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  1. Trump written off

    just posting this so people understand the Bannon Trump feud
  2. All time favourite songs.

    perceive this if you will
  3. All time favourite songs.

    love how this song resonates!!
  4. Shitheads in our society

    im not going to get into a scientific based argument... as it tends to become a circular debate... what i do want to do.. is apologise for being so harsh in my criticisms of your intellect and your empathy towards other creatures so please accept my apology.. as it is unbecoming of me to be a prideful ass.. i hope the new year brings you good fortune God bless!!
  5. Shitheads in our society

    if you tell yourself that truth long enough... youll tend to believe it i dont subscribe to such nonsense!! have a good day!!
  6. Shitheads in our society

    You have evolved from apes(your Claim not mine)... does that make me a denier lol
  7. Shitheads in our society

    so says Cornelius... who once claimed to be a descendant of apes.. what a joke!!
  8. Shitheads in our society

    i rekt your whole holier than thou argument, and now you are attempting to bring in Sexism and racism... Hah!! You are the typical snowflake millenial whose foundation is based on cultural changes of the moment!!! DUMMY
  9. Shitheads in our society

    There is a reason why the Horse Racing industry still exists today.... It only takes one person to assert that Whipping horses for entertainment is cruel... you get enough indignant fools crying the same tune and eventually the industry becomes a huge mess of rules and regulations... where it becomes a burden on its owners.... Then eventually people will cry Horse Lives Matter the slippery slope of animal cruelty then simply becomes a burden to its owners... when laws and fines are imposed for the sake of Animals, brings animals on par with human rights The conscience decision upon the owner to treat his animal fairly... is dependant on what purpose the animal serves, not what the snowflake righteous fool sees
  10. Shitheads in our society

    you indignant fool, Cats are beneath me... you play the righteous idiot if you want but they will never be an equal to humans. The authority over the cat is its owner... its because of P.C dummies like you, who scream with righteous indignation have given rise to the SPCA where eventually you lot will be calling Cats Lives Matter spare me the political correct Crap!!
  11. Shitheads in our society

    The point you failed to comprehend in my above reality, is the mother Cats themselves abandon their own kittens... yet you go all righteous on humans when cats themselves do it. you clearly have your priotities upside down... and your indignant rant is quite laughable... it comes across as very P.C
  12. Trump written off

    i have heard a saying regarding America... "when America Sneezes the rest of the world catches a cold" the point being... America has a major influence over the rest of the world..... This can be seen by its contributions to the U.N in the past... This is changing.... As it makes Economic sense. 250million reduction in its contribution why waste money on a institution which is attempting to undermine America, with its social policies Theres alot you probably dont see.... as its not solely about the economy.. but about the Soul of a Nation. If the soul of a man is under attack by unseen forces.. the man will become sick.... likewise it will be with America if the unseen forces are left to operate. There is a reason why World War 2 ended... if you think America has no influence on the world stage... you would be clearly mistaken!!
  13. Trump written off

    Having now thought about things...this was probably a direct result of Jeff Sessions having recused himself from the Russian Collusion Conspiracy... and Sessions unwillingness to further investigate Uranium One.. the Trump Dossier.. and any other undermining that is taking place in the departments.. Its understandable.. that Sessions knows his life could be in danger if he was to pursue the Deepstate. Alas Trump being more courageous and now having the backing of the Marines.. it is as you say.. the Calm before the Storm.. Im sure we will see the Swamp creatures scurrying to another hiding place as a result of this executive Order... I wonder if there is any truth about the U.N going into Chicago? This would be a interesting development if true!!
  14. Shitheads in our society

    without sounding insensitive... we have 5 cats... and currently 2 kittens... i live in a rural setting at present and the Cats are probably 5th or possibly 6th generation cats ... i feed them only scraps and refuse to buy them biscuits and the like... for me they serve the purpose of Keeping Rats away from the house... heres the interesting part... the mother cats (x2 ) had about 5-6 kittens... where the mother cat decided to take them is anyones guess and now there are only 2 kittens... Should we get all Politically correct on the mother cat.. because it decided to abandoned the other 4 kittens?? Does that make me a bad cat owner!!?? or is the Mother cat being irresponsible in having kittens... by not keeping its tail between its legs lol can you see how silly the whole argument becomes!!?? I prefer to see the news article and look at the good side of the story....the Kittens were found taken to SPCA and possibly the kittens might survive and live happily ever after!! you on the other hand... raise a righteous anger over the whole incident... alot of good that does!!