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  1. Four Corners Aust program

    Agree...there is supposed to be some re-homing programme now run by NZTR - I think one Marty Burns is involved in this - but I have heard nothing, nada, zilch, from any official quarter about retired racehorses or any process thereof. I take pride in attempting to rehome my retired models in an appropriate and caring environment; however, there are some, that for reasons of temperament or injury just aren't suitable, and euthanasia carried out in a humane and dignified manner is the best option for them. But even the 'doggers' vary in their approach, and I have heard of some who pick up a horse, indicating that it will be dealt with quickly, only to leave that same horse, having been rugged and straight from a stable, lingering in a shitty paddock with no feed or shelter for weeks or longer - or worse, packed into a container to head to another abbattoir. I fail to see why the owner of any horse [ bearing in mind to have a horse in training is not a cheap practice ] cannot make arrangements for a nice retirement for their charge, at least for a period of time. Jack Shaw - well known harness and t/b trainer of some years ago, and father of vet. John Shaw, always reckoned a year's retirement with the best of care was the least an old racehorse deserved. Some of the so-called ' animal welfare' types I would be loath to allow near a horse as well, just to add to my concern.
  2. Gone Missing

    oops...yeah of course...thinking of Stephen McKee....blonde moment. Have them now and then.
  3. Gone Missing

    Thought his name was Trevor?
  4. Where do jockeys' costs fall?

    I'm pretty sure the likes of Sam Collett and Lisa Allpress cover their own costs when travelling south on a general basis.... I know Sam was rueing the cost of the venture south on one occasion. Obviously though, if a particular stable or owner wishes to use the services of a northern rider out of their normal routine, then they will pay. Same with the jumpers although there is [ or was ] a small contribution from clubs through NZTR.
  5. Question - Owners & Leaseholders

    Exactly. I would suggest, if it is really concerning you, that you get all the friends/lessees together, and discuss among you a purchase price that is mutually agreeable to all. Then re-do the lease with the right-of-purchase written in. Then relax and enjoy your racing.
  6. Question - Owners & Leaseholders

    Not that this is any help...but I am of the understanding that a racing lease has no legal interpretation wrt ownership of the horse....rather it is an indication of allocation of stakemoney and /or costs. I know I used to lease from a particular well known owner/breeder who always had his own lease agreement written up and included with the NZTR lease.
  7. July 5th TAB announcement?

    They've all been sacked?
  8. I hate to say it but he’s right about most of this

    They [ R.R. trustees ] haven't been paid anything - or at least not much - yet. The funds which will be realised eventually must be ring-fenced for future proofing the health of racing locally, the interest on the sum will be able to be used by the Jockey Club for stakes, infrastructure, or whatever I imagine is deemed provident.
  9. Take a bow...Aaron Kuru

    It's against the rules here too....but what great theatre would have been denied, in this instance. Thankfully both horse and rider A.O.K.
  10. When They Raced On Really Heavy Tracks

    Eddie Low , son-in-law Greg and son Vaughan are working a young horse from Conan's family now, at Riccarton.
  11. Riccarton tomorrow-what chance?

    Very slim I should think, judging by the water lying around the place.....and possible hail forecast later.
  12. Queens Birthday Racing

    Yeah....and consecutive days Timaru/Dunedin really stuck it to some hard-working horsemen and women. Queen's Birthday races at Dunedin used to be a highlight for southern winter gallopers.
  13. From the NZTR news feed...

    Good for them...because NZ sure as hell doesn't foster a decent development programme for stayers.
  14. Dumbest racing rule in the world...

    Yep, Chris was the unfortunate pilot.
  15. The next generation

    Love to see Ahanoora in a pedigree....amazing how often he appears in the background of quality horses.