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Black Kirrama

"A Long Way From Wyandra" Peter Moody

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An amazing Book about that incredible bloke Peter Moody..

The descriptions of Black Caviar and her 25 race career; his  uncensored thoughts about Terry Bailey and 

Des Gleeson,The Integrity Services Division of Racing Victoria:Lee Freedman and Danny O'Brien;

Lidari, Dissident, Typhoon Tracy, Manighar.

I had no idea  how highly he rated Linda Meech !


Quote from his book co written with Trevor Marshallsea.

" Not a bad Trainer;not a bad bloke "


This is a bloody marvellous read about a very very courageous man.

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book can be bougt on line just ordered one.32aus dollars.looking forward to a good read.had a beer and yarn with pete at karaka  sales few years ago .mate had a horse with him.genuine top bloke.

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