandoned

    As for Ruakaka, sand, yes, but three winter meetings close together and it comes up like a ploughed paddock. Not the plough you work on daily but a ploughed paddock. Sandy base is fine but horses throw up clumps and it needs a long time to get grass re-established. Wrong...... Ruakaka never gets worse than 1.13 for 1200m appox 100m faster than bog tracks....amazing
  6. Counties Abandoned

    Could someone please tell me the total water applied to the Counties track in the past year.... Rainfall + Irrigation = ?
  7. Counties Abandoned

    Ruakaka is built on sand... perfect....Woodhill forest same but infrastructure would be necessary? Much cheaper to turn the irrigation off! Maybe if the widest track was never irrigated on the outside, that portion of the track could be used over winter.
  8. Trump written off

    Stable genius
  9. Counties Abandoned

    Got a perfect one ....Ruakaka ..... pay subsidies and increase stakes instead of new track
  10. Trump written off

    The Qanon phenomenon has exploded because it has forced anons to discover the truth for themselves......awake Once "awake" events in the world become so much more clear. Q has basically asked relevant questions.... the answers/truth are there for all to see but not reported for obvious reasons. There is a massive operation taking place behind the scenes as the predicted events unfold. Every day has been planned for a long time and the public are just now starting to take notice. Going back to reread the early posts makes the picture so much clearer....it is the most incredible event ever and now watching it unfold is going to be mind blowing. Agree shining the light on the cabal does massive damage but for example did this Psyops blow the hillside up in NK that housed the underground nuclear facility or conjure up 30,000 unsealed indictments?
  11. Trump written off

    It shows how easily the sheep have been duped over long period of time by the ruling elite....do you still believe in fairies and santa? They control MSM, Social Media and Hollywood ....you need another source to stop sounding so stupid. Keep them gullible and ignorant. You had your treatment yet for that bad case of TDS
  12. Trump written off

    Yes the deal was done back in November....CIA removed What you see playing out is the genius plan Trump and the military devised 3 years ago to take down the deep state cabal worldwide. Notice how Trump has manipulated the MSM/Dems to openly defend open boarders, raising taxes, Hammas, MS13, Taking a knee, Mullahs of Iran, North Korea etc He has played them for the frauds they are. Trump is now on the attack and the swamp has nowhere to hide...the world is just getting the first snowballs(spying on Trump, Weinstein arrest, Fake dossier etc) of the massive avalanche coming. Couple of NK explanations below The media have been ignoring this summit and how important Korean peace is. By "canceling" the peace, now the MSM is going to go full retard talking about how important this deal was, that we now lost because of Trump. Then when the deal actually goes through, they will have already given credit to how important it is. Since the deal became news, the MSM has been saying it's a bad thing, we shouldn't be making the deal, and that NK is just playing us to get a reprieve/support. So now NK appears to be reversing their decision, and Trump responds by saying "Nope!" The media calls this out as a bad thing, that Trump isn't willing to work with NK to achieve peace, blatantly revealing that their message is only consistent in that it's anti-Trump. This is something any ordinary viewer can see. Clearly a deliberate manipulation to show the foolishness of the MSM and liberals. Enjoy the show
  13. Trump written off

    The deal has already been done. Kim and Trump met secretly in the Forbidden City. This from March.....You are the worlds biggest MSM sucker. Q !UW.yye1fxo ID: 27d57d No.594016 Mar 8 2018 19:55:52 (EST) >>593959 Thank you Kim. Deal made. Clowns out. Strings cut. We took control. Iran next. Q
  14. Trump written off

    Where's the outrage??? ....or hasn't the media told you?