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  1. dates reduction.2018

    at least someone reinstated the dual meeting at Tauherenikau so small plus but why did it have to disappear this season (clash with a track 700 km away !) before the bad decision rectified.10000 people expected both codes last jan and may not return 2019.
  2. dates reduction.2018

    I see comment from HRNZ CEO that Hawera loses a date due to low support this season. LOw support brought aboutby. . a manufactured stand alone situation. which obviously would never work but will ultimately destroy Whanganui and other grass track clubs in the central districts,Those Clubs in jeopardy are Otaki,Wairarapa,whanganui,Hawera,stratford and New Plymouth. The reduction of dates in the area will lead to a reduction in trainers and owners.and no doubt We are heading for 2 or 3 tracks North Island situation . HRNZ needs to fight for Clubs instead allowing the Accountants to dictate. When the total cake shrinks all suffer and trotting in NZ will only spiral downwards. trainers are losing owners ,breeders are losing purchasers and many in the industry are dismayed with the limp response by Board Members . I could go on but wonder if Harness Racing has anyone with any courage left. before it is late.
  3. harness racing and gallops help greyhounds

    correct it is 1 big pot nowdays so turnover is 1 total figure and it is the profit after all overhaeds inc racing authority exhorbitant salaries are removed that trickle down to clubs. then ithe club % of turnover determines the payout for stakes etc. but the more turnover the better obviously. however I still think greyhounds appear to be treated very well cf smaller galloping and trotting clubs. It is the separation that should occur of all codes rhar would be fair.A ceo of the TAB told me some years ago greyhounds are polyfilla for racing (they fill in the gaps !) but now they seem through perhaps good presentations to be able to produce high stakes out of thin air ! (old split was around 8 or 9 % off course and 15 or 16 %on course )
  4. harness racing and gallops help greyhounds

    its good you are interested KH. I will direct you to the last annual report 2016/17 NZ racing authority It is 53 pages long so you can print it out but before it puts you to sleep I will tell you there is no specific enlightenment on my original queries .
  5. harness racing and gallops help greyhounds

    if the ff was available it could be used to calculate profits or losses for distribution tp individualclubs.Of course payouts would also be needed before adding to tote profits. AS ff is now approaching 50% it clouds the turnover figures and some transparency needed esp. if total code profit is split into 3 based on the profit as it should be. If the ff is not handled carefully (like real bookmakers)therecould be a big hole in the expected figures come july 31.
  6. Crown Jewels Competition Leaderboard...Results.

    izzy dagg r8 tonight.paying $5 ff.
  7. harness racing and gallops help greyhounds

    If churlish means offensive then I did not wish to be but perhaps Ms DC might like to answer the genuine question as to the source of large stakes which appear to me to be out of proportion with turnover. I have been a club secretary which struggled for turnover to get apayout that might keep the club afloat and I can only assume there is a cross subsidy going on. Maybe I should be churlish enough to seek answers under the official Information Act .On some wednesdays I havebeen the only bettor at adog meeting amd surprised to see 2500 stakes for minor races.
  8. yet another enormous greyhound race today , $88000.00 with a turnover of less than stake .ff and tote so assuming the Duke has forgotten about the race and the sponsor put in no more than 5000 where does the stake come from. Like most greyhound races it must come from the the other 2 codes plus some from sports although individual sports are wanting bigger shares of turnover. Am I wrong or is it time for greyhounds to provide their own stake from their own turnover. Also why cant the ff turnover be published?(instead of these mysterious huge bets ) As many cafers are involved in greyhounds would anyone be prepared to clarify ?
  9. silly comments man

    your day job.
  10. silly comments man

    With the greatest goodwill in the world I have difficulty in being a fan ofMick Guerin. He canbe taken to task as the trackside/box seat producers all seem to think he is brilliant ??Last night he virtually stated the meeting at Cambridge was beneath him even commenting on it. For example he went to great lengths to describe the fact he took a miniscule bet on race 5 the fav and when it got second he was able to state loudly that other horses could win the race. so he bet only the tiniest of bets. Of course not once did the third horse get a mention other than to say it didnt hand up to the fav. quickly and made it work a bit hard. Surely there must be more intelligent presenters . Sorry Mick (I believe you are a nice guy)stick to
  11. handicapping system

    It has taken a little while but the somewhat radical system trialled and installed in the last 2 seasons is proving of great benefit to most horses.Sure there are always exceptions but I have been closely involved with horses who would have been off to the riding schools in years past. As an example Cerberus was rated a 61 horse in early 2017 when he put 2 wins together in short time.He then was finding it difficult to recapture that form and he needed to drop down to where he could be competitive again.(plus some illnesses ) .With some discretion applied for grass and race standard he went back down to a 43 ra.ting .This proved the making of him being in the lowest grade . He then won a $10000 race at the last race of the season in the CD. whichmakes him (i believe)a poster boy for the new system. Thanks to those such as Kevin Smith (chief NI handicapper) and others who stood firm against many knockers.
  12. Crown Jewels Competition Leaderboard...Results.

    also my total was $19.80 no cigar but up from the dirt trackers !but alas never appeared in updates.
  13. r1' 7 r2..4 r3..12 r4..13...5 Q r5...3 r6..5 r7..11 r8..8 r9..3..2..12..t ' ' '
  14. The Budget

    good to see Iwm back in action/ perhaps winston or is it acting PM could consider trotters that get to winning positions then break in the straight could have the punters bets refunded. only a dream Ivan !!
  15. alta orlando

    spike pleased to hear someone sees it as it is . The TV boys had eamon maguire as unbeatable and ags white socks the only danger.yes Lee meant late 2 year season as his 3 year season was cut short.I did hear AO. virtually given away and very,very few ever come back to even a shadow of their former glory. I dont knock All stars but am looking forward to see just how far Robert and John can go with Alta Orlando.