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    weasel57 reacted to Red Rum in Thatz David   
    Salt and pepper , are you named after condiments or the old rap band . As mentioned in previous threads they don't have enough highweights for me to ride .They would need to be highhigh weights .
    OK spent a bit on racing  in past , punted for decades , been to races all over the world , accept when Iam in the wrong,  but cannot have an opinion according to you .
    Right to make you happy , every horse is a champion , every jockey good and never makes mistakes , every trainer good and never makes mistakes , all breeders make right mating , all tracks are the best and iam not luckily but if I was hard up  and can only afford to have a dollar ew once a day but love the game I SHOULD NOT have an opinion on  racing .
    Hope unless your premier league footballer or All Black you don't have opinion on football or rugby.
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    weasel57 reacted to Idolmite in Talk about a load of bollocks....   
    They were three-deep alright. There were only three people there, but they were standing one behind the other as the back two thought they were queuing for the loo!!!
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    weasel57 reacted to chelseacol in Helena Baby   
    Great to hear your view on the winner today before the race.
    And part of me agrees with your analysis of the NZ form and horses TAS has beaten.
    BUT ... I was there Couplands Mile day and irrespective of the field that was something special.
    AND based on your rating of the winner today you have to look at what TAS did and think he was pretty good in getting close from where he was fresh up ??
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    weasel57 reacted to Berri in Helena Baby   
    Class is class. When he won his only 2yo race by 5 1/2 over 1200m be beat a couple of eventual group winners. 
    I don't see Te Akau Shark (TAS) as you blokes do. I might be wrong but I think the NZ form is seriously weak. If you frank the Foxbridge form, the 3rd horse is rated 90 at best, having beaten Art Deco who rolled an 11 year old in Taurus. Melody Belle has already shown she's probably not up to the best in Australia, and if you go to TAS's best win, he needed to have won by 10 to be competitive in Australia. The second in the Couplands was Boots n All with Kolonel Kev running 3rd. These are only 90 rated horses. So TAS only rated 95 with best win. Needs to find 10 pounds
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    weasel57 reacted to Ohokaman in Helena Baby   
    Nicely rated Berri. Must admit you can never count out a Pike/ Innes runner ( Five Stars great price ) just thought 1200 too short.
    The rematch at Hastings will be a beauty, just a shame the Shark is going to Australia.
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    weasel57 reacted to Berri in Helena Baby   
    Endless Drama, as long as his form has been captured by Tony, is without doubt the best horse in the field ability wise. Rated 118 as a 3 yo,  running 2nd to Gleneagles in the Irish 2000 Gns and 3rd in the Lockhinge behind Belardo is form not seen often in NZ. Rates up there with Sunline winning the HK Mile. 
    Although Te Akau Shark looks smart, different class running 4th to Embellish in the NZ 2000 Gns versus 2nd to Gleneagles in the Irish 2000 Gns
    Helena Baby 1400m in 1.32 and change in a listed event. 
    Melody Belle..rated 106 at best
    Got to put things into perspective over 1200m at WFA. About time we had an interesting race in NZ
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    weasel57 reacted to Richjamie69 in Helena Baby   
    Endless Drama looked good his the trial and so did T.A. Shark, so I'm going with those 2 then H.B , the fact she is race fit and loves the conditions, then Melody Belle and Sentimental Miss.

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    weasel57 got a reaction from Houlahan's Dream in Mystic Journey to go unbeaten this preparation........   
    on paper MJ should win this in a canter. but I wouldn't back her at less than $3.00 
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    weasel57 reacted to CT"s in Mystic Journey to go unbeaten this preparation........   
    Not worried in the slightest weasel. Her will to win will have her dominant on all surfaces. That being said I would prefer she doesn’t have a gut buster on a heavy 9 fresh up with her main target still over 2 months away. 
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    weasel57 got a reaction from von Smallhaussen in Aalaalune   
    Not jealous and wish them well - as previously posted on this thread - just feel that McKay is hard done by.
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    weasel57 got a reaction from Pam Robson in Aalaalune   
    is that in Russia ?  LOL
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    weasel57 got a reaction from Boss Hogg in Aalaalune   
    imo they couldn't have picked a worse training outfit to transfer her to ...in retrospect the connections would have been better to have kept mum about their lofty ambitions and just let the horse do the talking. She may still be a Grp 1 contender and be the best 3yo filly in the country, but it's not clever to talk her up when the season has just begun, tracks are unpredictable as is the weather, and the horse has a lot of growing up  to do. She is one of the few by Reliable Man to be Grp placed at 2yrs, so time is on her side..cant understand the rush myself...but i reckon Mr Rogie will waste no time racing her all over the shop and the horse will probably be buggered by the autumn (a la Contessa Vanessa, who I see is back in training after failing to sell at the GC sales). Just saying.
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    weasel57 reacted to Trump in Mystic Journey to go unbeaten this preparation........   
    Kenedna grew a leg in Qld and won 2 good races. I doubt she can win Sat but it is The old Liston and there’s often upsets. Hartnell is probably the danger for MJ. He’s working well and can run fresh. Outside Hartnell, the Hayes horses often perform well fresh. I love these races with a hot fave. I’ll be anchoring her to run second in a F4, looking for value in a unlikely upset. 
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    weasel57 got a reaction from von Smallhaussen in Aalaalune   
    Not jealous and wish them well - as previously posted on this thread - just feel that McKay is hard done by.
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    weasel57 reacted to gubellini in Aalaalune   
    Big Boned I am not jealous of Lou at all! In the last few years as an owner I have had far more success than he has for an outlay of well under 5% of what he has spent. I started this thread because I am extremely sorry that Jacob McKay has lost a potential life changing horse from his stable. He deserves better than that in my opinion.
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    weasel57 reacted to Red Rum in Aalaalune   
    So everyone is jealous , ok  . He's burning through his own cash and hopefully having fun doing it.  Fact is there are a few slow horses there , if he's been a punter all his life he should know there are slow ones and accept it . I think taking those horses off young trainer who has done ok is rough , but his money his rules .
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    weasel57 reacted to crustyngrizzly in Aalaalune   
    Lets hope the horse wants a snowy/icey track.Spelling never been a skill of mine.2 years in the 5 th does that to you.
    Obviously also failed at copying.
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    weasel57 reacted to Baz (NZ) in Aalaalune   
    Some owners have more money than brains...particularly new ones who have no idea! However that's their prerogative!
    Aalaalune is arguably the best maiden in the country under Mckay's guidance. She was never gonna win over 1000m fresh up being a back runner. If this was the reason?

    Poor young Jacob Mckay has done all this work from yearling to 3yo and now won't reap the rewards of his hard work.

    Amazing results achieved with her as a 2yo because she was always going to be a better 3yo over more ground than 800m - 1400m.

    Mr Universe has had 16 starts for 10 stakes return...hardly bad results from the young trainer???

    I see Rogerson has other Te Keeti Bloodstock transfers too.....Huckleberry Hussie, Global Diamond and......
    King Midas ---------> J M Mckay ---------> P Huxetable ---------> G A Rogerson .....it's had as many trainers as it's had starts!

    Actually It looks like almost all of Lou Te Keeti's bloodstock are now racing out of the Rogerson barn?

    I hope they love going to the races....because the Nomination/Acceptance fees will be more than the training fees!

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    weasel57 reacted to Red Rum in Aalaalune   
    Nathan Tinkler on a smaller scale maybe , he done some money in short time on the horses . Oh well his money to blow , as long as he's having fun.
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    weasel57 reacted to gubellini in Aalaalune   
    At last count Lou has purchased 19 horses following his big Lotto win. Most despite their hefty price tags have proven to be limited and that is being generous! He gets a potential Group One winner in Aalaalune and shows no loyalty to his trainer whatsoever. Not a good look in my opinion.
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    weasel57 reacted to crustyngrizzly in Aalaalune   
    So the same ownership still applies.Seems odd, but as u say Racing is a tough game and them that pay the bills call the tune.
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    weasel57 reacted to gubellini in Aalaalune   
    Note that the highly promising Oaks type filly Aalaalune has been transferred to Team Rogerson following her Short Neck defeat at Ruakaka on Sunday. Feel extremely sorry for her previous trainer young Jacob McKay. He has done a marvellous job with this highly promising filly. Racing is a tough game.
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    weasel57 got a reaction from Baz (NZ) in Aalaalune   
    and prob wont quadruple the stake earnings...and mebbe quintupled the float ill LOL
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    weasel57 got a reaction from Baz (NZ) in Aalaalune   
    2017 Karaka Sale purshase by lucky Lou
    Lot 125 Showcasing (GB) – Fly Silca Fly (IRE), Chestnut Filly $70,000 Ambitious Showgirl – (Richardson stable) 13 starts, 0 wins 5 placings $9,950
    Lot 147 Jakkalberry (IRE) – Goody Two Shoes, Brown Filly $125,000  Huckleberry Hussie (Team Rogerson) – 6 starts, 0 wins, 0 placings $0.00
    Lot 305 Smart Missile (Aus) – Queen of Troy (Ire), Brown Colt $350,000 Mr Universe (Team Rogerson) – 16 starts – 2 wins, 8 placings $39,635
    Lot 408 Bernardini (USA) - Tsutsumi (AUS), Brown Filly $160,000 Global Diamond (Team Rogerson) - 9 starts – 1 placing $2,000
     That’s about $50k in stakes earned thus far, from an outlay of about $730k, excluding 2 yrs pre-training and training fees etc etc.
    I wish Lou and Val well.. with their kind of luck they'll probably fluke a Cox Plate winner!
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    weasel57 reacted to Baz (NZ) in Aalaalune   
    WOW! ....I see the writing was probably on the wall early on with this owner's musical chairs tendencies.
    King Midas as a yearling presumably under Mckay's care was broken in, educated before trailing twice as a 2yo winning both!..... but was still removed and transferred to the stable of Peter Huxtable (horse since transferred again)
    Who here would do that?... if you had a 2yo win two trials with particular trainer! Strange ?
    Anyway owners prerogative and good luck to the horses third trainers Team Rogerson! 
    I'm sure Rogie would have quadrupled its career starts before it is moved to the 4th and next stable!