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  1. Correct , and we know horse numbers low and shrinking weekly [sales and heading to South for racing ] and it seems pointless racing both Cambridge and ATC on successive nights ,but with collaboration this could be managed. Sadly we in 'extreme' times and the limitation on people moving between Levels has made this near impossible. Originally Cambridge had 28 noms for maidens , then the announcement made re ATC going ahead in Level 3 ,so many of these horses withdrew from Cambridge as ATC racing PLIS trials/workouts at Pukekohe. So these extra options became available ,less hassl
  2. Well spotted Cubes.....no doubt excitement increasing around Canterbury with Cup week approaching. Hopefully us 'outsiders' will be let in ! Yes , though breeding numbers on decline there still appears to be too many horses ,especially slow horses, for the amount of betting our team of 5 million generates. The wellbred horses and horses with above average ability are still much sought after by overseas buyers but the average 'run of the mill horse' who will win between 0 and 3 races keeps the trainers , agisters,breakers, blacksmiths ,vets and feed merchants in a job but the sus
  3. HB r5.......1,2 HB r7.......1,6 HB r9.......1,2 Rr5........4,12 Rr6........3,4 Rr7........1,7 Rr8....1,4 Rr9.......5,14 BB Cr3......1,3 Cr4.......1,2 Cr7........4,15 Cr8........2,9 Cr9........4,6 BB Thanks ps......site was down......Memphis sent me his picks ,which I can forward if this continues ! cheers
  4. But who cares.....there will be plenty of appropriate folk checking the facts out and reporting back in the media and other outlets ! Meanwhile the main focus of this site......Horse Racing ......struggles on in NZ and with arguably the best time of year approaching as in Spring Racing , any chance to focus on that ? Will Horse Racing ever become relevant again in NZ ? Is there any hope ? Where is the best place to stay informed about NZ Racing ?
  5. Further digging shows that Ricky May ,whose father is Terry May ,had two uncles Leo [ drove Vanadium a bit ] and Clive May. Clive was a Junior Driver 1955-1959 ,maybe before then but drove one winner in 1955. So likely he in photo above. Clarrie May , a blacksmith ,and Ricky's grandad trained Loyal Nurse to win Auckland Cup in 1946.
  6. The stats on HRNZ website start at 1955 and most of the few I checked had driving wins or places that year and 1956/7 seasons and junior driver was beside a couple of them.I assume only winners and place getters are included cos a couple of those I checked had no mention Andrew Pringle noted as a junior driver in 1955 .....driving one second. Clarrie May was quite successful as far back in 1948 up to about 1970..... ....he involved with a good horse Loyal Nurse who won a NZ Cup when with the Berketts. Clarrie drove it to second in 1948 Interdoms. It could be another C.May
  7. Simply not true champ.......and you picked a bad night to put the knife into Aaron by talking up George ,as George seemed off colour , ill prepared or both. I watched/heard 4 or 5 races ,in those I heard hardly a driver named and no reference to the fact that there were southern drivers up [ Tim won one]. Trust me ,that GS did state Kango and the Chief had the lead........early bird AND early doors WTF that ? And if you want to check a lacklustre call listen to race 6 where GS does say Ask Again and the wizard Todd M......a sloppy call and only 8 in the race. Of course les
  8. Wooaaaah.......steady on Mr Mayor ! If you aspire to being the next mayor , and the best since Jean Valjean I'd take your managers advice and ask yourself a few strategic questions. Why poke your oar into this , what is there to gain or prove. ? If you have juicy info then why not sit back and let the supplier stick their neck out. Get into the gym and take it out on the punch bag ....at least see Inca thru to its conclusion ! Angels sometimes need to tread !
  9. My guesstimate was based on the assumption it was GD Shand in the front row as mentioned above. GD Shand was my Dad's favourite , and I remember reading a few articles about him. The first was he drove his first winner in late 1951 and the second said he started driving when barely out of nappies. Assuming ,again , that the minimum age may have been 15 I added a couple of years cos how old he appeared in the photo. Initially it looked like a "junior drivers' race if there was such a thing back then ,except for the guy far left ,back row. It's a query that there is not
  10. Probably not that old.....I'd guess mid to late !950's.
  11. My guess is they needed to tell a few porkies to get the essential services document then again to get thru the border roadblock and on to the plane to Queenstown. I also guess the systems in place to stop Bonnie & Clyde [ Steve Braunias quote] are probably too slack ,a common occurence it seems. Even with their exemption for Barristering and Hay selling/ animal welfare they should have been quized as to who needed those services so 'essentially' at the Ski fields of Wanaka...."where are you heading , for how long and WHY ?" A little bit of dishonesty is OK in NZ , even wi
  12. Its official eljay.......HCullen and MPurdon will be a Partnership come October 2021. Fresh from the Cullen Racing website.
  13. Picks Flemington R2 1 , 2 Flemington R3 2 , 3 Kembla R5 1 , 4 Flemington R4 5 , 6 Kembla R6 4, 8 BB Flemington R5 2 , 4 Kembla R7 6 , 10 Flemington R6 5 ,17 Kembla R8 2 , 4 Flemington R7 4 , 15 Flemington R8 3 , 10 BB Many thanks Go Melody Belle
  14. To the casual observer who skimmed the article and glanced at the direction the numbers are heading as per the KPI chart , I don't think this is too obvious plus I wouldn't be condemning or ridiculing the Chair on any oversight here ! Do you really believe he has gone out to mislead or fabricate . AS per the Greyhounds export numbers dwarfing Harness well this has prevailed for several years , no great surprise when there are so many more greyhound races 7 days a week. When I last looked[ 2017] the Export Turnover was 23% Dogs and 14% Harness......63% Gallops/ Gross Betting
  15. Hayden should be all good ! My guess.....and nothing more , not been talking to no little birdies .....is that Mark wisely decided to control his own horses ie ones he has a significant ownership in. One such horse is the brilliant Akuta who looks something special. Makes sense for him to be the trainer , control its program , maybe control and accompany its travel , and the small matter of Trainers % of earnings seems a no-brainer. It makes perfect sense [and cents too !]
  16. Exactly , that is why even positive folk like ourselves have that niggling doubt that it's easier to talk about higher stakes and breeder bonuses but much harder to implement. Methven are a progressive,enthusiastic club with some good betting numbers but I see on Sunday their stakes still minimal. Let's be honest , these stakes are miserable.....shocking ! In the Northern region where costs overall much higher ,the stakes may be a little better but there are now less meetings at ATC and even though some fields are on small side most races tend to be very competitive so races a
  17. The chair ,board and hrnz are trying hard to get Harness Industry participants behind them ,all on the same page and positively looking forward to a sustainable future. So currently everyone has opportunity for feedback and having their say in many aspects of the way things are run. Breeders are being encouraged to breed more horses .....and collect bonuses when they win and connections of the slow slugs will be given more emphasis by way of more and different opportunities with increased stakes even and the dwindling open class horses and classic horses will continue to get plenty o
  18. Seems like this is the way the business and sporting world is going.......but your choice of words here will no doubt upset a few. While downtown today I noticed food in the form of prepared meals going out to the homeless and essential workers in vaccine centers etc.....I asked the driver and he said this was a daily occurence and numbered over 300 daily ! Coming from the kitchen of HQ restaurant ! Assuming you still own this Establishment , this generous and Community minded service IMO goes a long way to offset your opening post which will no doubt ruffle a few feathers to
  19. I now see Dave McCarthy has written a nice tribute to DD Nyhan on Facebook. And yes ,he notes Denis's wife a good horsewoman from the top stable of trotters......Doyle family.
  20. Great Video....Lordship one of my favourites. Surprised there hasn't been more written about Denis Nyhan. Associated with 2 great horses.....Lordship and Robalan. Lordship won some 45 races over 8 full seasons of racing ,winning most of NZ's top races ,then went on to a prolific Stud career. Plus the name Nyhan ,one of NZ's top Harness families.
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    Switch over to the odd 'adult only' X-rated movie and you wont't fall asleep ! That music driving you crazy at the Olympics was put together by Japans top composers ,with the idea of it providing a soothing , seren and peaceful backdrop for the athletes to enjoy their medal experience ! Little did they know eljay that it would be irritating the hell out of you ! Stay safe !...not only from Covid but at Supermkt as well !
  22. As I thought.....discussion and collaboration results in equitable solution. Very sad that everything from winning to losing to have no money to being too rich ,to getting selected at Sports to not being selected at sports is causing folk to just quit in the most permanent way. Sad indeed !
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    Sounds like mute button should be your closest possession. Para been good but one channel a bit limiting when 12 available for Olympics. You need Sky and Netflix eljay...plenty of Sport to chose from Re do your budgeting...you must be saving plenty on petrol these days ? Hang tough eljay !