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On 11/13/2017 at 9:21 PM, jasonmccook1 said:
3 hours ago, jasonmccook1 said:

Well that brings down the curtain on another club.  Will try and do final wash up tonight and payout by end of next week as busy week ahead for me :(

Thanks Jase and Sarah for running another fun club - bring on 2018 - pen me in 


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Total after Week 17 $3743.80($197 per share) 

got a bit of quiet time when the kids were sleeping to do the tally up so we ended up with $197 each not the result we were all hoping I bet but has been fun.

If everyone could either advise by email on here or email mccookclan@outlook.com whether we are doing phone account or bank account for your share and will pay out by end of the week.

Once again I thank everyone for their support and patience while I sort the payout ( as I certainly didnt pick a great week to end the syndicate and pay out -_-)

and lets hope 2018 is our year!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Thanks Jason and Sarah and the wee ones ..... very well organised and fun to be part of ..... certainly will be in the 2018 series in what ever shape it takes certainly given us some food for thought Jason.

As to the payout Jason into my bank a/c please, will send u details later today.

Thanks once again the McCook family and Merry Xmas to All.

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