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  1. The TAB wants to cut costs then why not pipe in the radio show when weigh in should be showing it would get EXACTLY the same ratings and have the SAME effect on turnover, how much have I saved them right there?
  2. Lillyman is a joke! pathetic no idea loser.
  3. With the run Kawi got (ride was very good) he had to win and dare I say it from the 800 metre mark even R Jones would have won on him.
  4. Aussies always trying to intimidate us, let's just win more of their money, the best way to shut a gum flapping OZ.
  5. Does this mean J Parkes, D Bradley D Walsh will start riding winners again?
  6. It also says something about getting rid of 'Chows' thank goodness times have moved on, and thanks I am happy to be put right, let the word 'Spruik' stand and be used!!!
  7. I hear this word often on TS and just googled it's meaning, is it true that it originated in Australia? an Aussie slang word? why don't the over users of this word 'Spruik' off to Australian then!! Surely we have better words and don't have to mimic Australian presenters!
  8. They feed some dogs surely!
  9. Dead horses feed dogs, who is the winner?
  10. Cam Moncur devious? nah a pillar of the Petone set up, definitely someone who puts BACK into racing, surely?
  11. I like that it that the race was a no claiming race but yet they choose to go with an inexperienced jockey???
  12. 1997 NSW banned jumps racing, didn't end jump racing at all. Let them ban dog racing (it hasn't been passed yet) so what, like I said on the dog thread, if it goes ahead there will be some nice dogs going cheap!
  13. Yeah, sharpened spurs, battery charged whips, aren't cruel at all. They ban dog racing this is the same mob that banned jump racing and that still persists world wide, NSW racing doesn't control everything, don't fret all I see is some good value dogs becoming available! get out your cheque books every cloud has a silver lining!
  14. Alex park during winter has ALWAYS had small fields, EVERY trainer races Cambridge ahead of Alex Park as it is considered EASIER to win a race at Cambridge regardless of stakes! this will not change anytime soon. Good on ATC paying appearance money, EVERY club should do it no exception. Owners need a better deal, more communication not just website access and ACTUAL participation this is where Harness has it over the Gallops.