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  1. As I said in March Covid is no worse than the seasonal flu. Plus they have the cure and the figures are rigged yet your govt keeps up the fear porn. It was all about the US election. The deep state went to this length to hide their crimes but the gig is up. Q !!Hs1Jq13jV6 ID: e88da5 No.10762509 Sep 23 2020 19:03:58 (EST) NEW https://twitter.com/IngrahamAngle/status/1308788330201583618 The World is Waking Up. Virus or Election? Q
  2. Ha the book deals are the way they launder money and idiots like you think they actually sell books, Disguised under book deals? Q !!mG7VJxZNCI ID: b88760 No.6970952 Jul 9 2019 15:40:05 (EST) https://www.cnbc.com/2019/07/09/joe-biden-releases-tax-returns-during-2020-democratic-primary.html $15mm+ more (personally declared) What an amazing coincidence (think yesterday's drop). Disguised under book deals? Q Q !!mG7VJxZNCI ID: 3a3d46 No.6961951 Jul 8 2019 22:36:13 (EST) DpARa2LU8AEQt_g.jpg https://twitter.com/SaraCarterDC/status/1146175340433367040 Imagine what would happen, if, by law, every US Congressman/woman, US Senator, President etc. was by US law audited every 1-2 years by an independent agency. Imagine what would happen if those audits extended to all family members of such 'elected' official? Would D's continue to push for Foreign Aid to other C's vs. the Homeland? What happens when the kickbacks dry up? M. Waters $4mm House? N. Pelosi net worth $150mm+? J. Biden son/brother net worth tens of millions? Clinton family $200mm+ (pre election of BC less than $1mm)? Obama family $40mm+ (pre election less than $1mm)? Disguised under book deals? …………. Those who take are offered more powerful positions within the party (controlled). DRAIN THE SWAMP. Q SYSTEM OF CONTROL. Q
  3. Biden toast So as I told you Bidens exposed to sex trafficking and Ukraine crimes. Of course NZ news and CNN silent. Maybe if it was Don Jr the world would be saturated like Covid. The truth is the reason people world wide have flocked to Q Drain the swamp https://nypost.com/2020/09/23/senate-report-links-hunter-biden-to-trafficking-ring/? Q !!Hs1Jq13jV6 ID: 2481e5 No.10757382 Sep 23 2020 13:10:36 (EST) NEW https://nypost.com/2020/09/23/senate-report-links-hunter-biden-to-trafficking-ring/? No media coverage? Why? The same people who control the media are the same people who are part of the evil and corrupt system? SYSTEM OF CONTROL. Crimes against Humanity. You are not meant to think for yourself. You are not meant to challenge their power [control]. Obey and accept. Illusion of Democracy. Illusion of Freedom. Why does the media push division? Why does the media incite violence? Why does the media pit race v race? Why does the media pit religion v religion? Why does the media pit sex v sex? Why does the media pit class v class? Divided you are weak. Divided you fight each other. Divided you pose no threat to their system of control. UNITY IS STRENGTH. UNITY IS POWER. UNITY IS HUMANITY. Controlled media plays a major role in shaping the narrative(s) to keep you powerless [helpless] and asleep [unaware of truth]. ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE. ENEMY OF HUMANITY. Q
  4. Idiot ...FAKE STORY...Snopes is a MSM funded Fake checker...the opposite is true zero to do with Q How come the MSM is pannicking over Q ???? haha Because Q is telling the truth to the people and fake news can't hide. Q !!Hs1Jq13jV6 ID: 6ef431 No.10740908 Sep 22 2020 02:03:33 (EST) https://www.businessinsider.com/nancy-pelosi-facebook-criticism-qanon-posts-kara-swisher-2020-9 [past 7 days] https://www.bing.com/news/search?q=qanon&qft=interval%3d%228%22&form=PTFTNR Have you ever witnessed a full-blown international mainstream media constant [barrage] [counter]attack re: a 'conspiracy'? Simple logic answers the question. Q
  5. 100 1

    Jacinda Ardern

    How do you know? Because the media and fake polls tell you?
  6. Biden Ukraine corruption set to headline
  7. 100 1

    Jacinda Ardern

    Ha... more likely Newshub tampering with the results. Gotta keep the lie going.
  8. 100 1

    Jacinda Ardern

    Votes 24,304 Now Collins 53% Jacinda 47%
  9. Enjoy the Covid phyops How obvious before the people wake up.
  10. So your mob murders Justice Scalia. Bill Clinton has a tarmac meeting with Loretta Lynch and offers her a SC position if she drops charges on Hillary. Now the blackmailed Chief Justice John Roberts may just resign as his name is about to appear on the Epstein flight logs which are about to become pulic.....panic Winning
  11. 100 1

    Jacinda Ardern

    Remember the same people that say Jacinda is leading Collins are the same people saying Biden is leading Trump. The polls are fake....just to affect the voters There is a silent majority (because MSM is controlled). Hence Trump, Brexit and Scomo. The country is slowly waking up.
  12. 100 1

    Jacinda Ardern

    This Newshub poll open for 24 hours...4699 votes so far Always diff and more accurate than the fake polls. Did Jacinda Ardern or Judith Collins' debate performance impress you more? Jacinda Ardern 45% Judith Collins 55%
  13. Guessing RBG has been on ice a long time....Panic in DC Timing is everything. Trust the plan.
  14. So the scumbags in 7 states have reversed their decision to ban HCQ Crimes against humanity Meanwhile our corrupt Govt keeps the scam going.
  15. 100 1

    Jacinda Ardern

    Last weeks freedom march in Auckland These people understand....showdown time when Jacinda is forced to answer the real questions from these people at the debates.
  16. You are insane Go light some fires and defund the police and burn the flag idiot
  17. Trump just destroyed the insane radical left education indoctrination. Something every Kiwi should watch. Meanwhile our corrupt Govt is full throttle on with it's left bullshit.
  18. Have been waiting for Ohoka and co to come on here and praise Trump and Jared Kushner for all the peace treaty agreements in the middle east. Na So what happened to Isis?....magically disappeared! NK and KIm? Libya and Syria ....they have ended the endless wars! Troops coming home from Afghanistan! How is all that even possible? .....the MSM silent? See it's been the deep state cabal scumbags all along invading and controlling these countries and inciting war for profit and control. So Team Trump has neutralised them and their fake news mates have nowhere to hide. Drain the swamp.
  19. So the PCR test never worked in the first place. So cases and clusters are all made up to keep the fear level high.
  20. Follow and track https://twitter.com/CBS_Herridge
  21. The public are just finding out know the virus was modified at the Wahun Insitute of Virology. Of course Team Trump told the anons back in March....even the Harvard Doctors name. Of course CNN will make up a fake story and idiot Okokaman will believe them.....just like CNN told him CA fires are caused by fake climate change.
  22. Just like the Dems used BLM and Antifa to destroy cities, now they are using Antifa to light the fires. Team Trump have all the evidence. So Newsom and Biden are blaming it on fake Climate Change and the public(anons) know the truth The Great Awakening Q !!Hs1Jq13jV6 ID: ab23e2 No.10645618Sep 14 2020 12:39:24 (EST) NEW Q !!Hs1Jq13jV6 ID: a54ff9 No.10644371 Sep 14 2020 11:23:52 (EST) NEW What happens when people in positions of power are sympathizers to the cause or part of that same ‘organization’ themselves? What is a ‘safe zone’? Why are riots conducted in specific [D] controlled locations? What happens when elected officials [governors/mayors] handcuff the officers instead of criminals? What happens when elected officials [governors/mayors] refuse to call in the national guard or other federal assistance? Sacrificing the lives and well-being of the community for a calculated political gain [or other]? https://www.kgw.com/article/news/crime/man-arrested-for-starting-at-least-7-brush-fires-along-i-205/283-a659a1ed-db3b-4f03-9583-a9fee05a5033 Does ANTIFA fear prosecution? Would they continue to operate if they did? What organized group(s) are bailing out rioters within 24-hours of arrest? What happens post bailout? Do charges remain enforced or dropped by DA? https://ktvz.com/news/oregon-northwest/2020/08/11/portland-da-announces-new-policy-wont-prosecute-protest-charges/ DA: will not act re: “low-level’ arrests Have all refusal to bring charges been related to “low-level” arrests? https://twitter.com/MrAndyNgo/status/1294487845810233345 Sympathizer? Other? What happens when prosecutors, board of county commissioner members, volunteer firefighters, etc. are sympathetic to the cause? What happens if the organization [ANTIFA] itself is aware? Infiltration not invasion. Q
  23. Ha ...This bloke is talking to Ohoka, Idol and Uriah. Look at his frustration to explain thebasics to the simpletons.
  24. Tomorrow Obamagate? Q !!Hs1Jq13jV6 ID: a4f814 No.10630891 Sep 13 2020 11:32:54 (EST) NEW 121a087e4d6b149d9c5d2f980788b499.png EQUAL JUSTICE UNDER THE LAW [AS WRITTEN]. TRANSPARENCY [DISCLOSURE] AND ACCOUNTABILITY [JUSTICE] IS THE ONLY WAY FORWARD. FUTURE OF OUR REPUBLIC AT STAKE. WATERGATE x1000 SEPT 14-18, 21-25 [track & follow events] Did Kevin set his alarm? Q