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  1. The one and only D J Riordan ?? He had a feast of good horses back then , Heflu another who went out fave in an Auckland Cup,a young B S Compton aboard ?
  2. Wow , Mannix , what a machine he was , grew up in awe of him , one of my 1st Heros. There was a Photo of him in full stretch in the Te Awamutu Club back in the day. Do you recall what happened to Mannix , Black Kirrama (Kirrama and Bardall another 2 of my faves too)
  3. Ernie didn't STEAL $4700 off a fellow punter and gloat about it you filthy lying THIEF , there is a difference you THIEVING PRICK .
  4. And also remembering young Sam McCrae who was killed about this time 15 years ago
  5. Imagine it , or perhaps don't Glenda Hughes and Raelene Castle on the Board
  6. Good Luck All The Most exciting thing to happen all Lockdown !! R1 - 3-1-2 R2 - 9-1-2 R3 - 4-2-12 R4 - 2-4-11 R5 - 4-1-12 R6 - 1-2-7 R7 - 2-4-1 R8 - 2-12-13 R9 - 3-9-13 R10 - 7-9-14 Cheers
  7. You'd be feeling pretty sick if you are holding on to a signifcant betting voucher or 2. The day before lockdown and the TAB declares bankruptcy.... vouchers confetti
  8. Sorry mate , that is straight out theft. If it was in a tray at a terminal in the Casino , chances are 100/1 on , that punter was still in the vicinity. You must have scurried out of there like the proverbial....RAT It has happened to me on a couple of ocassions after a few bevvies in a busy establishment and Punters code of ethics ,you raise your hand and bellow , someone forget something ?? That goes both ways . I can not wait for that to happen to you , imagine the outcry !!! Karma baby , karma ... Anyway I hope there is a Mario out there somewhere reading
  9. Don't panic ,as we speak ,NZTAB headhunting Craig Coleman , will fit the bill perfectly here in NZ
  10. Sadly, Sunday looks like Des's last show
  11. Dean McKenzie ? Your silence is deafening ....
  12. Isn't that 33% drop in foals in 16 years ?? Mind blowing
  13. One major problem here is that when Bernard took the job on , he realized he was heading into a real sh*tstorm. However upon realizing stakeholders were all arguing amongst themselves and pissing into the wind and he actually didn't have to do anything of significance , you couldn't wipe the smile off his face !!! He knows how to play the game and he's playing it for all it's worth. Why would he go to SA for a conference ?? Berri is right , where is the transcripts , lessons learned ?? Every time we took a field trip at school we had to write a 1000 page essay about EVERYTH
  14. Can't wait for his 10 paragraph excuse , this is gonna be good blah blah blah Race was on during my tea break etc etc Sorry stole your thunder ct
  15. And to back up your claims , have just replayed the Lowland and Shock ! Horror ! T Lee has recalled the race. Listen carefully , he says "Nothing Compares" and "Sovereign Express" not Nothing Compearsh" Sovereign Expressh" You are onto something here Thomo. You seem adamant T Lee was drinking on the job , photo or proof would be nice or do you really know something we don' must !
  16. Look , let's get it through our thick skulls, there will be NO Legislation going through this year. It is Election year, the bills that go through now before the Election are way more important than Racing's woes. Have a read of some of the readings that are destined to go through before the Election and they certainly put Racing on the Back burner. Sorry to rain on your parade but it is Election Year and it's every man and dog for himself, (politicians) Great , our great white hope is W Peters, the most under fire maligned Minister in Parliament. NOTHING will happen ,
  17. Someone like John Wheeler. No I rephrase that , get JOHN WHEELER into Parliament now as the Racing Minister
  18. Where is Kerry Packer when you need him ?? Imagine being taking over by a rival company , who want's to sign up ? A Chinese Corp to take over , I'm sure the Breeders would be the 1st to sign up. As for a strike, nearly everyone did on Noms day for Avondale last week . That didn't make a ripple did it. As for this Sat , Derby Day ! Imagine Trainers refusing to nom on a day like that , Oh to see Paunchy Saundry's face ! Definitely still run the Derby at a later stage but imagine the chaos. I really wouldn't want to see this but ...... ARC would soon throw their
  19. Laurel Streak the 1st dog I fell in love with. Saw him in action at Mt Smart many moons ago , superb dog !!
  20. Lets face it , no Clubs are going to close their doors. The history is still too strong and emotions raw, and there's nothing wrong with that at the end of the day. What say we take on board a bit of Australian nous. City and Country Racing. Maybe we can bump up the Stakes for City meetings and for the Country Clubs , if you aren't going to sell your tracks and assets , then be prepared for a lower tier of Racing Stakes. Then we can see who survives and who fails but at least you have given yourselves a chance to survive. The smaller Clubs (Country) don't need to