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  1. TROTSKY is a 16 year old gelding by RED RANSOM out of the BELLOTTO mare
  2. an update outside of the high court from one woman who has been leading this charge in the fight to protect the children from the notorious JAB!! https://gab.com/BravoZulu17/posts/108546986287793782
  3. got wind of a court case being fought in the high courts today to prevent what i understand to be the covid jabbing of children ages 5-11 more will be known in the coming days!! if you wish to support their cause.. https://www.facebook.com/thehoodnewzealand/
  4. its interesting that it has nearly been 50 years since the ROE V WADE case was decided.... 50 years in scripture is a time where indebted slaves are set free and released from their debts!! so in terms of the ROE V WADE over turning..this is very symbollic of being set free from a blood debt... it is a well known scripture.. the shed blood of the innocent cries out to God if we consider the 7 things god hates according to Proverbs 6:16-19 the shedding of innocent blood is one of them!! the other 6 have been on FULL display in the past 6 years... like never before
  5. heres something symbolically interesting... in the scripture reference of proverbs 16:18 a strange coincidence occurred... which was pointed out to me.. it ties into.. Biden falling off his bike and the month that recognised as the pride month.. lo and behold... in the same month the Roe V Wade is flipped and brought down!! coincidence? or Gods will to correct the abuses of Justice!! watch what comes next!! nothing can stop what is coming!! "it had to be done this way" 100 1 *winks
  6. in fact better still go and listen to some of the arguments the protesters are using to justify their thinking!! im sure in the multitude of opinions out there... you might find someone with a return argument to justify your position. *smiles
  7. why you getting all salty for?? Present a worthy argument to counter what i mentioned above... and we will be both the wiser!! *winks
  8. Both are the norms in the USA!! carrying babies to full term and carrying guns for protection are more than likely both protected in their constitution surely!! where the infamy comes into it..... is in the abuse of those norms!! *winks
  9. Dont sweat it 100 1... just smile at the victory!! Sweet Jesus lives!! *winks
  10. thanks for the reminder! ill keep that in mind!!
  11. here you go!! do what Biden has done Blame Trump.... Russia Russia Russia!! ROEV trump.mp4
  12. The choice is still hers... but why does the Law of the land have to be changed to justify her choice!! that is the issue!! but you cannot see that!! that is why you are backward!! you are Arse about face!!
  13. your thinking like that of idolmay.... is based upon what may happen and addressing the issue afterward!! it would make more sense to put a VERY severe LAW in place penalising rapists... but there you have it.... you and your backward thinking!! as for what a family does... is the choice for them!! A law is not required to kill unborns... do you understand your folly!!??
  14. surely a man who realises he is in error... has the choice to correct himself!! is it therefore right that he changes his thinking!!? OF COURSE IT IS!!
  15. This is the problem with people who think like you do!! women who do not wish to have a baby forced on them... still have alternative options... but to justify the existence of a LAW to kill babies over the whole land is wrong!!! plain and simple A Law for the killing of the unborn is wrong.... women who are intent on not having their babies will do so regardless of the Law... So you see... The killing of babies albeit the unborn by LAW is not right!!(this spiritually too has consequences&bigger ramifications) and that is where your thinking is in ERROR!!
  16. >>16505361 It had to be done this way. Q interesting timing!! Turning point!!
  17. Even 45 acknowledges the victory!! contrast President Trumps view.... vs Boris Johnson... very opposite views on the ROE V WADE overturning but this is the reality of how some people view right and wrong!! clearly the dividing lines have been drawn... and we are seeing whose who!!
  18. The Roe V Wade overturning is a victory!! if people do not understand the significance of defending life... then you are supporting the opposite In the overarching fight of good vs evil... it is essentially life vs death spiritually speaking this is also a great victory in the greater scheme of things... blood of the innocent babies will be stemmed... in various states of America, and the political wing of the corrupt will begin to lose its power, this Roe V Wade was known to take place by the prophets... such as Mark Taylor who through the power of the Holy Spirit made it plainly
  19. The same people who believed that Biden won the election neglecting the massive Fraud... are the same people who still believe Humans have landed on the moon!! Gullible!!
  20. You and ohakaman are in bloody Lala land!! you still prop up the lie... as though it has legs... when will you both wake up?? And stop peddling the BS
  21. who would've known!!?? note the date!! how is that possible? i wonder if the website is actually legit!!?? https://www.fda.gov/news-events/press-announcements/fda-approves-first-live-non-replicating-vaccine-prevent-smallpox-and-monkeypox
  22. speaking of messengers.. @JFHaughey on twitter, tweets some interesting tid-bits in regards to the sussman trial at this point its hazy as to who's who... and whats what.. but as time goes on and various pages unfold... the turning of the tide will occur dont forget your popcorn!! *winks
  23. gotta laugh at the origins of your thought process!! was that a problem area you struggled with in the past? LOL
  24. gotta laugh at your persistent attitude.. nothing we would say... could ever convince you that you're persistent hatred of things Trump... has put you into a quagmire. ....watching you comment more and more is comedy for me The faster President Trump drains the swamp... the better off you will be LOL