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  1. I have the above straw for sale which is located at Vets on Carlton, Wanganui. Price $1100. Text 0204 170 5687
  2. xfire

    Who's Calling These Non Tote's

    Glen Quirk.
  3. xfire

    positive posts

    I would like to say a big congrats to Bob Bond and his lovely bitch Bright Star. I love watching this little girl every time she races.
  4. xfire

    Greyhound 'Picnic"

    I hardly think Aaron Cross will be interested. I assume he wouldn't be interested in how humans treat each other. Doubt it would get much air time as this behaviour seems to be norm in society at the moment
  5. xfire

    Interesting read

    I would like to ask everyone to take this comment in context. It was from a personal blog site, so is therefore a personal opinion from the writer which comes from a person who was asked to leave GAP, so I feel there is a lot of personal vendetta perhaps in these comments. Please let us put out efforts into finding homes for these retired greyhounds and stop attacking everyone who is trying to achieve this. Is it too hard for everyone to work together to achieve this? No system is perfect, but with a bit of effort I am sure we can go a long way to achieving it.
  6. xfire

    Gestapo Tactics

    Alesha, went to Marton Council to register a new dog on Wednesday and got told they no longer have the $35 rate for greyhounds and have to apply for the Approved Owner Status to get this rate or pay full rate. Have been in on two different occasions this year and been able to register dogs for $35 so have no idea what has changed. They kept saying as we make money from the dogs we have to pay full rate. Seems a complete turnaround on their part.
  7. xfire

    Cambridge trials

    Thank you.
  8. xfire

    Cambridge trials

    Could somebody please tell when the next trial day will be held at Cambridge track.
  9. xfire


    Notice handlers at Camb today and at Palmy still running back. Thought this was meant to stop from the 15 Oct.