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  1. Just Curious??

    Not sure that it doesn't happen elsewhere...in one Hong Kong international series I watched, Jim Bolger requested special treatment for Alexander Goldrun as she could get very fractious...she was allowed.
  2. Reefton

    I do feel for the committees and the effort they put in for often negative comments and weather-affected days. It must be bloody hard getting enthusiastic - but, as one senior owner pointed out, the communities are where the interest - passion even - for horses and racing, and also other sports, often starts. The super 15 players need to start somewhere, they don't arrive straight out of the egg already proficient, they must learn, and hone their skills somewhere. There is definitely a place for both metropolitan and country racing, how to manage it though I really have no contructive ideas. I feel [ personally ] that the Timaru, Ashburton, Oamaru sort of meeting is the one which may head into oblivion...moderate facilities, little local interest and f-k all to attract international betting.
  3. Reefton

    And how about the time for the Open 2000..? No room for oxygen-deprivation there...and a time that would flatter many a city track.
  4. Firenze

    ...or the head Centaur in the Harry Potter tales...
  5. lack of information on Omakau (Friday)

    Jason Laking has already made his decision.
  6. I thought racing was on a roll

    very good post.
  7. Quick Explanation Anyone

    Agree...and - IMO - I think we are far too small an industry to have all these 'tiers'.
  8. RIU V M Hamilton

    Ah. That must have been it.
  9. RIU V M Hamilton

    You been snoozing for a year or two, Admin.? The man won a G.N Hurdles with Kid Columbus - ridden by the incomparable C.W.J.
  10. Just not quite right.

    Good points....and while we're on that thread think on the fact that they raced some yesterday at Wingatui, slept in their truck and drove to Invercargill today. Consider also those riders/trainers racing at Gore [ Tapanui ] Christmas Eve, and either go home for Christmas day with families and back again for racing Boxing Day, or save the travel and miss spending time with children etc in this festive time. Not much fun for those involved. I recall Pitty telling me that he sent certain NZTR personnel a map of the south island once - he should do it again.
  11. Just not quite right.

    No idea. But I'm sure someone will.
  12. Just not quite right.

    I might not have the nuts and bolts exactly right..but...stakes are bulk funded by NZTR , so to run another race when funding has been allocated for, say, eight races, then requires approval and a loosening of the purse strings by NZTR. Many times races are 'split' and an extra one or, sometimes two, are run. But I don't think it is as simple as 'why don't they have another race..'
  13. Entry fees

    I do agree with your derby/oaks comments....not about the rest so much, I'm afraid!
  14. Entry fees

    Not really on the entry fee topic...but it always amused me to see the First-Four-Shippers in their permanent carparks with carefully crafted sandwiches and boots full of liquor, all brought from home - and none would be so profligate as to put a dollar through the tote.
  15. How does this work?

    Just ask Pitty, he can explain much more eloquently than me. He understands the ratings system well - and no, I'm not poking the borax. It works to a system, it isn't hard to understand and it baffles me how few people get it.