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  1. Devastating and tragic.....so sad .....RIP Taiki !
  2. Many of the worlds top drivers raced at Levin including Stirling Moss , Jack Brabham , Bruce McLaren and Graham Hill. Legends !
  3. Funniest post ever ! Me mate TORCH says Hawera one of best courses in the country !
  4. Haha Memphis.........a big flood little different to surface water ,continual rain and a shocking forecast. The extreme heat abandonments and power outages surely not due to 'unbelievable flooding'....I mentioned some areas been flooded 4 x times in a year. And Queensland and WA meetings abandoned too. You miss the place ? Go Krygios !
  5. Thanks Leggy . That section of Australian Racing site , doesn't seem to include total number of Abandonments , possibly just the ones being transferred in whole ,to a new date or venue. A quick look at the NZ TAB result page for just last week shows the Aussie Races / cards which were declared but bets refunded. Monday 4th July Barcaldine Abandoned Wagga ran 3 of 8 Gunnedah ran 5 of 7 Tuesday 5th July Grafton ran 4 of 8 Goulburn Abandoned all 7 races
  6. Are you serious WD ?? Australia has had dozens of abandoned meetings this year.......plus the ones that are able to be postponed / transferred to nearby tracks within a week ! Many have been cos of the extreme weather ,particularly because of rain / water....some areas have been flooded 4 x times in a year. Earlier in the year extreme heat was often given as the reason to abandon , plus there have been power outages as well. In July there has probably been 10 Abandoned already ,some of these after some races had begun. Of course Aussie cos it is so much bigger and be
  7. My guess is a music lover allowed 2 x precocious two year olds in the same paddock and they took a liking to each other. RockNroll Rod meets Adele and says Hello and the rest is history !
  8. Picks Tauranga R1 Go Lucinda $20 EW Tauranga R2 Turn The Ace $400 EW Tauranga R3 Happy Ego $20 EW Thanks
  9. This would be unfortunate for a number of reasons.......6 x weeks is a very short trial period , particularly at this time of year. Sure you have had a couple of Group 1 meetings but also nights with both small and low quality meetings , plus not going up against comparable meetings last year. The meetings are different plus covid complicates things and things just getting back to 'normal'. ATC [ J.MacKinnon] is taking credit for this innovation / trial. When they announced it they said it would be 12 x weeks , then later said they had invited Addington to be part of it too !.
  10. Picks Te Rapa r6........ 2 , 7 Te Rapa r7.........1 , 9 , 13 Te Rapa r8........3 , 4 , 5 Flemington r5......5 , 6 Ipswich r 7........ 1 Ipswich r8.......6 , 17 Ipswich r9.......20 Thanks
  11. With 11 x good sized fields ,plenty of chances , Addington on Friday night should do well with the night to themselves. No All Stars or two divvy races at this stage to stunt betting ! However Auckland tonight has 2 x 6 horse races and 4 x 7 horse races .....poor really! Sure it not easy to produce horses out of thin air , but are they trying hard enough ? This issue has been stamped URGENT for some time ! Also with the change to Thursday , with several more to come it is a bad look to not even see the fields or story in the NZ Herald to alert readers to this change !
  12. You not helping me John . You started a thread .....only you know why .....and when asked to back up what you suggested ,you revert to hearsay from 30 to 40 years ago ! Greyhound racing going through some difficult times in Nz , but they still add good $$$$$ to the TAB's coffers . Stakes per race reflect their popularity with punters but IMO its good they have some Group races for good coin. To follow up your opening post , maybe you could provide some 'facts' instead of anecdotal BS. Clearly you irked that the Greyhound code contribute as much to the TAB and NZ Racin
  13. What is your point ,and what you trying to prove here ? Yesterdays races included a couple of Group 1's , with heats being held in both Islands to find the finalists. I don't follow the dogs at all but I know the Duke of Edinburgh is considered one of the season's pinnacle races ! I also know that the dogs ,thru volume of races contribute well to the TAB's coffers and for some time have received far less of that contribution back ,especially when compared to Harness. So your line of attack is baffling !
  14. I think its the opposite to what you suggesting. ie the dogs subsidise Harness ! Last time I looked , the TAB took more bets on overseas than NZ racing and although NZ Harness wagering is higher than NZ dogs , betting on overseas dogs was twice that of overseas Harness. Yet the code funding was considerably more for Harness than the dogs . One year quite recently ( 2017 ) Harness received $40 mill ( $30m for stakes ) ,the Dogs $22 mill ( $12m for stakes ). Harness wagering was in a slump and has improved since. In 2019 the Code payouts were Harness $45 mill and Dogs $
  15. Picks Ruakaka r1.....6 , 9 Ruakaka r2......2 , 15 Ruakaka r5......9 , 11 Eagle Farm r1....10 , 16 Randwick r7.....13 , 15 Randwick r4......9 ,18 Ruakaka r10.......3 , 10 Eagle Farm r6.....1 , 3 Eagle Farm r7........4 , 12 Eagle Farm r8.......3 , 8 Randwick r10.......15 , 16 Eagle Farm r9........8 , 15 Free slot......7th Thanks
  16. I will say it again......the guy who organises these comps does a fantastic job ! My effort was the story of my life.......showed a bit of talent at times, difficult for an 'average' bloke to head off but in the end more likely to be 'cream of the crap ' as opposed to 'cream of the crop'. Thanks to you all who give it a go !
  17. Picks Hastings r1....2 ,6 Hastings r2....1 , 3 Hastings r3.....1 , 2 Hastings r4......8 , 12 Hastings r5.......2 , 3 Hastings r6.......2 , 5 Hastings r7.....1 , 3 Hastings r8.....9 , 10 Hastings r9......3 , 4 Hastings r10.....1 , 4 Thanks
  18. Picks Waverley r4......5 , 8 Avondale r3.....4 , 6 Waverley r5.....2 , 3 Avondale r4.....2 , 13 Waverley r6......1 , 5 Eagle Farm r4....1 , 5 Eagle Farm r5.....3 , 9 Eagle Farm r6.....1 , 8 Eagle Farm r7......5 , 7 Eagle Farm r8.....2 , 10 Eagle Farm r9.....2 , 3 EagleFarm r10......2 , 7 Thanks
  19. Ray Cairns...as in ROCairns often rode it !
  20. tasman man


    I always amazed there are not more people live on course , full stop ! The small fields and largely poor divis really aren't that attractive , neither is the gridlock traffic to get there and many work on a Friday and just want to head home ! Goodness knows how many folk will be on course when Thursdays increase in August/September. Don't forget too that the Club was basically insolvent , and definitely lacking the cash for any advertising spend at all. Bus backs ,billboards ,buildings and Cinemas [restricted these past 2 x years] is largely for Mayoral candidates ...haha !
  21. Any charge would be seen as a ' Fart into the wind ' and dismissed immediately !
  22. And wasn't there some great horseflesh racing in those Group 1 races ?....some of the best races of the year IMO Yes ,its thanks to the betting on Aussie Harness etc etc and in particular those meetings with the big NZ fields of plodders that go around regularly that allow the Group racing stakes be maintained at the current level and Auckland still appeals as a track that can host them at night . Possibly would be better to further reduce the venues , concentrate on Addington and the Sunday and Summer venues etc . Plenty of excitement among the winners and placegetters of th
  23. picks Pukekohe r2........3 , 5 Pukekohe r4........1 , 5 Pukekohe r5......4 , 7 Pukekohe r6.......4 , 6 Pukekohe r7........4 , 7 Eagle Farm r4......1 , 16 Caulfield r4........2 , 13 Eagle Farm r6......1 , 16 Eagle Farm r7.......5 , 11 Eagle Farm r8......2 , 5 Eagle Farm r9........12 , 13 Eagle Farm r10......17 , 20 Thanks
  24. I had a peek today and can tell you progress is being made. There were 5 big diggers in action plus smaller machinery putting in pipes and pouring sand/ gravel etc . All the running rails had gone , steeple chase fences gone . The area that had the fence out of straight has been cleared as its been advertised for sale . But although several machines and workers were busy to my untrained eye I would say the task has barely started and the job very much in it's early stage. The Golf course and driving range was busy and the Ascot car park almost full !
  25. My apologies for today.....I ambled past this morning ,and saw preparations underway for the last dance ! Of course , the two places next door will no doubt carry on the the traditions. When one door closes , another two will be open !