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  1. What a disgrace

    Brodie as its sunday,, he will at church.
  2. What a disgrace

    I read an article last year,(which I just read again) which referred to dishonest dog trainers in aussie putting a hose down dogs throats to make them drink to slow them up.. This is what a trainer claimed. Maybe everybody in nz is honest,however I don't think that is the case in any code. As far as the original topic,i think 50 to win not taken too seriously by anyone after reading his comments.
  3. Safety

    Probably a kiwi league supporter.
  4. You’re kidding Matt Cross....

    Hard to tell whether he would have won had he come inside instead of out,but he seemed to be getting on the heels of the winner as it ran out in front of him,you could see him alter his stride when this was happening.
  5. Last 600m times

    Personally I think they are useful, but they are part of an overall picture. What they tend to highlight are horses that hit the line well, which generally mean they will back up. They can highlight performances that could be initially missed. Just my thoughts on why they are useful.
  6. Last 600m times

    Got the answer from nz thoroughbred racing. It seems the problem was because trackside had changed their shot relating to the 600m which meant the start point of the timing could not be established. Apparently they have hopefully got trackside on board to allow them to do it for the final day.
  7. Last 600m times

    Anyone know why they publish these with the results at some meetings, but not others. Places like gore and winton have them for each runner, while Riccarton does not. You would think for the big meetings they would have the most informative information for the punters. Does not appear riccarton is up with the play.
  8. You’re kidding Matt Cross....

    Reading this thread reminds me of that quote which goes something like this. "Far too much has been written about great men and not nearly enough about morons." This thread allows us to take steps to right that wrong. Thanks p4p
  9. Will Purdon Rule Again

    I think had it not been the cup,most would have thought it was just an average race as far as excitement went. Because the 2nd best horse in the field was clearly troubled by something and was never going to place, and the 3rd best was wiped out at the start,it robbed the race as a spectacle. In my opinion Heaven Rocks is the horse that has the x factor to excite,his amazing speed would have got the big crowd buzzing, shame he looked well below his best from the start. An opportunity missed to give the one day a year race goer something to talk about, irrespective of whether he would have made a race of it with Lazarus. Personally I thought the Dunn trained trotter that won was the one who created a bit of excitement on the day. For those in attendance by far the majority would not know the relevant class of the horses running in that race,nor do I believe would they really care ,what they would like to witness would be performances out of the ordinary,and on the day I personally thought that was the one that shone brightest. Lets hope a lot of them stuck around to watch that run.
  10. 2000 Guineas interference

    I If that is the case, then you are expressing an opinion that the jockey concerned was not guilty of something that he admitted to. That's an interesting take on the jockey. Personally I assume he knows what hes doing in cases like that.
  11. Worst starter ever

    Bit tough there fella. Seal the deal has not made a clean beginning in some of his recent starts and has been hanging bad lately and that may be why he did not want to compete and Heaven Rocks looked like he was never pacing comfortably from the start. Good to see Buster Brady run more like he can with a good 5th.
  12. 2000 Guineas interference

    Maybe you should read what it says in the stipes report. It says he admitted the charge,and the interference occurred 50m prior to the the 2nd wave of interference.
  13. Hats Off To Opie

    Obviously we have different takes.While I never personally said OPB caused the interference,i thought they said on trackside he had a 10 day suspension,so I assume you don't get that because of good riding. Whatever, I stick to my claim that there was some poor riding. As far as The Bostonian goes I think it is you who are talking nonsense. It does not appear on over big horse,the exact type that do not handle being knocked about, and it had illustrated at its previous run that it does not cop interference very well. Whether the interference was the cause of its poor run we will never know,but i believe it fair to think it was a factor.
  14. Hats Off To Opie

    I don't know about it being a good ride. Certainly a winning ride. Did they not say he got a 10 day suspension for interference. The head on just after the start showed some awful interference which could easily have had serious consequences. The leith innes horse had any real chance extinguished when it took such a bad bump. A very rough race with some poor riding. Its all there on the video to see.
  15. Kaitlyn and Tabatha Fensom

    That was a good tough run by the horse. The drive had its plus and negative sides. She may have been better showing a bit more aggression to get it up outside the leader early, but It did not look like that position was going to be handed to her easily by the horse already racing parked. So even if she had it would not have actually helped her.She drove her horse at a consistent speed,did not knock it around and actually got a good result by running 2nd. So personally thought it was ok in the circumstances.