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  1. Ellis spent $4 million on 35 yearlings at Karaka according to Dillon. No doubt a few of the 35 will pay their way on the racetrack, or make hay in the breeding barn. Ellis's success with these will be trumpeted. Most will prove to be financially disappointing or catastrophic buys, for those to whom Ellis offloads shares. Imagine the tears when returns are as miniscule as from King's Rock, for which Ellis paid $1.75 million at Karaka in 2012. At the time he last raced in October 2014, King's Rock had been gelded, and had been a success to the tune of $10 thousand in stake money.
  2. Far too soon for retirement. He hasn't been tried over the jumps yet. Might leap like a stag.
  3. INDUSTRY INTEGRITY Jockey wears unapproved gear = fined. Jockey overweight = fined. Trainer presents horse with wrong gear = fined. Trainer late declaring jockey = fined. Club deliberately waters track unevenly = yawn. Club not fined. Club uses stalls unfit for purpose = yawn. Club not fined. No automatic recompense to owners.
  4. Is your point that the numbers for the two channels are wrong, and they should be 62 and 63? Workmanship like that, getting things only a little wrong, is pretty good by RIB standards, so would likely be rewarded to the tune of $350K or so a year (merely the stakes money for 50 midweek maiden races, @ $7K a pop).
  5. Great point. The trainer of the $740K yearling which ran last, beaten 21 lengths, in a maiden at Taupo on Wednesday, will have to be mighty inventive to keep the owners happy. Especially as he had labelled it as the stable's best of the day on the website and talked it up on Trackside a few races earlier. The stipes didn't expect better from it, as there was no mention in their report.
  6. The TAB calendar shows racing at Trentham on Saturday 14 March
  7. What a waste of industry resources. What delicate flowers are these handicappers. The bad publicity from this hearing will do the industry more harm than the crime (of a trainer calling the apprentice handicapper a dickhead, in a non-public phone call).
  8. Graham Richardson's winning strike rate this season is 17%, not 5%. The only trainers in the top 100 who have winning strike rates of 5% or lower are Jim Pender and Ralph Manning [see trainers' records on NZTR website].
  9. Good news, they'll be selling the sections at bubble prices. Their track has provided excellent racing surfaces since the resumption, so it is to be hoped that "track development" doesn't jeopardise this.
  10. If the presenters/comments people/racecallers had worthwhile coaching to smooth off rough edges, listening would in many cases be less painful. Full credit to Tom Wood, who I reckon has improved out of sight over the last couple of years. He is not yet a Tony Lee, but he could get there if assisted and encouraged by his employers as he learns the trade. Why, however, has no-one taken him aside and told him that "awaiting for" horse x to enter the gates is clumsy English, and "waiting for" horse x or "awaiting" horse x are more appropriate? I know this will sound snobbish, but I wond
  11. A NZ Racing Desk article 2 days ago said he's been turned out and won't run in the Derby.
  12. Correction: the second win was on a Good 3 track.
  13. Compare the following two items: 22 March 2013 Waipukurau Dead 4 Mendoza runs 5th of 9 in a Rating 65 1600 run in 1:38.78 beaten 6.4 lengths. Stipes report: When questioned regarding the run of MENDOZA rider B Lammas could offer no real excuse but was of the opinion that the gelding may be better suited by a firmer track. 8 December 2013 Waipukurau Good 3, upgraded from Dead 4, Mendoza runs 8th of 8 in a Rating 75 2200 run in 2:16.18 beaten 7.2 lengths. Stipes report: When questioned into the disappointing run of MENDOZA rider R Myers was of the opinion the gelding was better suited
  14. It was often hard to hear Bevan Sweeney on Trackside from Wanganui as he was too close to a loudspeaker over which a longwinded course announcer blathered away. Seems to be a common problem with Christmas at the races meetings.
  15. Still Heavy 11 this morning. Something stinks. The Met Service website says Upper Hutt has had 19mm of rain over the last 10 days. Much of that time there have been drying winds from strong to gale.
  16. Who was she pissed off with? Her husband is the president of the club, and clearly the problem was of the club's making, as NZTR says "Excess sand from an area of extensive earthworks on the inside of the course proper had been blown on to the track by high winds overnight, accumulating on the home bend and straight."
  17. Thanks for your updates. Where is the rail to be come race day?
  18. Stewards report: Weather: Showers Track: Dead 5, downgraded to Dead 6 retrospective to Race 5 Tallies with what I saw on Trackside.
  19. I agree with you, bigdog1. Based on the Trackside TV coverage, I thought the protest should fail. But I wasn't sure it would, because a roughie was first across the line and the solid favourite finished second.
  20. Bridgman can point to the entry of Better Than Ready having the purpose of allowing flexibility as to which race Better Than Ever competes in. He could concede that a second purpose was to affect the weight allocated to Burgundy and still be off laughing, having established that there was no sole purpose. The problems lie with the inadequacy of rule 526, and with the ethics of a stable/stud which places integrity second to the increasingly-desperate task of getting Burgundy a record on the track which fits him up to be a commercial stallion.
  21. Stu McGraill on Wednesday on radio Trackside said there were large bare areas because the club had no irrigation. The lack of entries is, therefore, no surprise. Waverley was another meeting lost recently for a lack of irrigation.
  22. Hopefully he is sorting himself out, and reducing the input of liquid calories.
  23. If they're doing all they can to avoid repeats, as Wall says they are, then their first step will be to increase the height of all their gates and fences.
  24. Imagine the stink had Asavant won, or been placed in a dividend-paying position, and her backers were merely given their wagers back. Would have been appropriate for the punters to pull the stalls apart and insert components up the jacksies of the committee members.
  25. Given point 8, Steven McKee winning 2 of the 6 races on Million day rates well ahead of point 10 for mine. And it was interesting to note that the 2 would-be stallions from which Matt Cameron was given the flick by Te Akau failed to distinguish themselves under Opie Bosson. Sure, Burgundy ran third, but the two mares who beat him in gave him 5kg and 2kg respectively at weight-for-age. Catalonia was an also ran.