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  1. I think we all know what riu stands for...lol
  2. Believe it is.. half of stake divided by 8 runners
  3. Sorry and for once i do credit phillipa and the riu for there effort..
  4. Pay out guys...smile and enjoy ...
  5. Gezz mike..were did some iunitic say we voted for it??...i said we voted the board in...but thanks for your comment.
  6. Maybe mike...at the end of the day we vote them in so maybe we should be sacked as well....lol
  7. ..i think you will find it was a board decision and was reversed by the same board....but lets not let the truth get in the way of a good story....
  8. Dont know were you have heard that...i have been told it is greyhound nz hands and they are waiting for a report from the club...at this stage the riu has recommended it was not a act of god and therefore unless the club or should i say robert come through with a compelling reason that it was a act of god there is a good chance compensation will be payed.....simple decision is there is no decision at this stage......so lets wait
  9. Not yet paying out...only recommended by stipe...aucklands problem is simple to solve ...it comes down to 2 people who have no control and no staff mamagment skills at all....sorry its gone on for to long.
  10. Swings and round abouts...when will danny dee stop drawing box 1...
  11. Common grnz...stop being dictated to...these new rules will end up having more dogs euthanized...some of us spend dollars to save a dog after injury and now they arnt suitable for gap.......i thought you are suppose to be saving dogs ???
  12. I think you have to blame our own board for not spelling out the terms proberly ...and thats in the past and if again our board had some b.lls we would have sorted it....my point still stands on the present any loss of any race meeting effects us all in the pockets...so i have no problem seeing a all weather horse track as i enjoy watching quality horses racing....
  13. Wow here you are in racing and you make a statement like that...loss of any racing means loss of stakemoney for all not just gallops...i say good on winnie and a overdue decision....
  14. Great idea...were did the $2500 come from to rehome a dog...gezz im in the wrong buisness ...lol
  15. Sorry wasnt criticising...was just making a point about why stopping imports would be wrong....you should be proud of your breeding they have gone super....but my point is still if we never had imports 90pc of dogs wouldnt have been here.....
  16. Henny..sorry but if you go back and if monas idle wasnt imported to nz you would not have your brood bitch....this is my point we do not have true nz bred dogs without imports....and the you have to look were most of the sires come from....either irish or australian...if a newzealander has australian or irish or Scottish blood in them they are intitled to play for that country...so when do you start saying dogs are nz breed.....without imports we would not have greyhounds in nz..
  17. Incorrect mike..im giving up breeding simply for financial reasons...60k a litter if you keep them and to be honest its like lotto if you are a small breeder...we have had great sucsess with our home breeds ..but lets not forget they were out off australian import bitches who if they never came we would not have them...same as 80pc of other so called nz breed..how many of coles and other breeders bitches came from australia....and no i am not importing any more than i have always and now wont front any costs brigning them in.....the funny thing is over the last 5 years with the so called impo
  18. Im a bit lost at the single mindeness...i think you will find it is failed nz bred pups filling gap more than imports...our lack of breaking in facilities is causing this....as ive said and will say it again why dosnt grnz set up on the back of the levin kennels a designated break in track.with a emploed trainer who could train up and coming trainers on site...be a intresting breakdown to find out how many nz bred pups turn up at gap not chasing or poorly broken in compared to aussie imports...
  19. Sorry ray..i didnt mean to quote you in my last thread...but agree 100pc....every dog is different
  20. You know..what is happening is quite simple..we have a board of administrators that know nothing about greyhound racing and managment..we blame the guys in the office...but who controls them...the board because thats who we elect....now look at the board ..we have no strong element on it ..our elected member is now in a cosy postion after doing nothing ..we as lps have no say anymore....im sure jean would agree shaking rocks in a bottle will help dogs to chase....i can tell you every one off my racing dogs would s..t themseves....so maybe it is time to stop hearing from the ceo of grnz and get
  21. I guess one thing in our favour is the riu cant enforce anything bar the dress code when it suits and picking dogs up for vet checks...so just carry on as normal because in my opinion they dont care as long as they get there wages and they really dont like things that cause a problem....simply because they dont understand our rules...thats why under the jca they get beaten 80pc of the time......
  22. What a joke....my daughter is outside with her pet dog playing with my sqeaker lure.....thanks brendon
  23. Agree mike..liz and her family owned triple parked with us and you could not want for better owners...mind you if she interviewed before a group race..she put the mockers on my dogs...lol...lizs paasion in home interviews was second to none and she always put the dogs and you first.....all the best liz...which you dont need really as you will be a hit with greyhounds were ever you go.....there is a ceo job at grnz you know??...cheers steve and stacey
  24. Sorry joe...never saw your post.....piggy back did go to gap but failed due to his hatred of going into kennels...he is back home in his paddock here again getting up blitzem mayhem and back to his normal self....and still carrying his full set of nuts...
  25. On the form you sign at gap you have the right to take the dog back if it fails gap...i did this with piggy back as he was so used to his life here he didnt like the change to a smaller kennel he prefered the paddock he was in and is back in here.....but yes there is no refund off money and to be fair $60 is cheap to keep him for 2 weeks...