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  1. Looking forward to hearing your wonderful reports Stodge.
  2. A beautiful story Berri , so sad for one so young
  3. Gee that was a nice performance lst up today ,lst start since last October and we’ll done to Dennis Ryan
  4. Thank you for the great insights into Cheltenham week , it was certainly great viewing and looking forward to the uk flat season now underway. Cheers
  5. Yes only a nostril between them in the Telegraph and yes the difference in the odds meant if you backed Levante ,you had to also back Roch N Horse. Great win for Patrick Moloney because as they both said, him and Mike, he butchered the ride on Tivaci ,he gets the drag off the horse and Damien Oliver jumps abroad and wins the All Aged Stakes.
  6. Always loved his enthusiasm whether it was trots or gallops
  7. Used to train at Paeroa didn’t he , just a crying shame
  8. Stratford is the best track in the Naki , just a crying shame it isn’t used anymore.
  9. Never seen Mike so confident on his website as he was last Sunday with Bermadez, , also speaking of prize money ,have a look how much the uk horse Maximal who raced in the golden eagle yesterday. On Saturday morning apparently it had earned $108,000 and after yesterday’s 6th placing earnings are now$196,000.For a uk horse with good northern form only had very small earnings compared to Australian horses.
  10. That’s the one anybody knows those place it is.Cheers
  11. Evening , I noticed a harness racing property for sale in Ardmore in a real estate magazine, does anybody know who’s place it is , looks a outstanding place. Cheers
  12. Go Racing have summed up the situation quick smart.
  13. Sadly this has been happening for years, yesterday’s group 1 would of been the weakest group 1 for a long time. I wish Call Sign Mav all the best but a Cox’s Plate really
  14. Well spoken Leo with Mike this morning, I only wish we had more people like you with the old fashion can you attitude