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  1. I thought you looking to bait us Kiwis ,so added a nibble to attract a bite and right on Q the big Sharkie strikes.....pogo the Aussie moderator.....hook ,line and sinker...kaching ,kaching !
  2. About time the Poms had something to crow about since James Cook and Sebastian Coe retired ,as not a lot in the other things they thought up like cricket and rugby ! I doubt too many NZ based trainers even went this year to the land of the dodgy politics and covid and extreme weather...did any even try ? Maybe a small stable from Taranaki...I unsure ,too busy watching the the one-sided borefests from NRL with all the sin binning...gone soft the brain damaged ,soon they be following on from the Pommie rugby players and sueing the Sport ! NZ trainers too busy concentrating on the
  3. Michael Moroney trained a Group 1. Chris Waller got a Group 2
  4. Something a bit different and certainly an opportunity for some horses who came North for Jewels to stay on and have another race for decent money ,plus a winter break for other Southerners ! It seemed to add interest to an otherwise dull winter meeting .....certainly some southern connections seemed to enjoy the experience ,and it was good to see those Southland horses racing .I spoke to several owners of the lower rated horses and they pleased to be racing for those stakes. When the conditions were drawn up ...weeks ago if not months one would have known the widespread
  5. SCS .......Small Country Success. Hard to deny ! I see your main man.....the impressive Spaniard has pulled out of next two major prolong his career. Surely you have some description for this type of behaviour ? Then your #2 man ......Gall got decked by another ex-leaguey , a much younger opponent, in boxing . Is there a message in all this ? Not been such a good week ?
  6. Back on track pogo.....don't let Tennis scamble your brain. Start planning your visit to the last Great Northern over the hill. Subject to it going ahead !
  7. Oopik also featured in another great call from PK when he beat favourite Fury's Order in HB Guineas. And Grey Way also featured in a Syd Tonks classic in Easter Hcp at Ellerslie.
  8. You gotta admit the steady rise by NZ Black Caps to the top of World Cricket rankings has been quite something. Wasn't so long ago that Aussie sent their 'B' squad to play NZ at cricket. And the domination of Aussie racing by the Wallers ,McDonalds and now Colletts is also of great satisfaction to many in NZ. Even silly Rugby league has the NRL riddled with Kiwis ...and Pacificas and now English stars keeping the thing going ! This is a NZ site so of course we going to comment on our successes in Sport. Aussie guests ,though welcome , should quit the abuse ! Tenn
  9. Oh , cheer up pogo ! Watch some Basketball......the finalists for ABL just been decided......Perth v Melbourne . Plenty of kiwis involved ! And I hear all Australia getting ready to watch World Cricket finals...on the tele , cos its in England and it's New Zealand and India. Dunno what happened to Aussie ??????
  10. Couldn't agree more Chevy. Many of Sport's greatest have had meltdowns of different varieties , both in NZ and on world stage. Jordan ,Woods , Maradona ,Piggot ...the list goes on. They can't all be Peter Snell's.... pogo loses it over Tennis. The only normal people are people we haven't met yet. KFC is apparently the preferred meal for the clients where pogo resides...the NSW State home for the Bewildered ! Actually I prefer McDonald's...surely the GOAT ...but thats a debate for another day ! You can meet pogo if they let him out for the last Great Nort
  11. Another amazing performance from Novak Djokovic ! Now setting all sorts of records for his CV. More than just 'halfwits' now label him the GOAT in the history of Tennis . Novak Djokovic !
  12. On experience the South looks a 'shoe-in' but I think the North will whip arse ! Less drives but at a higher standard !
  13. Not the slick Aussie presentation here Memphis where our resources and budgets a country mile behind Aussie. Impossible to tell the costs involved compared to benefit of the different presentations. Does the more professional approach attract more people to the Industry long term...and lead to more involvement ,betting and profits ? Impossible to tell..... But I note that on the bigger days in NZ racing when more effort put in there is at least one interviewer ,one camera man and one 'producer' putting these interviews together and then possibly extras in the Van editing an
  14. Agreed ........ my memory seems to recall that the callers started do picks in every race started about 20 years ago when Reon Murtha, Tony Lee , George S etc started giving picks on radio between 8am -9am race day and then live on TV about 1 hr before first race. During stressful times like Cup Week in Christchurch I wondered how they could even find time to look at fields let alone do useful study to make selections. The odd one prior eg Alan Bright had advantage of being a print journalist [from memory ?]
  15. Were you and previous poster Mr Big Stuff involved in contract negotiations with the named race callers ,or did you see their contracts ,performance reviews etc. ? How do you know about all this big stuff ? To me these callers have had careers in something they enjoy , have done it for some time and in some cases used the NZ experience as a stepping stone to further experiences !
  16. Sounds exciting Memphis.......have you ever been to Sapphire Coast races ? They seem to get a lot of Heavy tracks there...must be in a rain belt ? I note there were 6 races from there today ,4 of them only had two dividends ,the highest quinella was $11. One race had 8 scratchings. Sunday in NZ has harness racing....and today a Bonus of Timaru races with a Jumps race. Pogo will be pleased.....check it out ,some well bred horses in the Hurdle race. I just watched it ,hard to tell if the horses were blowing steam or someone started a fire close to track. The race delayed cos
  17. Total Domestic turnover was up 37% so it is an increase. Not game changeing but maybe arrested the decline of previous years where Harness had dropped some 30% in a relatively short time !. Also Fixed odds betting get close to 50 % of total.
  18. On a good track !!!! In name only. R7 had drone filming for much of back straight and it looked like the Kooolaharee Desert ! And the home straight looked as rough as a goat track ! How un-Australian on a Group 1 day !
  19. I see the Brisbane Cup coming up with 6 x starters after one scratching. This 3200m was a Group 2 race , often with a lot of Kiwi Interest. It is worth $435 k, certainly nice coin by NZ's standards. NZ has one entrant in Rondinella which is about 4th favourite. It likes 3200m ,and has been placed twice in Sydney Cup. Her rider is a G.Boss......possibly a local? What ya opinion on this race having only 6 x runners on a good track ?
  20. PICKS Randwick r7......5,7,8,14 Eagle Farm r1.......1,6,8,12 Eagle Farm r2......1,2,3,7 Eagle Farm r3......1,2,4,9 Eagle Farm r4......1,3,4,5 Eagle Farm r5......1,2,3,14 Eagle Farm r6......6,9,11,12 Eagle Farm r7......1,2,5,7 Eagle Farm r8.....1,9,12,18 Eagle Farm r9......1,3,6,13 Thanks
  21. Hi Shane, You playing with me now. When NZTR mentioned how the minimum stake rose last time ,they refer to the fact that up to around 2017 the minimum stake was just $7,000. The winner got $4750 ,then $1400 , $700 , $350 , $175. As you point out when the 'RISE' came in the winner got $6250 ,$2000, $1000, $500, $250 Then they started paying back to last the $10k became $5400,$1500 ,$700, $400, $200 from 5th to last [ 14 starters budgeted] So though the first 5 received less........NINE horses received $200 more than previous. So I assume it OK for NZTR to say
  22. Hi Shane , Thanks for putting these numbers up....yes lost $45 k in 2 years ! Apparently the NZ return to owners is about 20% ,while NSW is about 48%. ARC quoted that figure recently. Your example above is approx 43%. Easy to see why folk looking to sell horses overseas. NZ owners need to be very resilient....I'm guessing costs will rise again around 1 August ,they usually do. Further rationalization in industry is necessary IMO ....less courses ,less races. No magic bullets sadly but ARC /Counties amalgamation is one bright spot IMO. Hard to see be
  23. Sadly Shane , you do yourself no credit by taking these words out of context . They appeared after a conversation with another poster where I asked what his/her interest in the Industry was and got a very evasive answer . I have often stated how my interest has member ,regular attender , small owner etc or enthusiastic participant. I think it a reasonable request ....I'm not keen to engage with a bitter nutter who is entrenched in personal interest particularly strong regional bias or personal vendettas. You laid your Club involvement out.....for better o
  24. Shane ,as a committee/board member of a 'big' club you are in a strong position to force change.......unlike us keyboard warriors and enthusiastic amateur participants. Its better being on the inside pissing out than on the outside pissing in ! Your club is doing something ,if it goes ahead with the proposed amalgamation with Ellerslie. But that will take a little time to play out with the members meetings , signoffs ,land sales etc before the warchest is established so extra funds can be earned to improve stakes significantly and improve and maintain infrastructure etc as per the pl
  25. So you very ,very secretive. Not supporting any mates......never met the poster you refer to. Your cries for help are like winking in the dark , you know what you thinking and doing but no one else does. Personally I think plenty wrong with NZ Racing that could be improved on. I have seen the decline in racing over a significant period of years and it of great disappointment. I go to my clubs [plural] AGM and speak my mind on some matters ,and talk to the Clubs leaders. At Jewels on Sunday I spoke to both CEO's of HRNZ and NZTR. I follow what both Codes up to