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  1. One more lap


    Channel two.
  2. One more lap


    You do a great job and I love this site, we have a great source of industry knowledge here with those who post here, keep up the good work.
  3. One more lap

    Racing Integrity Unit Release 30 May 2018

    Why knock them, the results speak for them selves, they won races from bad draws, just a class above the rest, very good horses help though., And both the stable and the horses are very good, sets a bench mark for the rest.
  4. One more lap

    Racing Integrity Unit Release 30 May 2018

    It gets worse, The Purdon barn will win a bit of coin tomorrow as usual, that will be taxable income, that tax money will going to help pay for the dole payments for two dropkicks who had a great chance and blew it, As for Stuff, tall poppy syndrome, never great support, just negative, they will support the previous mentioned dropkicks who are now made a huge mess of their future,
  5. One more lap

    Passin of Ivan Mauger

    Those boys had balls as big as a stallion to ride those bikes at full noise.
  6. One more lap

    Stop the Jewels moving

    Very well stated and I agree.
  7. One more lap

    Stop the Jewels moving

    Look at the USA, horses like Bit Of A legend race weekly and get a return for the owner, the owner is the backbone of this sport, no owners, no punters, no racing, do your sums, it costs nearly $ 2000 a month to race a horse and the owner is not a charity, they need and want a return, or do we just do it for love, I think not. Not this one anyway. Look at the big picture people, this sport is only putting food on the plates of the flash people and most do not give a damm.
  8. One more lap

    Stop the Jewels moving

    Alter Addington track to suit a better mile start point, Menangle run a lot of miles and they do OK, whats more, from an owners point of view, you can run again next week, cannot do that after a 2600 gut buster, also put the 120 horses in 12 races, not ten, non stop entertainment and fast action.
  9. One more lap

    a challenge rather than discouraging

    Good positive thinking, the secret of the sales is to buy the $10,000 that will be a champ and win big, buying the top priced lots helps a lot but one allways sneeks past the radar and wins a lot, Being a breeder who cannot really afford Bettors and stay in the mid range, I hope to get the same result. Ces Devine was a good friend of my family and I asked him why he paid only $3000 for Lord Module, nobody really wanted him and he just like him a lot, The rest is history, Our task as owners is to do the same.
  10. One more lap

    Sales Time

    But what about the owner and breeder of these horses, they have paid a lot of bills to get a horse to the races and the stakes hardly make you want to carry on, For sale to over the ditch is the way to go, we will end up as an export sport at this rate. Unless you get a good one which you have to be very lucky, why bother, you never even come close to breaking even. Last horse I raced won five and we spent over 60000 in accounts and won 36000, get the picture, why would you do it. A lot have been through worse than that, call it dedication, but that has now gone out the window, time to get out of this game I feel, it is just to hard. I have two well bred foals which will owe me a lot of money before they hit the track, FOR SALE
  11. One more lap

    Sales Time

    I will now turn her into a race horse for sale as I will with her sister, the stakes now are on decline so just to balance the books is becoming far to hard, for instance, I had a winner of a few races a while ago, one race he won four years ago, we got 7500, the same race this year, the winner got 4800, I rest my case.
  12. One more lap

    Sales Time

    I have a filly that I thought about selling in the sales, good mare and good Stallion, but not a Bettors or a Mach, or similar, a new kid on the block so to speak, this sale for the breeders is a bloodbath with a few exceptions, the costs involved getting here are not cheap and Art Majors are selling for service fees or not much more, Why bother, I will never get my mare served again.
  13. One more lap


    Who really wants a racehorse, look at the outgoings and the returns, the books far from balance. Training fees are usually not covered by the stakes return, let alone the float costs to race all over the islands, clubs are paying lower stakes, yet the costs of racing a horse are increasing. We really need to look at short distance smaller fields racing, more starts per month as it less on the horse and gives the owner a shot so to speak, look at Aussie and you will see horses backing up a lot, same for the USA. The days of the 2600 gut busters at Addington are over, we breed to USA stallions with mares full of the same blood, get on with the future, run 8 horse sprints and 15 mins between races, The crowd these days want action and plenty of it. With the yearling sales soon, spending a lot is a huge risk these days with the times we are in, this sport needs a wake up call and sooner rather than later.
  14. One more lap

    Lazarus vs Chokin

    Horses from NZ seem to grow a leg when over there, and you cannot turn a profit over here with the ratio of stakes to training fees well on the wrong side of the ledger, so sell, sell and sell the rest, just breed for the export market. Mot on sunday, look at the winners purse, more to the point, look at what the place getters got, next start now probably two weeks away, hardly rocket science, you have to have deep pockets and a love for the sport to race one that is not a star these days.
  15. One more lap

    Good luck in the Dominion Handicap

    Just a point to make here, when a horse we were associated with won the Dominion, the stake would have purchased a nice house at the time, now you get the garage and the granny flat out of it and a bit left over for a shout for your mates. Times have changed.