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    Trainers: Stephen Marsh (Cambridge) Home: (07) 827-5536 Mobile: (027) 228-8889 Office: (07) 827-0884 Email: marshracing@xtra.co.nz Bruce Marsh (Singapore) Phone: 0065-81288234 E-mail: bandkmarsh@xtra.co.nz Public relations/newsletters John Jenkins (Hastings) Mobile: (027) 243-7271 E-mail: j.jenkins@e3.net.nz Kay Marsh (Singapore) Phone: 0065-81288237 Dear client: Stephen would like to advise all of his clients that he will be away at a wedding in Wellington for most of this weekend and may not be able to be contacted by phone. He apologizes for any inconvenience this may cause but will be back home in Cambridge again on Monday. Regards John
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    I think you will find her and Steve are off to a wedding in Wellington Saturday night.
  3. I have attached the subdivision plans for Stage 1. Take note this is mainly Wallaceville Animal Research Land and the only Racecourse land is Lots 63-70 which starts on the west side of the shute at the 1200 metre mark. The part that is crossed out is the other side of the top straight which is Lot 200 that the racecourse sold which includes Brent Hrstich's stables, the stables next to it , the rubbish dump that the course used and all the land in between.. The top straight where the 1200 and 1000 m start is is Lot 300 so as you can see they have sold everything either side of it and everything in between. I am only guessing, but to me the land sold would be approx around the 100 acre mark. A lot of sections to give away.Hopefully I have downloaded ok. Racecourse.pdf
  4. I totally agree. Sections are north of $300,000 and either side of the straight and along the edge of the course from the 1400m mark to where the 1200m race joins onto the straight will be prime land. Why they couldn't of even done it themselves is way beyond me.I will try and post a copy of Stage 1 sections which show the piece of land from the 1200m start and the sections available on the west side of it. They have all sold and title is not even through yet so it just shows how prime these sections are and what the land the racecourse sold is really worth. They missed out on a windfall by not developing it themselves. Surely having the local mayor, Wayne Guppy as president would have given them someone to help the process through council and with his contacts got this over the line. Sounds easy, and I assure you it would have been. Someone mentioned earlier where would you dump the concrete grandstands. Well Ill tell you the old concrete grandstand was buried onsite, in front of Brent Hrstich's yard and where his outside yards were built. The job was done by Dixon and Dunlop. Yes, Ron Dixon who was on the committee of the Wellington Racing Club at the time surprisingly won the tender for the demolition of the grandstand, and the burial of the grandstand was one of the best cover up stories of all time. How it got past council, if it ever did is beyond me and how much did Ron Dixon save on tip fees would be into the tens of thousands.
  5. Totally agree with Trentham. A local developer is already sub dividing up to 800 sections north and adjacent to the racecourse at the moment on the old Wallaceville Animal Research land. This includes land that the racecourse has sold to them which included the block where Brent Hrstich used to train and all land on the east side of the course from the 1400m mark going north, and includes both sides of the straight where they run the 1200m and 1000m races. The first stage has been pre sold off the plans and a waiting list has been drawn up for the remaining lots. Upper Hutt is screaming out for sections.
  6. I have a horse with Donna Logan and she's $80.50 per day. And we will running for $7 k shortly so Aussie is a no brainer.
  7. Hope you enjoy a little rest...cheers..you went to far Chris is a good contributor and you specifically trolled him.

  8. Bit out of my depth. Wow I cannot for the life of me see how have I insulted him. Like I said I agree with him but also said of course he is going to praise his son and his mate. I am biased towards my family too. That is life.
  9. Course you do. He's your mate and Tom's your son. It's only human.
  10. It was a nice gesture but did he have to make a scene and tell everyone about it and then interrupt Joe's speech by telling all and sundry that yes I have bought it. He does do a lot for the industry but he makes sure everyone knows about it. He's a showman.
  11. All I will say is that you will never see Steve Davis buy one even though there are many bargains or steals out there.
  12. I used to be in one a few years ago. I agree with Nice Option about invoices slowly creeping up and more and more massages , farrier, and vets etc. The thing I did not like was your name is not in the book, the horse raced in the syndicators colours and he took home the trophies even though he never had a share in the horse. He made all the decisions and we had to pay him a 10% fee every month for management. Sure I knew this beforehand but I did not think it would affect me like it did. I wanted to breed from it but the manager decided it had to be sold . He sold it privately, and I am not saying anything dodgy went on, but it was certainly not as transparent as an auction would have been. Plus he took 10% of the sale price as well.Once you learn how this game works you are better off racing one yourself and getting a few mates in. It is not that hard. There are plenty of well respected bloodstock agents out there that will purchase the horse on your behalf. Good luck
  13. And did you say something at the time Rumpole. Na I bet you didn't. Just carried on drinking your freebies. No point parking the ambulance at the bottom of the cliff and come complaining on here. If parents want to take their kids who are you to tell them they can't.
  14. I had 2 trial at Te Aroha in December and they were up the same day. Not all were put up same day but rest up in a few days.