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  1. For what its worth....

    I had come across both Stephen Molyneaux and Lauren Southern during the Trump election cycle Its quite clear the knowledge of this stupid Radio Host... speaks loudly about what Nz'ers are being fed by media!! People who want to learn the truth of things Dig deep and search for it... break it down.. test to see if any trusted individuals give credence and then test it with common-sense to see if it stacks up... When deception is involved... this becomes a little more diffucult to discern truth, and in that scenario you have to trust insider knowledge.. whose conscience has been moved to reveal the truth of deception We need only look at the across to the Trump written off thread to see how much garbage is being shovelled by media.. and the people who love to revel in it!! I admire the fact we can debate... and not be moderated upon our political views!! Thumbs up to you Scooby3051 for allowing sensible debate and freespeech to continue on this forum!!
  2. Chaos in NZ

    Your idea of chaos is somewhat misleading.... Unions are very much a part of the culture of NZ most of the Public servants you reference are part of the PSA union which is the largest in NZ To suggest ones lawful acts are chaos is not accurate... I say good on them for standing up and exercising their rights to protest about wage inequity... Let their voices be heard!!
  3. For what its worth....

    i guess it was only a matter of time before our shores would be faced with the challenges facing many other Western countries. Our isolation within the Pacific doesnt prevent the uneviable seeds from being carried by the winds of change
  4. Trump written off

    Estonia was flagged by Kim Clement through the power of the Holy spirit. There is some form of danger which arises from that country... and my guess is it has alot to do with cyber-security, intelligence and the use thereof Think Black hats vs White Hats.... this seems like the danger arising from out of that region. Cyber warfare(locked Shields) is a competitive game that is being encouraged in Estonia... think reaping and sowing
  5. For what its worth....

    An appeal date was set by the judicial system regarding Tommy Robinsons injust sentencing ... which has now been delayed
  6. Trump written off

    your one of a select few who follow the Q drops.... 100 1 its great your still on the trail Im still waiting on Q to mention Estonia... ie. why is Estonia important? any mentions so far regarding Estonia??
  7. The "new" petrol/diesel prices

    Are any of you guys aware of pureprofile? its a survey based scheme... where you can get rewards.. and you can purchase 5cent / litre for every $2.50 earnt doing surveys Surveys are few and far between at times... but you can get up to 20cents a month.. just keeping an eye out for the surveys.. ive managed to get the full petrol price using both the 10cent days... alongside surveys and my bonus 50cents/month from contact energy literally giving me a Free 50L of petrol. there are methods of saving on petrol.. it just requires time and effort and some careful thought
  8. Tricked up food

    Im sure there are many who just love the plain ole steak eggs and chips and a tiny bit of lettuce on the side... i prefer a filling meal that is both wholesome and has the basics meat,eggs,and greens with a simple bit of bread!! Where i work, they are growing micro-greens... and micro-greens are geared towards restaurants and cafes... i believe the greens are for the most part decorational... a good friend of mine who runs a cafe said to me "we eat with our eyes first" although there is a truth in what he said... i more often weigh my wallet first before eating out lol... always hunting for value!!
  9. For what its worth....

    you seem out of touch with the real issues concerning Tommy Robinson albeit Britain and Europe at large... i dont expect you to understand!! Its a concern for people who understand the value of freedom and why it must be fought for and maintained!!
  10. Trump written off

    The trouble is the crossing of the border is too easy for the Parents to enter illegally!! Prevention upon entering America illegally avoids the problem of separation from parents&children Building the border Wall has always been a focus of President Trump. This scenario thats playing out is a direct problem related to not securing the Borders... something which the Democrats refuse to support!! Its no suprise that they call foul on the MSM... the children are being used as a political weapon... shades of the Palenstine Human Shields in order to justify a outcry!! Build That Wall!!
  11. The Messiah is not fair or balanced

    when i first watched that clip i just shook my head side to side, what a waste!!
  12. For what its worth....

    heres the interesting part about the whole uprising taking place... not only in England but in other parts of Europe Kim Clement was given a prophetic message by the spirit of the Lord, and this is being fulfilled right before our very eyes... I dont expect many to understand how God operates and why he does the things he does... but for those who are inclined... it is for your benefit, to witness God's Spirit sweeping over Europe!!
  13. For what its worth....

    More support!! More Rallies!! more aggressive protests!! Hey tommy tommy, tommy tommy tommy tommy Robinson!!
  14. The Messiah is not fair or balanced

    Im wondering... when the NZ racing board and the Tab invested in the 5 C's that took place in this Clip.. Was it during Nationals Minister of Racing Nathan Guy?
  15. The Messiah is not fair or balanced

    reminds me of this scripture, and given the thread name its fitting!! Luke 23:33-34