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  1. Hi to the Bludgers

    Now there is another crying baby over there... all good when he is posting stuff about me but I can't post a published report about him and his abusive past.
  2. All Stars Simply The Best !!!!!!!

    Cry babie Brodie and his imbecile sidekick Hunterthenutter are still dribbling on... what a bunch of Dicks...losers in every way when they are not crying or trying to rubbish someone... or some successful people who have done more in a week for the sport than either of those losers will do in 10 lifetimes.
  3. All Stars Simply The Best !!!!!!!

    See Hunterthenutter and his mates still trying to suggest the All Stars are doing something Illegal...no class and can't believe its let stay up...different standards I guess.Jealousy is an evil thing.
  4. Crown Jewels Competition Leaderboard...Results.

    Thanks ocker75 that will shut the trolls on the other site up.... poor old Hesi won't be able to bag us for anything soon..........Let me know what you want to as far as investing it...Scooby.
  5. Tatts Tiara Double BB comp.

    Okie Racecafers... this weekend is the last big weekend for Queensland racing for the season Tatts Tiara Day...$300.00 prizes in total 1ST prize $150 win bet 2ND prize $100.00 win bet 3RD prize $50 win bet ... Pick a horse to run in the first three in all races from Race 2 on until the end of the day ... 5 points for 1st 3 points for 2nd 1 point for 3rd...the twist is choose 2 horses to be your best bets and you will get 3 times what they pay on the tote they win instead of the 5 points...if they run 2nd or 3rd you will get the normal points 3 for 2nd 1 for 3rd... Winners will be the entries with the most points at the end of the day. If more than one score the same prizes will be shared. Scratchings after entries close go onto favourite, if a poster does not replace a scratching to replace one of his selections before the close of entires..he will also be transferred to the favourite, TAB fav that is... entries close 12.30 Saturday.... best of luck to everyone..... Entries like this please Race number... Horse name...Horse number Best bets # or BB Thanks Scooby.
  6. Super Straddy Saturday Comp Results

    I think you have won a couple of times here..am i right???
  7. Super Straddy Saturday Comp Results

    Well done Korio... heart in mouth stuff but got there.
  8. Super Straddy Saturday Comp Results

    Koriokaramea has decided to have his winnings as below..... Scooby. Thank you for the prize for last week's comp. Please can I have the $100 Win Bet today on Ipswich R7 - No.2 - Tradesman Many thanks, Scooby.
  9. Super Straddy Saturday Comp Results

    Warren has decided on his bet from the comp....Scooby I will put my $50 from the comp at roshill race 2#1 Gresham...all the best.
  10. Scooby I will put my $50 from the comp at roshill race 2#1 Gresham thanks

    1. scooby3051
    2. Warren


      That's $50 to win  at fixed odds thanks

    3. scooby3051


      No sorry it will be on the tote...i do it on my tab account... cheers.

  11. Hi to the Bludgers

    This is a story about the guy.... he is running the punters club over there now...glad he is gone.. https://www.stuff.co.nz/southland-times/73844216/alleged-assault-at-greyhound-race-meeting
  12. The Messiah is not fair or balanced

    Racing: Fears Winston Peters probe will leave harness and dogs out in cold Harness and greyhound codes could be left empty-handed when racing industry changes. Photo / Mark Mitchell Otago Daily Times By: Jonny Turner A letter from Racing Minister Winston Peters suggests the harness and greyhound codes could be left empty-handed when John Messara recommends racing industry changes. Messara is working on a wide-scale review of the industry which will be presented to Peters and the Department of Internal Affairs in the coming weeks. After it was announced Messara would be charged with conducting the review, the Otago Daily Times contacted Peters' office for information on the terms of reference for the report. No specific terms could be produced. The Taxpayers' Union this week revealed documents showing it, too, had asked for terms of reference from Peters' office. The union was sent a copy of a letter from Peters to Messara which outlines what is required for the review. In the letter, Peters specifically asks Messara to focus his review on the thoroughbred industry. "This letter is to formally seek your interest in undertaking a high-level assessment on my behalf of the racing industry in New Zealand, with a focus on how the current model supports the financial viability of the thoroughbred racing sector. "Your review should analyse the current situation, with particular emphasis on the thoroughbred racing code." Messara's review of the industry was previously thought to be an investigation of the whole racing sector that did not have a specific focus on thoroughbreds. Peters said Messara's review "will also assist the Government in determining if the current Racing Act 2003 and the proposed Racing Amendment Bill are fit for purpose". The thoroughbred racing focus of Messara's review could leave the harness racing and greyhound codes out in the cold if Messara recommends changes to racing legislation to benefit the galloping code. The revelation Peters wants the future prosperity of thoroughbred racing specifically examined comes as his close ties to the code are in the spotlight. Last month, the Herald reported that in September thoroughbred heavyweights Sir Patrick Hogan and wife Justine Lady Hogan took out a full-page advertisement in The Informant urging the racing industry to support NZ First because of its racing policies. The Electoral Commission said it was looking into the advertisement which was not declared in New Zealand First's election expenses return. In North & South magazine late last year, Hogan said he had helped NZ First leader Peters develop his racing policy.
  13. This should be good news

    NEW ZEALAND BLOODSTOCK ENTERS STANDARDBRED MARKET New Zealand Bloodstock announced today their plans for a major move into the standardbred market where they will offer a full complement of their leading auction sales and ancillary services. It’s a significant development that will see the New Zealand Standardbred industry benefit from NZB’s existing business capabilities, world-renowned brand and top-class services. “Over the last several months we have had numerous leading industry players suggesting and encouraging us to enter the Standardbred industry,” commented NZB Managing Director Andrew Seabrook. “It’s a big challenge and may take a little time, but I truly believe we can help take this industry to another level. The staff and I are really excited about being able to better service this market.” NZB Standardbred will be run as a division of New Zealand Bloodstock and plans to deliver a comprehensive sales calendar, diverse range of complimentary services and market-leading promotional activity. Standardbred vendors and buyers can expect to see a number of enhancements under the NZB umbrella including access to a range of already existing bloodstock, finance, airfreight and insurance services, along with increased promotion to domestic and international markets. In a welcomed move for the New Zealand Standardbred industry, Harness Racing New Zealand Chairman and Canterbury breeder Ken Spicer commented “New players entering the harness racing industry can only be beneficial.” “New Zealand Bloodstock has a wealth of experience and a worldwide reputation as a leading bloodstock company. Their experience with other arms of their business, such as insurance, airfreight and finance, can only be of additional value. “I applaud their decision to spread their wings and enter the Standardbred industry.” The first standardbred sale to take place under the NZB Standardbred banner will be the 2019 New Zealand National Standardbred Yearling Sales in February with sale sessions to be held at both Christchurch and Karaka. To follow NZB’s development into the Standardbred industry, keep up to date with all news by following NZB Standardbred’s facebook page; NZB Standardbred, and twitter page; @nzbstandardbred.
  14. Schofield

    Either show proof or stop this rumor spreading you would not like the same thing done to you would you???