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  1. My Little Mate (Fabregas x Little Mother) broke the 400m track record today at Richmond in a flying 22.19
  2. Sapling

    So what happened to Gemma Diamond?
  3. Freight south Island to North Island

    Petbus leaving Christchurch will depart 25/02/2018 and arrive 28/02/2018 Any trainers travelling between North & South Island?
  4. Cambridge Greyhounds 29/12 Thought$

    Nothing gained nothing lost
  5. Cambridge Greyhounds 29/12 Thought$

    I wasn’t aware of any previous issues, thank you for your post.
  6. Cambridge Greyhounds 29/12 Thought$

    Okay thanks for letting me know lad27
  7. Cambridge Greyhounds 29/12 Thought$

    Quite disappointing. Was only fair out of the boxes, crossed and squeezed. Showed some of her ability in the straight to finish a stylish third but was never a winning chance.
  8. Cambridge Greyhounds 29/12 Thought$

    For those looking for something a little later on in the evening, Geelong Race 11 #5 Penny Worth.
  9. We got the spoils at Manuaku and I again have found another runner today at Cambridge that I believe to be overs. While it's only paying $2.50 on the NZ TAB I see this being overs and am very confident Light 'em Elsa Race 11 #4 will be winning for Karen and Thompson family. She is a litter sister to the promising Light 'Em Jax who has won 10 from 17 and a very fast 25:31 at Cambridge (457m). Light 'em Elsa was issued a 28 day stand down for turning her head in her previous race day start at Maitland (1st). With the NZ finish on lure, another 7 months of education and the K.Walsh factor Light 'em Elsa will be winning today.
  10. Manukau Greyhounds 21/12 Thought$

    With Cambridge taking the annual Christmas Eve meeting (Sunday) we see Manukau take the Thursday daytime slot. Going over the fields today I’ve found what I believe to be a dog over the odds, I refer to race 7 #5 Stay Away Haydo. I’ve made it my best bet of the day* While his box 5 stats are far from impressive I can see him giving the leaders a 3-4 lengths start before picking up win #9 from 18 at track/distance. NZ TAB $4.80 $1.70 Anyone else see something at the Manukau meeting that they like today?
  11. Dead baiting NSW

    It won't be long now before plastic bags are banned
  12. ACT Bans Greyhound Racing

    I'm quite surprised their wasn't any further comments/opinions on here given the serious nature of the content. When a state bans greyhound racing it's very concerning.
  13. Trackside coverage

    Yes Trackside are doing all of us a favour by not replaying those races where dogs have fallen. This also applies for the other two codes. I do like it when the commentator mentions in their call that the dog/dogs have picked themselves up and finished on the arm, it's always pleasing/reassuring to hear. You make mention of one harness incident at Invercargill, what about those races where the horse has chocked down, broken it's leg to name a few, did you enjoy seeing the replay. Unless you recorded it on My Sky you wouldn't have seen it on Trackside. The dogs that you bet on are much loved and we do care for their health and safety just as you would with your own family, and yes their will be accidents from time to time as their are in most competitive sports but our sport isn't like the UFC. Always good to get new blood on this site and share their opinion.

    Just wanting to know if anyone on here is actively looking at purchasing a puppy from this auction and/or would consider forming a syndicate. Auction Website
  15. Dead baiting NSW

    Wasn't their reports in this forum not so long ago of similar accusations made against NZ premiership trainer, what was the outcome?