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  1. Whitelion

    Book on great nz broodmares

    Thank you so much from the information you sent. I will make sure the work is valued.
  2. Whitelion

    Book on great nz broodmares

    Thank you would love them. No have not read his books.would nztba library have them?
  3. Whitelion

    Racing is flying in NSW

    Can't see why we don't want to copy this idea of members of the public buying a 5 dollar ticket and then nominating a horse to run in a new million dollar race in nz. Bet it would be really popular.
  4. Whitelion

    I hate to say it but he’s right about most of this

    I would never sell my horses to China. I want to make sure they are located where people care just as much about them as their race performance.
  5. Whitelion


    I bougt a beautiful mare that is a 3/4 to Aimees idol for only 200. Had another go at racing her for a 4th but her heart wasn' in it anymore and that was fine by me as I mainly got her for breeding. Have to say she is the spitting image of her grand dam eight carat and has a lovely nature. So I for one am a very happy purchaser.
  6. Whitelion

    I hate to say I told you so.....

    Well I can' afford hundreds of thousands to buy a 'quality' yearling. Doesn't mean I don't spend exactly the same amount as those more well off to look after and train my lesser quality select sale filly. Jesus what a crock. I am one of those new entrants to this racing and breeding game the industry is trying to attract and I feel very unappreciated.
  7. Whitelion

    Book on great nz broodmares

    Thanks all. Will also visit the nztba library when it reopens. But really want stories from the people who knew and worked with her and her direct descendants. So any names of grooms, stud staff will also help.
  8. Whitelion

    Book on great nz broodmares

    Thank you. Will do.
  9. I am going to write a book, which I hope will be the first of a small series, on great nz broodmares. I have always thought there is so much more attention paid to the stallions and not the great blue hen mares. First one will be eight carat and her immediate offspring. I want to talk to people who knew the horses as I want the personal stories. I hope sir Patrick of course could be one of these but will get underway with the huge amount of research first. Would love to hear about any stories, photos anyone has. Big job I know but will be so much fun.
  10. Whitelion

    Trainer for stayers

    Sorry uneasy but much easier for me to travel to see her race in the north island than the south. More race choices up there too.
  11. Whitelion

    Trainer for stayers

    Thank you all. Very helpful.
  12. Whitelion

    Trainer for stayers

    Hi all. This is my first post but have really enjoyed reading the commentary over the past year or so. I have a 3 yr old filly by shocking who has just finished her first race prep. I am about to spell her as she needs more strengthening. But considering new trainer and wanted someone in waikato or auckland with medium sized stable who has a particularly good record with stayers. Any suggestions?