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  1. While you can understand the reason for Trump being unhappy with Sessions,its seems by undermining sessions he is in fact undermining himself. Seems rather stupid and lets hope they sort it out otherwise Trump will lose some support and respect from his supporters.
  2. I thought this story funny. It has been reported the U.S. Government over the last 10 years has wasted $28 million on Camouflaged uniforms for the afghan army. A report had found that the camouflaged uniforms were inappropriate for a country that is only 2.1% forest . According to one spokesman who investigated this case. "this is just simply stupid. We wasted $28 million of taxpayers money in the name of fashion because Afghanistans defense minister at the time thought the pattern was pretty. So if he thought pink or chartreuse was it,would they have done that"
  3. The Republicans do need to get those major policies moving as they are why Trump got much of his support,Trump himself seems to be doing his bit to push the cause. This calligrapher topic seems to tickle your fancy. A google search shows they have been employed at the whitehouse since 1801 and that the Obama administration came under fire for the same thing. Does make you wonder why technology has not replaced them. While Trump has seen some criticism for their salaries remaining, just imagine the headlines the fake news would put out if he did cut them. "trump ruins 200 year tradition to slash jobs".
  4. You are only giving half a story. From what ive read there were always going to be lay offs, but the numbers were significantly reduced because of the Trumo/Pence intervention. Somehow its twisted into an anti Trump story.
  5. That says it all. Instead of pointing out what part of my comments are wrong,you instead resort to your usual negative comments. Personally I think the comments in your latest post would be more accurate addressed to yourself.
  6. Once again your believing the negative spin by the media. Its still being reported that over 700 jobs that were to go have been saved,and it seems Trump included 300 jobs in his original claim as being retained ,which while technically true,were not expected to go in the first place.Trump put a good spin on it and the media has put their usual very negative spin on the same thing. Personally I think its pathetic how some take such delight on the loss of jobs, which never were part of Trumps original claim. An interesting stat being reported on some networks this week,is that those receiving Food Stamps have dropped to their lowest level in 7 years. Once again there appears to be a bit of smoke and mirrors ,as proof that your looking for work is now required to qualify in some state,However there should be no denying those figures are heading in the right direction,thus we can assume the media will give it little coverage.
  7. Ive always thought Mark Jones was someone that was an good example of what could be achieved in racing through hard work,being very talented and having the right connections. He appears to have set himself up very well with a top training establishment and apparently is very well thought of by those that work for him and those he trains for, One of the reasons the media go to him for comments is because he is willing to express an opinion, sometimes one that may annoy some, but he always appears to act with the best interests of the industry at heart, I'm not sure why some on here feel he deserves some personal criticism, still I think another thing that helps in this industry is having a thick skin,i m guessing he probably has that by now.
  8. I thought the RIU had a deliberate policy of not releasing details of positives. Give them a ring and they will probably neither confirm nor deny their neither confirm nor deny policy.
  9. It was widely reported China Stockpiled milk powder and part of the reason for the decline in price was because the demand from China dropped off as they had plenty to keep them going. They helped created the boom which they required, then they helped reduce the prices.I will give credit to the Chinese and say they new what they were doing,all part of a cunning plan. Obviously overseas workers are displacing new Zealanders from some jobs. Their willingness to work for low wages undercuts locals . I will give you another example. If you come to nz from vanuatu for say 5 months of the year and get paid our minimum hourly wage, then even after expenses you are earning about 6 times what you get had you been working back home,as their minimum wage is equivalent to about $2 nz per hour. . That's why they do it, Maybe you should get to know some of them and ask them who own most of the businesses back home.. The Aussies and the Chinese I'm told. How about you tell those on struggle street about our surplus and ask them what its done for them. More spending on health. Really. That's just smoke and mirrors. We do have an increasing elderly population you know that require more upkeep. Are they seeing any improvement? Education. I was reading recently where a local school was very anti any suggestion non citizens should contribute to their childrens education. Best the nz tax payer pay for it all.Seemed that about 90% of that schools children were made up of non nz residents. They wont bring that one in as it would effect national supporters too much. A family of 10 in a motel. Id be a bit dubious about that one.Most of the catholics I know can afford their own house. . Seriously though that could include an extended family. Besides ,if the greens get in with their promises of more for each child in a family, the 10 kids are likely to be able to move somewhere upmarket.
  10. Take the dairy industry as an example. How much of their recent crisis was a result of their reliance on the Chinese. One thing that is obvious. The average family in nz is struggling a little bit more as each year goes by.If this push to align ourselves with the Chinese trade wise is working, why aren't the average New Zealanders seeing many of the benefits. Its not all about the Chinese or overseas ownership. its really also about policies like whether you believe our government should allow employers to import seasonal labor to displace locals, so as to return greater profits for those with the money,many of those being from overseas. Also its a well known fact that overseas seasonal labor send so much of their earnings back home instead of having it circulated in the local economy. It is those policies which are making the gap in wealth even greater. Whether you want to accept it or not, Donald Trump has stated time and again he is about improving the lives of the average American, not whats best for people from other countries, americans first and he believes one of the keys to achieving that is to create more jobs while at the same time trying to give preference to American citizens in the job market.. Its a shame that so many condemn him without giving him a fair go and without allowing time to see whether his policies will succeed.
  11. Thought you were making a fair argument until you pulled out the racist card. Its reasonable to have concerns about our politicians and those driving our trade aligning themselves closer with every step with the Communist party of China .
  12. Read that article. It appears the 4 major policies they refer to in the survey that were objected to were 1)imposing restrictions on those entering U.S.. 2)withdrawal from paris accord 3)withdrawing from major trade agreements, 4) building the wall. Do you really think the United States should make their policy decisions based on oversea approval? Using that lodgic I take it you would support a U,S, president who has no restrictions whatsoever for immigration. I'm sure that would be viewed favorably overseas. I'm also sure the U.S. would have done better in the survey had they entered into trade agreements which favored the countries from whom those surveyed came from. Is that what you want from Trump?
  13. Looks like they have made some good changes to current handicapping system, Nothing major but does seem a bit fairer.
  14. So this has turned into an an anti USA thread now or was the police officer under orders from trump?
  15. While I don't agree, your statement says why you dislike him. They are not character traits which would prevent him from being very successful. I suspect others on here feel the same and is the reason in some minds for them to rubbish everything he does. Theres a flaw in that argument.