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Passing of Danny B, son of Albatross

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It was a rough day on Monday - It is with much sadness that we report the passing of our American-bred Standardbred stallion, Danny B. He was a month short of his 28th birthday.

He came into our care from the SPCA on March 31, 2010. We made the decision to let him go on Monday evening after he had taken a nasty turn and was clearly struggling.

The vet was not convinced he would recover and it was the right thing to do. He deserves his rest. We had him for nearly 8 years.

For the record: Best mile time 1min 51.2sec. His long American career ended with 55 wins, 51 second placings and 50 third placings. His stakes earnings totalled $US462,979, back in the day when the greenback had some real value. He had a phenomenal 336 race starts, doing much of his racing in Florida. He was imported to New Zealand in 2003.

RIP big guy.

Here's the article Neil wrote about Dan in 2014, with the original pics when Danny was found. He had a Body Condition Score of 0.



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What a fine lookin individual, so glad he got looked after in his later years, but what a shit way for a goodlookin fella to be treated, why even bring him here if that's how he was to be treated RIP fine fella......


Cheers Iraklis

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