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  1. An article said that the NRL players are in for an 87% pay cut, in the Warriors case, that would be based on performance as they only look of any use for 13% of a game
  2. One more lap

    $7000 races are we all mad ?

    Takes a head wind and a tail wind to do a lap
  3. One more lap

    $7000 races are we all mad ?

    Well put and you hit the nail on the head, but, what are the changes needed. Owners of lesser horses are going down faster than Mums pants on fathers day
  4. One more lap

    $7000 races are we all mad ?

    Why not try running mile races with smaller fields and $5000 stake, the horses race weekly then and we are short of horses running now. 2600 gut busters at Addington takes two weeks before you return and you need to run a place twice just to break even with the bills in a month, Do the people in charge really know what is going on, I think not, this is a costly sport for the owner and breeder. I have two very well bred foals not even broken in yet, one by Hes Watching and they might as well be hacks, another owner breeder with very little hope for the future, by the way, both foals are stunners.
  5. One more lap

    Auckland noms Friday

    That is a very true statement
  6. One more lap

    The n

    The legals are loving this, $$$$$, The riu are claiming expenses to buy the eggs to smash on their face, the only problem is that those accused have now been bled dry and cannot afford a law suit for costs
  7. One more lap

    box seat trackside reprimanded

  8. One more lap

    Grass Tracks - Well said Doug Gale

    Grass track racing brings the horses closer to the crowd, an all weather track inside a grass track does not work that well. Look at the TAB turnover at the grass tracks in the south Island, they are huge, the fans love the action in front of them close up. Many clubs are being hard pressed to make a decent stake now which is killing this sport. Stakes are going down, costs are going up if you own the horse. Kumara races again has the X factor, the horses, the crowd and the fun, they can do it, why not harness . Because all the status Quo cannot think out of the square or cannot miss out on the free drinks and crayfish on offer. I made a suggestion many moons ago the we should start on mile racing with eight horse fields and twelve race programs, get the young ones interested with quick action, Fast ten has taken that to a point and it worked and as a horse owner, you can race next week, 2600 gut busters at addington, takes two weeks to return. Look at Aussie, Look at the states, the horses turn up week after week after running miles and get a part of the stake, Times need to change and the sport needs thinkers, promoters and those with a vision, not just seat warmers
  9. One more lap

    Ricky May

    Ricky is tough, a top man and a fighter, he will do his absolute best to win, thats what he does, my best wishes.
  10. One more lap

    Dexter named Driver of Year by USHRA

    Dexter is a class act, he has a great feel for the horse in front of him and they run for him. He is to be admired for taking a chance and doing it at his best.
  11. One more lap

    All Stars slugfest

    Purdons have been good trainers but Nats arrival made them better and she has a very basic approach to training horses, ask her and she will tell you, its no secret to her.
  12. One more lap

    1700m Races

    With both these top horses in your team and both are very good, you play to get the best result and handing up for a cart to the line was good thinking. Just missed though, the winner is going great so why would you park him and kill your own chance
  13. One more lap

    Tote Place Divs.

    Down at the local pub, saw a fine looking horse at Albion Park paying nearly 9 dollars a win, 5 ew was the bet. race started and went to the front with 8.80 beside his name. one lap later. it went down to 2.80, horse won and paid 2.60 and 1.20, ripped of I feel but thats our TAB, last bet I had and that was 9 months ago
  14. One more lap

    Cup Day Fields

    Good on you Blair, you deserved that, well driven and the Bromac team, the Bromac name keeps popping up with good horses and they got the rewards today.
  15. One more lap

    Cup Day Fields

    The heels and the knickers are ussually lost by cup time