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  1. Racing Industry Bill "There are over 30 areas where the Committee has recommended Changes" Holy f***n Moley , how far off the pace are these guys !!!!
  2. What's this one about ? Haven't seen this anywhere
  3. I just don't get it ? So no Mick G , Greg O or Whale for Cup Carnivals Chch and Akld (if we get that far) Chch , Marc Cookson Justin Evans ?? nothing against those blokes but , is that what they are thinking ? Or Popplewell and Sweeney ? Have they thought about this ....
  4. Spoke to friends high up in IT at the Council, they were adamant OIA and SFO should be looking into this debacle as there is NO WAY any system should cost this much, let alone 17 million to maintain each year. When I explained RITA can't implement the 12 week upgrades they nearly choked on their cognac, then were fuming that after such a waste , absolute waste of money , Racing gets a $72.5 million bailout from Govt. Luckily I explained it was only $50 million to rita ..... They were ropeable , more re the website costs so great to get an alternative view
  5. Who's the good buggers ? Starting to lose track..
  6. Go to Albion Park, 1 tote operator on most occasions ,surely we can at least leave a couple on track in strategic positions. The old terminals were temperamental to say the least , hated that you couldn't see your collecto on display when/if ever cashing in tickets. Imagine how these delicate SSTs will cope with all the travelling and handling on the end of a hand truck ..
  7. FFS, any retard can see Ellerslie needs to race at least every 2nd week all year round. They are the flagship of the Industry and if they can't race every 2nd week then what chance are we as an Industry ...
  8. Proved again today , it just won't happen, I'll bet with anyone , except them. I hated the thought of betfair , however here I am , laying away....
  9. RANDWICK RACE 1 7 RACE 2 10 RACE 3 9 RACE 4 11 RACE 5 5 RACE 6 10 RACE 7 13 RACE 8 6 RACE 9 13 FLEMINGTON RACE 1 1 RACE 2 1 RACE 3 8 RACE 4 11 RACE 5 5 RACE 6 6 RACE 7 10 RACE 8 2 RACE 9 6 Thanks and Good Luck All
  10. Bring back Peter Fenemor, get the comments back ffs , I do bet on the dogs but I need help , I always seem to go to the comments , PF as you say is passionate and knowledgeble and I rely on his info, sorry bus stop , I went the other way , just backed a few of the dogs I knew well but could have gone for way more ..
  11. Thanks for this Comp Really appreciate it R1 ; 6,10,11,15 R2 ; 4,5,7,10 R3 ; 4,5,7,8 R4 ; 1,2,4,6 R5 ; 2,5,12,14 R6 ; 2,10,11,13 R7 ; 1,6,8,13 R8 ; 1,2,3,8 R9 ; 4,11,13,14 Cheers
  12. eljay and Tasman Man , ATC in so much shit, If they lose that canam court case, maybe it will be the apartments and the shopping precinct that end up with the Park , eventually turned into another shopping centre...... tail wagging the dog just a thought
  13. 29 Trackside staff, 1 sacrificial lamb from Head Office
  14. This crisis could have been a blessing in disguise, Why trainers have rushed back for July racing has me beat. It's not Summer racing, so why not leave the horses in the paddock , going to be major cut backs at Rita and TAB this week. Ideal opportunity to have all codes sit down and restructure their Industries. Imagine Baker, Forsman (cos he's got a sharp brain and NZ can't afford to lose him) Pitman ,Pike, James, etc sitting at the Table with Saundry and Jackson reprogramming the rest of the season and future calendars. The added bonus of that is the top trainers wou
  15. I think the term "Infighting" is a distraction as such. The 3 codes know they are being raped and pillaged and need Peters to get off his arse and sort Rita but as always he has a deflection. Infighting has been atrocious in the past but surely everybody is now fighting in the same direction. Just typical political speak , he's successfully shut up the Industry with one bamboozling statement. Besides the "Minister Of Whiskey" has more important things on his desk , like a naughty little schoolboy down the back of the class , taking cheap pot shots at China. Where's tha
  16. Really f***n nervous right now , Raelene Castle unemployed and Rita looking for a new CEO .... Please no ...... 2/1 at the mo...
  17. Really !!! A Lay Down Misere , $10/$20 ???? Fair enough , just read again , not a big betting person.... Not only that , my 5yo could work out there would have to be a late scratching to get deductions.... How long have you been in this game , seriously this scares me that you can't work this out , please don't tell me you watched the race and saw the favourite was scr at the barrier............
  18. Hickton wasn't as good as he made himself out to be. He was not unlike a good number of Rita rats, anyone with a greater knowledge of Racing than him was a threat, hence sacking of George Simon and ARA, to name a couple.
  19. Uneasy, you realize if the Govt/Banks come up with $80 million of which 45-50 million is already debt, it will be the same morons spending what's left of the loan. And those filthy grubs(cos that's what they are) will hang in there til every last penny is gone , bit like they're doing now, squeezing the lifeblood out of the game, then they'll be off to another totally different Industry, they give a shit abt Racing, just their over inflated salaries. Surely you can see Rita won't have a stakes model by Weds , going what the deluded Minister Of Racing said, buying more time for him mo
  20. ROSEHILL R4 2.6 R5 2.10 R6 4.7 R7 8.16 R8 6.11 FLEMINGTON R4 11.12 R5 3.12 R6 3.12 R7 12.13 R8 11.17 Thanks for the Comp and Good Luck All
  21. Grylls Locked up with Hickman. Danielle Johnson be in running . Even Round 2 maybe for Matt Cameron..