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N.Z. Racing Museum

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I believe Cambridge Stud are building one on their new state of the art property. 

Not sure it's a national museum or just Cambridge Stud related...probably the latter.

We are sure in need of a National Museum...however the way things are going we could all end up in there very soon! :(

What happened to old Carbine who used to reside at Ellerslie ???

Wendy Pye tried to get a racing museum off the ground but got little support from memory?

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1935 Matthew Goodger and Joe Oldfield

Matthew Goodger (left) and Joe Oldfield, at a Hastings race meeting in 1935. Photographer unidentified. Inscription on back of image reads: "Mr Matthew Goodger of Hastings, oldest jockey and trainer in NZ, aged 87. Raced in 1864, the first 2 year old in NZ, Bobby Burns, by Golden Grape and Annie Laurie, owner was [?] Webb of Riccarton. He got smashed in the quake, broke thigh, dislocated hip, 2 ruptures. He trained and rode Liberator in 1903. Joe Oldfield, Greenmead[ows?] , aged 62, riding since the age of 10, has been associated with Mr Goodger for the past 40 years."

Matthew Goodger and Joe Oldfield.jpg

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