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  1. franco ledger well worth the chance as a sire being by a great horse and sire in falcon seelster from a live or die mare and is a virtual outcross for all the Bettors delight mares . He was agreat performer .Of course he will take3 or 4 years to prove his worth but there is no doubt the potential .
  2. Now everyone seems happy with the handicapping system I want to raise the question of when should Preferential Barrier draw be in the conditions ? A range could be never,sometimes then always. We have some fast starters on relatively low ratings so our choice would be always. At present it seems to be clubs decide 1 or 2 PBDs a programme then afew "pbd if sufficient wide spread of ratings . (but not stating any amount). Maybe someone can explain when it should be in the conditions and when it should not. Some courses and distances can have major influence on race result if your horse draws well.. I think perhaps a 15 rating spread could trigger a PBD but I dont like not knowing
  3. can confirm big deal made at the time of mighty hanover running a world record at age 14. of course over 2700 mtres there are virtually no races run anywhere else in world so not like breaking the mile mark (but still impressive...lol)
  4. perhaps tonight should punt 10 each way on the 23 cole dogs at whanganui. they are in all 12 races , mostly ff favourites,cost $460.00 almost profit quaranteed,as they normally win from5 to 9 races on a friday night !!
  5. agree wap. the changes that the trainers of canterbury wanted have all been accepted. with much less discretion so noone can complain they are being badly treated. now lets see if we can all let it roll for the 2017/18 .
  6. thanks Pogo, I wonder if anyone has the video of the auckland cup win from 78 yards. I did have it and lent to someone and it has now gone..there are spectacular images on these cardy images esp addington and the wayville "saucer" . but my favourite race of all time his win over best horses in nz from 78. I was there as a 16 year old and became a trotting addict that night that I havent cured some 54 years later !
  7. in reply to Alan. I have seen some really nice Highview Tommys in work as rising 2 year olds . He would be a good cross with the Abercrombie line and being a well performed son of our best ever stallion he could be worth the gamble. My own trainer liked him so much he sent his mare back to Highview tommy . Remember however it costs the same to raise and train a horse by a stallion on your (cheaper end) list as one by an absolutely proven sire .(most studs will do deals if you have a nice mare.)
  8. the silence is deafening. I might have totalk to the Aussies to get answers and a good dog and talk my trainer (horse) into training it for me. It cant be that hard . if Peter Fergusson can train winners after a short lead in !!
  9. Greyhounds appear to be to be a tight organisation with a few key players. why s there no public auctions as in australia of young dogs so new "blood"can get involved. often the question is asked how much does a dog cost and how much s training? Of course the first part would be determined by a public auction and like horses can range greatly. trainers may like to give a guide here.I personally like greyhounds having been brought up with trips to kumeu and mount smart in auckland . Hatrick is great for Whanganui but lots more owners would bring more atmoshere and turnover.
  10. as mentioned a quiet day at the office the coles only had 5 wins/4 seconds/3 thirds.hohum I dont look forward to their great days. Where is the oppn.Do they get scared off when they see who nominating ?
  11. ho hum another night of complete dominance at whanganui. even another benefit for her with 11000 at stake with all runners and the 2 emergencies !!Is this good for the sport. where is the competition .not blaming Lisa Cole but cannot see this as worthwhile, sim to trotting with 1 purdon stable but............ nothing like every dog in races !¬
  12. A pity, he was really starting to deliver as sire this side of tasman
  13. strange coincidence. both horse also had 32 wins each
  14. both horses were 8 year old geldings same number of starts 68 and both needed treatment to continue racing in nz. Both should be enjoying a nice retirement . I know smoldas injury more serious but may have been able to be given time to recover sufficiently for a sale .I think the right decision made in smoldas case and only the most unfeeling `hardarses` would want either horse to be put under enormous stress in another country
  15. bit of a coincidence smolda and christen me both earning 2,5 mill, both deserved long happy retirements befitting superb equine ability. and a bit sad only 1 treated with respect so richly earned.