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  1. The Gap is Closing

    not so good for punters though. sorry to be a grump but last few weeks more breakers than muriwai !!!!
  2. best finish

    Race 8 at Kapiti Coast worth alook.4.02.18 . first 5 all within 1 metre.wow . (inc ours) we thought may have won but settled for a place as only nose to 4th)
  3. k smith j green

    From today I presume everyone knows the flexibility of the handicapper hs been restricted by having nil points for 2nd to 5th. so he only looks at 1st and 6th to last (minus 1,2 or 3 points.) Sorry Tim i cant afford the informant get it secondhand as a poor horse owner ! He obviously must be permitted to do his job. I have said before it is refreshing to deal with someone who knows what he is doing and is prepared to justify his decisions. HRNZ should be happy he still there'
  4. k smith j green

    Could noy agree more Tim. Kevin does his absolute best to be fair to everyone but of course there are some trainers/owners who are impossible to placate. He has made himself available and obviously some of the "grizzlers" are hounding him.Some of them would never be happy unless they drew 1 in a one horse race. Press on Kevin as this system for handicapping is going to be a winner once sufficient numbers end up with enough horses to r0un races with say 50 to 53 or even rating 40/41 only. We need x horsemen like Kevin in top postions .
  5. old programmes

    A light topic for a monday morning. We tend to hoard things in racing. I am wondering if there are older programmes than I have. In the early days programmes were not booklets but single sheets which were to be displayed where horsemen would see them eg. local pubs, stores, churches ( not the last one lol) even noms were taken as per 1 programme states entries "to the secretary at the rising sun hotel Greytown between 6pm and 8pm (hope he stayed sober !)some distances were rather vague eg once round !. This is from a Wairarapa galloping meeting 1879.A trotting programme of 1895 states 1 race was obviously for the clubs coffers as it states THE Winner to be sold in the birdcage after the race and all proceeds to the club !! perhaps a lot of unlucky runs inthat race .Other races were for "native "riders. and others for "gentlemen riders " things have changed a bit !!
  6. hrnz loses court case

    must have missed latest news story about ken dixon winning court case.surely could qualify as latest news ?Perhaps not for broadcast to the people that pay the hrnz wages.!!! Good for you Ken for having the courage to stand up to "city hall" when they made an error in awarding 1500 to each maiden upon their first win. Ken had a trotter which won its first race as atrotter ie a maiden trotter winning its first race. Commonsense should have prevailed but hrnz fought very hard to stamp out the payout. and held to the first win rule policy to say pacing races count as trotting wins ? The adjudicator agreed hrnz were in error under their own wording so must payout.will they payout without a costly appeal when an apology and small rule change would work. Not f...ng likely !!
  7. Waipa

    With next season racing dates even few remaining dates are reduced. Are those in charge totally out of touch or should we have a race day where all drivers wear black armbands and with a lot of publicity they may see that they are destroying an important part of our heritage. maybe min of racing needs direct approach. I for one will be writing to him to step inbefore it s too late.
  8. Somebeachsomewhere dies having lost the battle

    A great loss worldwide, Somebeachsomewhere had established himself as equal if not better to the magnificient Bettors Delight.Hopefullly knowing the end was in sight there will be frozen semen still available. SBSW was possibly going to the best sire ever but we will ever see this come to fruition. A sad day for the breeding industry .
  9. Hawera yes

    Is there any better feeling than heading to a grass track with your horse in tow knowing that thetrainer has got him spot on(listening to willie nelson)... well coming home I suppose a winner. but then again all 95 horses can be taken with the excitement of participation and hope. and only 9 or 10 can float home with that winning feeling. What am I talking about. Harness Racing has/is major part of my life I agree with Matt Markham in this weeks "Harnessed" Lets not destroy the smaller Clubs as it would take away a great essence of NZ harness racing. I am off in the morning with adrenlin pumping with anticipation to the "naki"
  10. Exceptional Circumstances?

    agree, cannot believe the old excuse of office fault. these horses should be stood down as you say as they were nominated and accepted for cambridge then hawera and the scratching penalty was brought in to prevent multi entries then picking out the club that suits best 1 hrse error ? but 4 ??
  11. Marlborough HRC-Summer Meeting

    we are coming down from the north island to get your money !! lol
  12. whanganui meeting in jeopardy

    there are many reasons why Taku something is too difficult . but as you know just excuses. The old cliche "when there is a will theres a way"holds up. It would appear lack of recognition of this problem coming (at least 6 months out)was not addressed and now trainers and owners suffer. AS Taku says there were many possibilities.I can only surmise the destruction of grass track racing. is apolicy of HRNZ/Racing board. I have owned horses served on many committees, worked professionally in harness racing and punted over 50 years and know how to solve problems and even compromise when necessary. Therefore the lack of initiative shown by current administrators defies logic. eg. not racing 3 or 4 trotting races at tauhere nikau in front of 10000 racegoers who could get a little interested in trotting. Now on the greatest picnic day in the lower North Island a few low grade galloping races (wow what a great decision !!!!!!!!!!!!!) Shall I risk another cliche. The current crop of management could end up "throwing the small person out with the bath liquid . "
  13. whanganui meeting in jeopardy

    It would appear lack of initiative to find a solution by hrnz will destroy small clubs. in this case an historic club,2nd oldest in nz. A disgrace
  14. whanganui meeting in jeopardy

    again a crazy decision by hrnz to stage a 1 off meeting at Palmerston north has the results everyone but hrnz knew would happen.A v ery low nomination level . Where are industry leaders with any brains .!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Race 2 meetings on grass this time of year get good crowds and horses. put 1 on 3.1.18 hard track and believe it has some connection to grass hawera on the 7.1.18 . absolutely stupidity !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. Looking To The Future

    Straight Tracks like Healesville in Australia seems a stupid plan given that noone has a good view even on Tv on where your dog is (although we would do better than healesville with their 1 camera (super 8 I think ) Its stupid because unworkable for spectators, land would be difficult and expensive. and dogs not getting round corners ! what the ? hard bikkies to thos poor dogsthat dont like corners. The times would be fantastic but not much relevance .