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    Critically Dundeel had serious gas. Murray Baker maintained that had he and Andrew trained him specifically, he could have won a Group 1 sprint fresh-up.
  2. Franco Ice

    check this out

    Juddmonte ( breeders of Enable) seem not to be afraid to duplicate close-up. They like using Sadlers Wells to do it too.
  3. Franco Ice

    Les Carlyon

    Passed away yesterday. What an observer of the thoroughbred. Ironically his article on Courage Under Fire, the night he won the Victorian Derby I think it was, was one of his very best. And the piece on Zephyr Bay and Leilani at Carrington Stud - that's what I call writing. Thanks Les for some wonderful insight. Not sure we'll see the likes of you again. RIP.
  4. Franco Ice


    Interesting pedigree this fella. Perhaps he's not quite a 'freak'but more an extremely judiciously bred individual. He's got sex balanced crosses of Grey Sovereign and Bletchingly as well as being linebred to Danehill. For good measure there's even a dose of old Sir Ivor. Throw in a magician as the trainer and you've got the kind of horse that keeps the dream alive.
  5. Franco Ice


    Year in year out one of the best days of country racing in the NI. A big hats off to the PBTC.
  6. Franco Ice

    Book on great nz broodmares

    In regards Parfore and Hunza, would you not say that the tap root is actually Classy Twiggy and Glamor Girl respectively? Not sure if there's a true definition. I suspect it's just opinion.
  7. Franco Ice

    Puha must be still hungover

    Well done Puha. Yep, super ride again - she rode Sylvia's horse beautifully midweek too. Agree with you re Nadeem. No East Coast circuit this year?
  8. Can someone please explain what happens when your FO's bet is a late scratching. An elderly neighbour backed Troup Road when he was scratched at the barrier the other day. He said his bet got transferred to another horse, I'm guessing it was the FO favourite. Seems strange. I thought it was a refund scenario.
  9. Franco Ice

    Racing Archives

    Hi, could anyone please point me in the direction of those looking after the inventory and trying to find a long-term home for it. I'm referring specifically to the collection that used to be at Ellerslie under the old stand. I recall there may have been a significant owner from up north who took the task on? Cheers,
  10. Franco Ice

    Racing Archives

    Thanks guys.
  11. Franco Ice

    RIP John Costello

    Gave me my first break in journalism, lovely guy, if it wasn't for John I probably wouldn't have persevered. RIP Cos.
  12. Franco Ice

    Filly For Lease

    Hi, We're looking to lease a filly for an Auckland stable. Trainer has recently repatriated from Australia and building a small team. Our preference would be a yearling or two-year-old and broken but open to consider all offers. Very good horse people and she will be expertly cared for. Thanks, [email protected] 021 294 6247
  13. Franco Ice

    Book on great nz broodmares

    Duplicity has Sanderae's staying blood pumping through his veins.
  14. Franco Ice

    Book on great nz broodmares

    Sunbride, at it again: Casaquinman.
  15. Franco Ice

    Foals - 2018

    you'd be pretty happy with that filly Dopey.
  16. Franco Ice

    Kalaglow Son

    Thats him, thanks.
  17. Franco Ice

    Kalaglow Son

    Wondering whether anyone can help me please. A stallion son of Kalaglow over nighted at Redoubt Park when I was working there in the late 80's. I think he'd been purchased by a farm in Hawkes Bay. I never found him in any subsequent Stallion Registers and I thought I heard he died before standing his first season. A name or anything about him would be greatly appreciated.
  18. Franco Ice

    Book on great nz broodmares

    Another Te Parae blue hen - Sanderae: Levendi is her latest star.
  19. Franco Ice

    Waipuk Jump outs

    I don't suppose anyone knows if the results from today will be posted on the NZR website? They didn't post their jump out results from a fortnight ago and I never got a reply from my email toNZR.
  20. Franco Ice

    Waipuk Jump outs

    Puha, you missed my point, I'm not fussed about the video, I'm pissed at NZTR for not putting the simple results up.
  21. Franco Ice

    Waipuk Jump outs

    Thanks Neil for your sage advice as always. As a punter I share your sentiments wholeheartedly. Actually in this case its for the syndicate who own a horse who has won at the two most recent Waipuk jumpouts. Call it what you like but some of them would just be stoked to see her name up as winning something. Still no reply from NZTR.
  22. Franco Ice

    NZ Derby

    Taking nothing away from the efforts of the horses and their connections but I'm a little dubious about the quality of this years race compared to recent renewals. The winner was clearly the best stayer, aided by a superb ride, but he was just short of the best staying three-year-olds in Melbourne in the spring. Civil Disobedience was never on the track but he was only beaten just over four lengths. There are always exceptions but one wouldn't expect Tasmanian Derby form to stack-up in the AJC Derby. I've rarely missed a NZ Derby in thirty years and year in year out there's at least a couple of standout physical types in the yard. This year there were plenty of nice types, prepared immaculately, but nothing that jumped out at you. Certainly they were a more refined lot, probably a reflection of what we're breeding. Time will tell I guess.
  23. Franco Ice

    Karaka Sale Complex

    Thats not bad going Insider, pretty stock standard, especially when it rains. It's not uncommon to be 2 hours from the CBD to the Bombay's on a Thursday or Friday afternoon now. I imagine NZB had little choice but to develop. Interesting to see the business case occupancy rates ex sale time.
  24. Franco Ice

    Wellington Cup Day

    Watch the Telegraph and Cup from the top of the public - best view in NZ racing.
  25. Franco Ice

    Nature Strip

    One never tires of watching horses with his turn of foot. Thanks for the heads-up, will follow with interest.