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  1. Insider going for it with the winnings.

    Ok we can look at that for sure... not the best comp according to some..... but still a bit of fun...cheers Liz.
  2. Insider going for it with the winnings.

    Travelled well found little...
  3. Insider going for it with the winnings.

    it looked good in running... but I thought its action going to the start was not so good...
  4. Hi Everyone, Insider is having a punt today, sorry for the late announcement. The bet is Counties Race 8 Number 6 Ferrando $250 each way. The other 200 insider has sorted with whoever is concerned. Good luck and lets hope she gets a winner.
  5. He can yodel

    Mozzie you can go too.See you in two weeks.
  6. He can yodel

    Bye bye Joe blogs I am tired of the shit and personal attacks in here, you won't be the last.
  7. Oh dear, this is not going to end well

    Another jockey bagging jerk... any way back to the topic good luck to them they seem to be enjoying the winnings and spending it as they like, lets hope they have some fun, and get a result.
  8. Investigate nous

    Stop being a no good troll.
  9. You’re kidding Matt Cross....

    Here we go again... ridden cold so he did not want to over race... he loomed up Jason went for him he layed in did everything he could but find the line...no excuses...unless you rode him of course as you seem to be so good at everything these days.... the horse is his own worst enemy.
  10. You’re kidding Matt Cross....

    Had every possible chance today ... and when asked he did things wrong... he is a challenge for his trainer thats for sure.
  11. NZ Cup entries Here.

    And the winner is Insider 100% correct... congratulations and once again thanks to everyone for competing.. also Insider thanks for co sponsoring the comp with me.
  12. NZ Cup entries Here.

    Seddon, Black Kirrama, and Insider all had the 1st and 2nd correct, just now need to see the official finish order to see who was closest to last...well done thanks everyone.
  13. NZ Cup entries Here.

    Good Luck to everyone...some in here don't think it is as good as other comps but anyway maybe next time they will not be able to enter... there MUST be a winner so if Pentathlon wins there might be a few sharing..LOL. time will tell.
  14. NZ Cup entries Here.

    Pentathlon Imperium Sureasyouwereborn Last