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    OK Caffers Your Thoughts

    Agree with the physical question above, but on pedigree consider a saddlers wells or zabeel line horse - pick up on the no 5 family that b duke is from and he was known to do well with zabeel - Or i think dalghar may also work well. Have a look
  2. Dopey

    Without thinking

    Winx black cavier Phillipa rush
  3. Dopey

    Showcasing - interesting

    The way they are going and selling I’m VERY PLEASED I’ve got my mare in foal to him. IMO he is the new Volksraad - to kick a mare off with.
  4. Dopey

    New rider for Winx required ye of little faith ....
  5. Dopey


    Are you sure it’s illegal?
  6. I think you are all the over thinking this... storm in s tea cup. There is not a lot of outrage out there / rather “money going to what??” Comment. Its all fish and chip paper. just get on with it. Plenty of industries get targeted support - it’s just racing’s turn. Even Jacinda said something along those lines on radio. DUNDEEL* * money for racing is subject to a 2018 budget bid and Treasury approvals. While every effort has been given to political persuasion by the deputy prime minister, the minister of Finance (as guided by Treasury) reserve the right to divert funds as appropriate to priority investments. Please observe the Treasury safety policy at all times.
  7. Winston Peters announces a multi-million dollar all weather horse racing track is on the way
  8. Dopey

    New rider for Winx required

    Will be she steps out a few days later than planned originally
  9. Dopey

    Per Incanto & Zacinto

    Would have to be one of the best crosses for per Incanto, Breeder will have the stats likely
  10. Dopey

    Star Way - et al

    What about us dummies that just think it’s about Selene ?
  11. Dopey

    I thought racing was on a roll

    Talk to tim mills - he’s looked at it
  12. Dopey

    Castletown RIP
  13. Dopey

    Off the Track - Chris Johnson

    Great to see the early days, Canterbury Belle with Dave and Jan Kerr and Phillipa Rush and many others...and the old guard Grant Davison etc
  14. Dopey

    Pour Moi - an observation

    Legitimate photo...choice made now for all to know
  15. Dopey

    Pour Moi - an observation

    I didn’t do it , suggest he has been there.
  16. Dopey

    Pour Moi - an observation

    ...maybe this will get you going ... Winston chooses Sadler’s Wells
  17. Dopey

    Pour Moi - an observation

    ...and War Front (Danzig / Northern Dancer) on the right. hope you are enjoying this
  18. Dopey

    Inbreeding to Danehill

    I have the Tavistock 1/2 sister at home for the owners... loverly type and very typical Tavistock... and ebony babe is returning to savabeel.
  19. Will Burgandy be a better sire than Darci Brahma - yes or no. his sireline does it for me and on that fact alone I'm backing burgundy you can define better if you like...
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    Yes. It will be interesting to see Haussmann (sp) this weekend in the H B guineas
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    Pour moi was one
  22. Dopey

    Burgundy vs. Darci Brahma

    So another question, you think breeding to Darci is more commercial going forward compared to burgundy?