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    Just wanting to know if anyone on here is actively looking at purchasing a puppy from this auction and/or would consider forming a syndicate. Auction Website
  2. Dead baiting NSW

    Wasn't their reports in this forum not so long ago of similar accusations made against NZ premiership trainer, what was the outcome?
  3. Cawbourne Brick at stud

    Just wanted to applaud the efforts of Cawborne Brick and all that he accomplished on the track. Well done and best of luck to all those involved.
  4. So how do you feel Mr Rendle?

    That's good the complaint/s have been directed the appropriate authority.
  5. So how do you feel Mr Rendle?

    Can someone explain what's the meaning to this post?
  6. New staying race???

    Couldn't agree more.
  7. lisa cole

    Well said Aquaman, I agree with what you have posted but remember it wasn't that long ago that they were "importing ready made stock". Feels just like the other day people in the industry were concerned with the amount of imports landing in NZ and the consequences this would have on racing/breeing. I can't undertand why for so long owners would purchase 15-20k dogs from Australia + 3k for landing then place it with a trainer who takes half the prize money. I mean sure if the prize money was on par with Australia. That's not to say their hasn't been some very good dogs arrive in NZ but what would the percentage be for these costly purchases actually returning 30k+ Setting dogs for the punt isn't uncommon at at times gets a return back to the connections but as their are know facts/figures lol the topic is inconclusive. My comments are with all due respect and without prejudice, just my opinion. I too have imported dogs into NZ and purchased NZ breed.
  8. The Amazing Chase Concept

    Congratulations to Shantui, Pave The Way Syndicate & the Fahey team for your success today winning the Amazing Chase.
  9. The Amazing Chase Concept

    What's your thoughts about the form not including the qualifying times for the Amazing Chase? Shouldn't everyone know when, where and what times they have run for this Sunday?
  10. Looking for a Greyhound

    Work out if you want to buy a pup or a racing dog (or maybe one that is a few week or months away from racing for the first time). Also are you looking for a dog or bitch and what distance would you prefer your greyhound to run (not guaranteed). Their is a wealth of information on the internet in reagrds to purchasing a greyhound. Either way I would suggest calling a public trainer and introducing yourself.
  11. Cambridge

    Most trainers I've come across have been especially generous with their time and knowledge of the sport for anyone wanting to learn.
  12. Cambridge

    It's very difficult for young prospects looking to get involved in the greyhound industry specifically the cost of setting up a kennel.
  13. Racedogs for sale

    Price was unrealistic
  14. south island talent

    My thoughts exactly.
  15. Brendon & Lisa Cole - Bigtime Success

    Do any of you have or know someone with a city class bitch from a proven bloodline that has good temperament that can be used as a brood bitch? Do any of you have or know someone who has access to proven city class NZ/AUS sires? Do any of you have or know someone with the facilties, experience and proven success to rear a litter of pups?