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All Stars 4 at Menangle

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Pretty good night for the blue team at Menangle with nothing disappointing and the results like to see them have 3 in Miracle mile. Even though not the fastest the win of The Fixer was the best IMHO  in that he showed improvement ,as expected , at his second run there. Plenty to like about  but the way he knuckled down to defeat Tiger Tara which is no mean feat.



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Yusss!!! JJ, AllStars bless em had a great night at the office, mate The Fixer just did what he did before :rcfe-smile: what Tiger? ay, what where? Spankem well whataya say, Chase Auck, chased down that start in the Mile, The Princess, what a run :rcfe-happy-2: corr she got some wheels that one, didn't think she had a hope in hell turnin in, boy did she go.....The Dream went her usual honest race, as did Ashley all in all, as AllStars fan, yeh boy! roll on next weekend.....


Cheers Iraklis

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