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  1. Chaos in NZ

    FU2 is actually correct, NZ's debt to GDP rocketed under National, however he is being a bit disingenuous, because there was a little thing called the global financial crisis. The chart below shows what happened to NZ (solid white line), Japan (grey), Australia (Red), and the US (blue) debt to GDP following the GFC - NZ were quite the outperformer, especially when you throw in the Christchurch earthquake.
  2. Question - Owners & Leaseholders

    Thanks guys, that gives me a clearer picture. As I said, there's no offers, just an enquiry. My base case is that I'm not selling - this is my last shot at the dream of owning a champion From what I've read, it looks like communication is key, so I'll have a think about how to frame a discussion on the topic and (hopefully) get a consensus (no pun intended).
  3. Question - Owners & Leaseholders

    I had a lot going on when I put this together O'man, and in hindsight, could have done a much better job.
  4. I've bred a horse, and last year leased half of it to 5 x 10% shares - or to be more exact, I leased the whole thing to 1 x 50% and 5 x 10% shares. I am the racing manager of the lease. The lease is until 30Jul21, with no right of purchase, or any other residual rights. The horse in question looks like having some ability, and we've had initial enquiries, nothing concrete - but it doesn't matter, he's my last horse* and I'm not selling. My question is, what rights, if any, do the leaseholders have if a ridiculous offer does come in? What if I end up selling - what are their rights? Does the lease go with the horse? I had been told that if the horse is sold while the lease is live, you come to an 'arrangement' with the leaseholders - that sounds a bit loose though, and if true, I assume they can't force a sale? Any thoughts? For the record, these people are friends and I want to do the right thing by them - but it's best to have these conversations early (ok, I'm too late for 'early', but better late than never). *unless he's a champ, in which case you'd have to go again!
  5. When They Raced On Really Heavy Tracks

    I remember Gatcombe's Pride back in '86, running at Trentham: 5Jul 1400m carries 55kg and wins by 3L 9Jul 1600m carries 58kg and wins by 8L 12Jul 1570m carries 62kg and wins by 12L !
  6. Winners R Grinners Take Three FINAL 26th May

    Race 2 Grand Prix - Dark Dream 2 Race 4 Lord Mayors Cup - Red Excitement 2 Race 7 Kingsford Smith - Le Romain 2 Race 8 Queensland Oaks - Aloisa 1 Thanks for the comp guys
  7. Jaysus Roland, I have to admit to a bit of early smugness and then checked back on the scores to the news of a $91 winner - WTF!!! well done! Go AA’s, I think you’ll be doing this without me
  8. We don't have a single selection the same - that has to be a first? One (or both) of us is in for a bad day...
  9. Big 4 Weekend Comp Entries/Results here...

    Schweppes Oaks Aloisa 1 , Miss Admiration 3, Bring Me Roses 2 U Bet Classic Dainty Tess 5, Viddora 2, Secret Agenda 1 Hollindale Stakes Egg Tart 10, It's Somewhat 1, Coming Through 2 Silk Stocking Sylpheed 1, Notonyourlife 2, Test The World 3 Thanks for the comp!
  10. 1. Te Rapa R3 - 1.05pm - Team Weallens 1200 - $30k, 1200m, R85 1/11 bb 2. Riccarton R5 - 1.51pm - Berkley Stud Champagne Stks (LR) - $50k, 1200m, 2yos SWs 4/8 3. Riccarton R6 - 2.26pm - David Emerson Accountant & Business Consultant Premier - $30k, 1200m, R85 2/9 4. Te Rapa R6 - 2.49pm - Waikato Equine Veterinary Centre 2YO Stks (LR) - $50k, 1100m, 2yos SWs 9/11 5. Riccarton R8 - 3.39pm - Daphne Bannan Memorial Great Easter Stks (LR) - $50k, 1400m, open hdcp 2/6 6. Morphettville R4 - 4.36pm - UBET Euclase Stks (Gr2) - $500k, 1200m, 3yos SWs 1/2 7. Morphettville R5 - 5.16pm - AAMI D C McKay Stks (Gr3) - $175k, 1100m, qlty hdcp 2/6 8. Morhphettville R6 - 5.56pm - Schweppes Australasian Oaks (Gr1)- $500k, 2000m, 3yo fillies SWs 1/3 9. Morphettville R7 - 6.36pm - UBET Classic Robert Sangster Stks (Gr1) - $1m, 1200m, fillies/mares WFA 2/5 10. Morphettville R8 - 7.15pm - Hughes Limousines Queen of the South Stks (Gr2) - $275k, 1600m, fillies/mares SW+Ps 1/2 bb Tough races! Good luck Roland - let's go AA's!
  11. Saturday Competition - Te Rapa Prize $200

    R1 - Jake The Mus R2 - 5 Elusive Treasure R3 - 2 Qiji Express R4 - 1 Not Usual Talent R5 - 4 Cote D'or R6 - 2 Trueman R7 - 6 Prom Queen R8 - 6 Rosewood Thanks for the comp!
  12. 1. Te Rapa R1 - 12.40pm - Think Water Cambridge Premier - $25k, 2400m, R75 2/3 2. Te Rapa R2 - 1.13pm - AON Insurance Brokers Premier - $40k, 1200m, open hdcp 4/5 3. Te Rapa R5 - 2.53pm - Travis Stks (Gr2) - $100k, 2000m, fillies/mares WFA 4/5 bb 4. Te Rapa R6 - 3.28pm - Maneline Cambridge Premier Fast Track $5k Bonus - $30k, 1200m, R75 2/4 5. Te Rapa R7 - 4.03pm - Inglis Sales Cambridge Breeders Stks (Gr3) - $70k, 1200m, 3yos SWs 6/18 6. Hawkesbury R6 - 4.50pm - Godolphin Crown (Gr3) - $175k, 1300m, fillies/mares SW+ps 3/4 7. Morphettville R5 - 5.21pm - H C Nitschke Stks (LR) - $110k, 1400m, 3yos SW+Ps 3/4 8. Doomben R8 - 5.42pm - Hiflow Industries Victory Stks (Gr2)- $200k, 1200m, WFA 1/2 bb 9. Doomben R9 - 6.22pm - East Coast Car Rentals Gunsynd Classic (Gr3) - $125k, 1630m, 3yos SWs 2/4 10. Morphettville R8 - 7.20pm - Murray & Barb Stewart 60th Anniversary Hdcp - $100k, 1300m, BM82 hdcp 3/6 Well, that was a raffle, and after last week's ambush by the LDMs my confidence is shot! But, the AAs are firmly in the final, so if I'm going to have bad one, this is a good time to get it out of the system!
  13. Maiden Trivia

    Reckless couldn’t win until he was five (at his 15th start) and he went on to win a Sydney Cup, Adelaide Cup, Brisbane Cup and run second in a Melbourne Cup - so that's not bad I (reluctantly) managed a syndicate that bought a horse at the RTR sales, he won at his 28th start, and I kept the troops going with stories like that of Reckless - unfortunately, he was no Reckless. Personally, I wish I had enough cash to not worry about them not winning - I'd keep going as long as the horse was happy and the trainer's being paid.
  14. Maiden Trivia

    As a kid I used to back all the Azemann progeny. I had a look at his record, he took 24 starts to win his first one, then went 1311511731212 and went on to win a Sydney Cup!
  15. C) Counties Race 6= 3 Gundown E) Counties Race 7= 16 Prince of Passion F) Sydney Race 7 = 2 Brave Smash Tote please Thanks YT, good luck all!