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  1. They will have likely been put on notice after the DIA discovered how much some of their "Elite" customers (with no jobs) were turning over/losing in a year. Greedy greedy greedy. And then the regular punter gets shafted.
  2. Unfortunately for the legit punters, this has long been due. TAB has basically been complicit in money laundering for years. Completely turned a blind eye. You could bet what you want when you are losing, but the sharps still get banned at a fraction of the turnover. I will put it out there, 20% drop in turnover in the next two years (though there will be a lag on the STRs getting actioned). AML birthday 01/08/2019. Enjoy, TAB.
  3. Yep, comes in 1st of August. Given the TAB struggle to run a book, I doubt they have the foggiest about money laundering, lol.
  4. So you can't open an account in store. They are heavily restricting winning players, but don't want leakage. Live betting is useless. A large amount of online sports options are not available in store. You can't even get a rugby straight handicap bet or total points bet in store. Online it is a $1.90/$1.90 market whereas in store it is a "you pick the line" market at $1.90/$1.81 or sometimes as bad $1.90/$1.73. "The TAB, come to our store... we have pokies...". About the only thing that could make it worse would be if they introduced virtual racing.
  5. Well I will double down on the TAB's incompetence and arrogance. The other week I was restricted on all betting, even on sports I have never bet on. $6.80 maximum win on some markets and $26.80 max win on others. I emailed the TAB questioning why. The following day I got an email welcoming me to their elite program... ??? (Way down at the beginnings of bronze tier). All I need to do is bet 5x as much and then I can reap all the benefits of silver tier... No initial response as to why I was restricted. Emailed them again and finally got an email back a few days later. "