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  1. Elderslie today

    Racing wonders why it has a image problem. That would be the worst racing I have ever viewed in 30 years of watching. To see horses so exhausted that M Chimes was even lucky to get over the last and horses walking to the line ready to collapse, even the jockeys were exhausted. I know there is still 10 winners on the day and that some favoured runners came home, but really you call that racing. No wonder we have the activists making noises, we give them all the bullets they need.
  2. Hastings trying hard to reduce crowd numbers

    I remember those days so well and how great it is that we no longer have to go into a pub, club and go home smelling like an ash tray. I was a smoker many moons ago and smoked on the bus on the plane, oh how things have turned around. I find 99% of smokers are very aware of non smokers and go away to a quite area to have a fag. My post was a quick response to how those people in authority or in positions to make these decisions believe they know how people should live there lives. As leighton Smith will tell you, little by little before we know it we won't be allowed out our front door.
  3. Hastings trying hard to reduce crowd numbers

    As smoking isn't Illegal are they able to enforce this. The world has gone fucking mad now racing has as well.
  4. Avondale fields

    I have taken notice over the last few months of the income generated through the tab. What is very obvious to me is the better the track conditions the more confidence the punters have. Most sth island meetings I would say run at loses. The other most notable trend is people don't open there wallets till around 2pm. So I had a thought where you run two meetings of 6 races starting as late as possible.
  5. Race 1 Matamata weighed in light

    I sometimes wish a jockey weighs in light when my horse runs 4th but never that lucky be in the stripes report no doubt

    Sad to hear, I buy the only Best Bet that goes to my local garage in fact if I am late they always put it a side for me. I will never get use to not having something so simple to read and I like to write down a few notes and dividends. The Informant I found very hard to read as writing was small and everything was all jammed up not layed out in a nice easy to read format, but will revisit to see if I can adapt. I can print out the fields at home on A4 pages but I end up with lots of pages and not something I want to cart around when I go out. The computer I love as we are spoilt for information but I don't like using the computer for my study. I find I look at one area of a field on screen and then go further down the screen to see the rest of the field and bugger me if I haven't forgotten what is further up the page I lose what the hell is further up the page and I just give up. I wonder why The TAB never advertises outside of Trackside. All they seem to do is advertise to their own customers, bit weird if you ask me. Lotto advertises to everyone, I go online and read a online paper or go to other sites and get lotto popping up with adverts about winning so many million, drive down the motorway and they have a electronic billboard telling you how much 1st division is this week... WHAT DOES THE TAB DO....close down free to view, close down tracks, close or reduce the paper content and then get rid of the Best Bets. I get a feeling some powers that be really don't give a shit about racing an thats the reason it is where it is.
  7. Just typical of todays world

    Very right you are, why is it when someone that finds their way to the media when they hit rock bottom always seems to blame TAB, Pokies and Casino and never do I see Lotto or those scratchy tickets ever get a mention about problem gambling.
  8. Where are the CAMBRIDGE TRIALS Replays?

    In todays world it really is quite unbelievable and I have in the past aired my frustrations. I talked a owner from heading to the central districts to watch his horse trail last year as I believed he could view the trail that night. It took about a week before he had the privilege to watch his horse trail. Looks like nothing has changed and nothing will
  9. Why would you ever bother betting with them at all if you having that much stress just getting a few dollars back that is yours.
  10. R1 - 6 R2 - 12 R3 - 11 R4 - 3 R5 - 2 R6 - 1 R7 - 8 BB R8 - 5 R9 - 4 R10 - 1 BB Thanks
  11. WAIROA 26 Feb

    R1 - 5 She's Prismatic R2 - 1 BB More Than Fast R3 - 5 Swing Note R4 - 2 BB Princess Davone R5 - 5 Fastnet Fire R6 - 3 Francis Drake R7 - 13 Abloom R8 - 5 Colorado Prince Going by my picks today Autridge/Richards are going to have a great day or I going to have a real bad day Thanks and good luck everyone.
  12. GISBORNE 19 Feb

    R1 * 2-5 ( Stormy Habit & Here to Stay ) R2 * 1 - 9 ( Zed Leppelin & Eskimo Kiss ) R3 * 1 - 7 ( St Regis & Milly Moo ) R4 * 4 - 10 ( Red Sheeran & Destiny One ) R5 * 4 - 6 ( Pasabahce & Fierte ) R6 * 10 - 11 ( Quaintrelle & Keep the Moment ) R7 * 11 - 12 ( Imeldas Girl & Yearn ) R8 * 7 - 12 ( Princess Davone & Star of Greenbeel ) R9 * 1 - 14 ( Cantare & Alpine Julz ) Good luck all and thanks Brian
  13. Sorry miss understood. I will take your option as I away with friends for the day. Thanks
  14. $9,693 All up Win Race 1 - Akoya - 9 * Race 2 - Zacada - 6 * Race 3 - Sacred Elixir - 1 $9,693 All up Win Race 2 - Zacada - 6 * Race 3 - Sacred Elixir - 1 * Race 4 Night's Watch 12 $9,693 All up Win Race 3 - Sacred Elixir - 1 * Race 4 Night's Watch 12 * Race 5 Felton Road - 3 $9,693 All up Win Race 4 Night's Watch 12 * Race 5 Felton Road - 3 * Race 6 Tavidream - 9 $9,693 All up Win Race 5 Felton Road - 3 * Race 6 Tavidream - 9 $9,693 Win Race 6 Tavidream - 9 BB Well a big thank you to Hesi and Crucible for your hard work. Good luck everyone

    Race 1 - 12 Princess Kereru Race 2 - 6 Zacada Race 3 - 1 Sacred Elixir Race 4 - 12 Night's Watch Race 5 - 4 Ameridon Race 6 - 9 Tavidream BB Thanks a Million. What a life great racing and then have the tennis tonight to top it all off, life is good.