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  1. Driver's Premiership: Dexter Dunn V Blair Orange

    no thats an incorrect answer. Taku
  2. Driver's Premiership: Dexter Dunn V Blair Orange

    the blair orange /michael house combo. will not win the 7th tonight. we ve got that covered ha. (clue salty dog)
  3. show day

    great day for a race cafer IWMC with 2 wins trotting and then harriet of mot having the cheek to break in the dominion then look like a winner at 100 metre mark. Lets hope you didnot have a heart attack as you are one of the real good guys of harness racing (specially trotting) and the greatest of congratulations are due to you.
  4. training fees

    Jeez I hope my trainer wasnt listening too closely yesterday,cup day. great coverage but poss 3 hours too much of Mick. Chase Auckland is freakish and great advert for Auckland Reactor (but 1swallow is it does not make a summer or something like that. as 160 foals in a crop and 4 winners to date conversely 156 need a little more time ,lol.) getting back to not wanting my trainer to hear was 1 of syndicate members in the delight of winning with a purdon horse said theres 36 members and we all pay168 dollars per month . that equals 6048 per month or approx $195 per day . not being nosey but even taking out travel shoes gear vet accom management fees. it seems a big figure Still with a Chase auckland who would care !!! Roll on show day and The Foot Tapper !
  5. Standardbred no.4

    I have been concerned with 1 or 2 programmes in latest series but admit defeat at latest effort. Sheldon certainly let his hopples out and produced a brilliant show which was not only extremely informative but was award winning quality in actual filming and content. congratulations.Perhaps Aucklands coming success will be shared with smaller clubs around the country (tui billboard place here. )
  6. Sensible Programming

    It is a system with many tighter class trotters so why not as Tim says for a big range a handicap standing start. I wonder if good ideas suggested to clubs to help trainers are ever canvassed with the people whose livelihoods depend on such matters. Like Buster Brady often grass track wins are lower earners and lower prestige cf. addington/cambridge/ auckland. so could attract a rating win concession .say a 3 to 4 point off the usual 8 could be worthwhile for the grass trackers.
  7. Sensible Programming

    its good to see people in trotting have good sense of humour. you certainly need it standing under a cloudburst/thunder/ lighning at manawatu just before race 8. !with clerk of course frantically blowing a whistle and not one horse heading out of the stables ! LOL. (ps Id play in Jacindas band... )
  8. Sensible Programming

    latest big bands defeat the purpose so good on Southland. We just raced in a 57 to 85 band race at Palmerston north . stupid. thats under old system putting c3s up against c7 and c8s. Dont point out that lower rated horses ran 2 and 3. as it should be a system where like with like applies. It doesnt help when a god like person (anonymous)rulesonly 8 races will be run... why? except for stake costs for ameeting same for 8 or 9. If analysis done the diff in cost would be marginal . There are people running racing with no understanding the effects poor decision making has on players in the industry. Maybe Winston and Jacinda might help
  9. King Of Swing

    yes Double R. you are correct. the point of all this is to explain the positioning of putting King in the most unfavourable position.You need to have agrasp of why KOS is at 3 on second line not what most people would presume 8 over the short distance heat. It is not a PBD conditioned race however. . it needs to be examined for clarity but I dont think it is clear to everyone .
  10. King Of Swing

    Swede, dont leave your day job
  11. King Of Swing

    let me explain ... each start on each track has its own list 1700 ak is 1 - 5 self explanatory 9 - 10 second line positions 1 and 2 considered preferential to wider than 5 6 7 8 considered worse than 1 and 2 on second line 11 is cosidered worse than 6,7,8, therefore gets outside second line' I think worst draw over 1700 is outside front line but greater minds think otherwise. hope this helps !!!
  12. King Of Swing

    the least p bd at auckland 1700 mtr start is11 in a 11 horse field. I do agree depending on front line 3 on second line could be better than 8 The wise ones at atc and hrnz have decreed following PBD for 1700 ................ 123459 10 678 11
  13. 2017super stable

    I am getting ready to replace monbet as are 100s of others and am down to a competition of two to win the dominion ($300000)any friendly cafers with advice/inside knowledgr/intelligence(rules out MG) between BORDEAUX AND HABIBTI IVY as cant work in great things happen who was not on list and have dark horse. I think 1 of 4 should win but looking for assistance, many thanks in anticipation.
  14. standardbred tv programme

    show 3..... great interview for radio;
  15. standardbred tv programme

    sorry one more lap my wording was meant to be ....Jill Smolenski did her best.... ( totry to make the show interesting...but despite her best endeavours ) the producers of the show fell way below their previous efforts etc.. THERE WAS. NEVER ANY CRITICSM OF JILL SMOLENSKI . whatsoever. She is lovely . and so pleasant to deal with. I do have a share in a Rocknroll Dance foal which she has weaned and will soon arrange breaking in. I only want to be constructive with the nzsba and look forward to show 3.