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  1. Trump written off

    more intel from Zak.... interesting thoughts coming from this individual!!??
  2. Trump written off

    Here is another interesting bit of information, taking the date of of President Trumps birth to the time of his inauguration it amounts to 25,789 days taking the numbers from left to right and applying the symbolism of numbers in biblical terms 2 – Multiplication, division (prosperity and a nation divided) 5 – Grace, redemption (America has been given granted a time of grace or reprieve) 7 – Perfection, completion (the completion of Trumps 2 term will play out) 8 – New beginnings (Teacher) (a new Era of prosperity will be seen and felt and understood or its opposite) 9 – Judgment (Evangelist) (Judgement for those who seek to undermine America, and in the long term Judgement for America should it fall back to its old ways) take this with a grain of salt, but as numbers are to equations, timing is to purpose Ecclesiastes 3:1-8
  3. Trump written off

    There is so many similarities in President Trumps purpose with Christ Jesus's Purpose 1 Jesus was sent at a pre-ordained time, his birth aligned with stars and seasons.. Lambs are normally born in the spring, which is symbolic of renewal or the birthing of a new season President Trumps birth was timed to perfection for the day of his inauguration, President Trumps age when inaugurated was 70 years 7 months and 7 days, The Maga slogan is the rebirth of the season of Prosperity the number 7 in the book of Genesis was the day God had rested and looked at what he had created and blessed it for the purpose set (Genesis 2:2-3) (1 peter 1:20, Psalm 1:1-3) 2 Jesus was sent into this world to redeem that which was lost, Jesus is to Israel what Trump is to America President Trump is bringing back traditional values and principles which have been lost due to the influential spirit of political correctness and the evolution of new age thinking Luke 19:10, Matthew 21-28 President Trump speaks candidly without parables and yet many still are oblivious to the policies albeit principles John 3:3-12 3 Jesus faced major resistance from the religious establishment, Pharisees and Sadducees, many of both groups were attempting to discredit and slander Jesus President Trump faces the exact same scenario within the political establishment of Democrats and Republicans. Matthew 23:1-12 4 Jesus was mocked by scoffers without just cause, healing the problems that afflicted people by the power and authority that was given him, casting out devils or evil spirits and raising some back to life President Trump has been hated on, mocked and scoffed at by a lost world, yet he has helped removing some of the ill's facing society and people in general.. The casting out of Devils has in part taken place already.. James Comey is but one example.. more to come no doubt, Pardoning of Sheriff Arpaio and Scooter Libby is the returning of their lives back to them John 15:17-25,Luke 24:44,Psalm 109:3, Psalm 69:4 Matthew 10:5-8 these are but a few.. more will play out in the course of time
  4. Trump written off

    come now Bloke you know the exact meaning of what was being shared.... Dont pretend to be ignorant
  5. Trump written off

    Are you turning politically correct now lol, moving inline with the softee's how dare we call a spade a spade!!
  6. Trump written off

    my bad!! lol
  7. Trump written off

    i wouldnt expect you to understand anything regarding Jesus. afterall what business does a monkey have in knowing the affairs of MAN, let alone the redeemer of mankind. It is beyond the monkeys comprehension You once said you originate from the neanderthal ape species!! and you have the gall to call me Mad... lol your such a funny guy!
  8. Trump written off

    Just as Jesus was sold out by a Traitor in the midst and then taken captive and crucified.... he was brought back to life!! i see the same thing occurring with President Trump in a similar manner
  9. Trump written off

    heres an odd thing that occurred at work on Monday My Boss and i were speaking about Syria as we were working... i enjoy sharing the News about President Trump and making sense of it all with the Boss..We have differring views on what is occurring currently in Syria with the Chemical Attacks... as i take the conspiracy view.. that there are groups who have a special interest in the removal of Assad.. The Boss was led by what the media is potraying..ie Assad is using Chemicals on his own people I continued to explain to my boss that President Trump was compromised and that he was being blackmailed ... or had a gun held to his head.. figuratively speaking, and he was forced into making the decision this talk eventually led to a disagreement.. and a verbal rebuke from the boss.."Shut up and cut......" lol Well my other Boss who happens to be his Wife had a Dream about Trump....which she shared during our morning coffee break She dreamed that President Trump was Dead, in the dream her daughter who resides in Alaska replied and said "They were always trying to assassinate him" a short time later she awoke to seeing President Trump on TV... thinking he should be Dead? She then tells her Husband about the Dream... He says to her.... whatever you do dont tell him.(meaning me) So she shares that dream with me... and asks me what it means... I have interpreted a dream of hers in the past.. and so sharing this particular dream... raised her curiousity.. knowing full well i follow Trump closely So i explained what i was currently seeing with President Trump and his announcement about going into Syria, eventually my other boss said to me... what do you make of that Dream... i said to him "It is confirmation!!"
  10. Trump written off

    Nigel Farage makes a few interesting comments in the 2nd part of the Tucker interview!!
  11. Trump written off

    Interesting things are taking place in President Trumps decision to go into Syria..... i must admit it has taken me by suprise!! however there is something amiss with everything that has unfolded over the last few days regarding President Trumps decision to move on Syria.... it is believed by some that President Trump has been compromised, and has a gun held to his head.. figuratively speaking.. this information has come out of the Alex Jones infowars show... by a individual called Zack who seemingly is quite upset at the decision made by President Trump. here is the Clip
  12. Trump written off

    if you read my post i said your taking the Dishonest Fake News Media perspective..
  13. Trump written off

    So... im wondering what President Trumps game plan is by Pardoning Scooter Libby? Its got the Liberals calling hypocrisy lol... i find it kinda funny, how the liberals weigh things up
  14. Trump written off

    we are yet to see Trump sign anything official about TTPP so this is just you taking the lying slimeball Medias perspective.. strange that!!
  15. Trump written off

    Its actually quite amazing to look at the replied Tweets on President Trumps twitter feed... The amount of animosity and hatred of President Trump is amazing.... Ohakaman.. you would fit straight in with them knuckle heads!!