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  1. Hey remember the blue majic MICKEY''  YOU SHOULD''

  2. Pickle .... your an intelligent man. What’s your name so I can have an intelligent conversation..... that jack sprat is not worth talking too ..... he too dumb
  3. Tim. Most logical answer was create the new bottom of 35 ......or just leave it as is
  4. I’m so thrilled with the response I got with my first horse done on ACS I’m going do another ..... someone tell that JACK SPRAT please. I’m up to two an there is no Manawatu meeting in sight—-
  5. I bet jack sprayed wants to know what it’s name is .... we are going win !!!!... !!!! I bet it pays $6-8... !!!! We be laughing all the way to the bank jack
  6. That’s where your wrong !..... I don’t have to know everything , I’m surrounded by brilliant people ::::: but just so you know I’m treating my first horse with ACS on Saturday morning !!!
  7. I wasn’t acting .... I’m ready to go !!! on any subject anytime .....I’ll make it my mission to get the internet warriors wound up
  8. https://www.parents.com/parenting/relationships/sex-and-marriage-after-baby/o-shot-reviews-and-cost/ this is for jack spratt..... I’ll send one my vets to do the job for ya
  9. Your that stupid your giving EBS credits for horses winning that never been treated...... which if your as smart as you think you are ....you will work out how your promotion is working im going buy half the company an employ you.... together we will make a fortune an you can be right for once
  10. I didn’t get anything else wrong Your that stupid your making mark an Nat a fortune and they deserve it
  11. Your not that sort of person .... just in case your wrong you hide but in the mean time what you are is pretty evident to anyone my guess is your a non competitive horse trainer today who had a bit of a run once :::: you blame your poor performance on every one else cheating —— an I can just about guarantee there is no mirror in your house an if there is you never look in it someone will front your name one day all weasels come out there holes sooner or later for a bit sunshine
  12. There is a bounty on jack sprat identity.... anyone want make some money? Hit me up. M
  13. Who is jack sprat.... anyone got his name ?