Berri's challenge --yearling selection

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On ‎4‎/‎03‎/‎2017 at 5:36 PM, Lloyd Vivian said:

Now 6 from 10, a G3 winner and looking a very good horse!  


a good horse, but with a 500k price tag? would need to be good enough to win a copuple of good races in aus to re-coup costs

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Splurge now 7 from 11 and looking every inch a budding topliner. That was ridiculously easy yesterday at Te Rapa. I think he may well go a long way to recouping his expenses this winter, in Brisbane. This Bourbon Lass family is quite exceptional at throwing up very good horses!

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Hard to find a few horses selected in here but bang for buck at the moment rests with Kevan 15 ...

Antonio Giuseppe 97,500 (540,000)

speith 200,000 (600,000)

amarula 80,000 (278,000)

ruud not too 220,000 (178,000)

splurge 500,000 (172,000)

....any others in here flying under the radar?

Russell Ms 240,000 Valpocella purchase Celebrity Dream is running in west oz and has won 6 so far for 242,000

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The horse raced 14 times for us for two wins and four seconds and then he was sold last March through an Inglis tried sale. I think he has had quite a few starts (11 or 12) for his new owners up on the NSW-Qld border for a win and a few placings.


Matt Harrington
General Manager
Danny O'Brien Racing
P: (03) 9372 2466
F: (03) 9372 2583
M: 0412 159 144
P.O. Box 9, ASCOT VALE VIC 3032

How good is this Obrien outfit, returning a nothing correspondence ,the maher stable were told of Jamekas 110-1 price at the NZ tab futures a month before the oaks and I never heard a peep.

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