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  1. I have to leave you now Iraklis, you suggesting that the comment was not made to me is one of the silliest things most people on here would ever have read I will declare you 'outthunk' me so if it is a win you seek there you have it I will go back to the forum I moderate, I don't often visit but you will see that I have been around for a few years and as my opening Q related to NZ, I thought I would ask it here. I thank Tasman Man for the answer I sought. To others may I suggest you try and make your forum friendlier and more inclusive
  2. Using a very imaginative definition of abuse are you referring to my suggestion that having stablemates in races is an advantage? Didn't you think the way the winner and Franco Mac exchanged the lead without any resistance only something stablemates would do? Just an opinion, not abuse - no swear words or calling anybody an idiot Nobody should have to put up with that (deserves in your opinion!) from keyboard warriors who would not have the guts to talk like that to your face
  3. Are you an inmate Lee, only thing I can conclude about somebody that gets their kicks by abusing people on a public forum.
  4. No, thanks for the heads up BUT the scheduled time for the Millions race was identical to a race at Shepparton over here. As best as I could tell by our TAB closing betting R11 ended up running 10 or so minutes late. We did not get to see it as after Shep there was race after race on both Sky channels (mostly bloody dogs) I have watched the replay now and I have to say that although the winner was far too good for them, it is pretty handy when a trainer has half the field and can determine how the race is going to be run
  5. Sure we can get the results of the TAB but that is just the punt, if you want times and everything you have to wait over an hour before the HRNZ website catches up Really bad scheduling tonight too, for the big $200k 2yo race we had a clash with so many in Oz that we did not get to see it on either Sky channel
  6. Overcheck?! Do you want to pat him on the back for making the industry look like the home of low life? I reckon the RIU would have liked to have let it slide and thus kept it out of the news but he went on and on and forced their hand
  7. The video in the OP is dad Graeme - also a legend, thankfully still with us but grieving the loss of his son Gavin
  8. I first noticed it down last night and obviously 4hrs ago but it is now Back Up Thanks HRNZ
  9. HRNZ when is Info Horse search going to be up and running again?
  10. I think Banks and Hanover would have a different view going on " Unless their horses are good enough to reasonably often finish top four, those horses (and owners) will not long remain in racing! " found in 5. Purse Structure of the following article
  11. How could anyone be foolish enough to underestimate Chris Alford? But he surely did which says very little for his judgement
  12. He did nicely at Gunbower and he is staying here
  13. Of course you are right Jack I will try to word things perfectly in future (then again I probably won't) It might save me getting a smart arse reply from someone This cafe is certainly one unfriendly place You could have replied with "Not really YNGMYMoney as a premiership is based on wins" Richie chimes in with a LOL Come on guys it is an incredible STAT, (not premiership placing - happy) Try treating people the way you would like to be treated If you are not on any forum for FUN you should analyse how your life is going (preaching over)