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  1. BS from AS?

    Spot on, Trump and La Zip. I can't see Embellish improving a heap from this run, and even if he does, so will the others. He has been up for quite a while and in my opinion will struggle to improve as much as some of the others. He was easily outsprinted over a mile by Scott Base in the KM who has himself been knocked over (by three others!) over 2000. Embellish is no chump; but he's no champ. Can I say that without Scooby telling me off?? LOL
  2. BS from AS?

    Not criticizing his training ability, his record speaks for itself. Would appreciate him even more if he would tone down the pre-race comments to media about his horses.
  3. BS from AS?

    Quietly flicking through the Herald this morning and nearly choked on the cornflakes First .. Dillon's crapola about Embellish's bad luck in the Karaka Million -in my view he was lucky not to be relegated for that interference, and was outsprinted by a superior rival on the day - Secondly, Sharrock still can't stop himself from talking up his horses in that irritatingly arrogant way of his ...regarding Ladies First this time (makes a change from Kawi). According to AS, "they" (meaning her rivals in the Auckland Cup on 10 March) "might be in a world of pain" if the track is rain-affected. He cant just say she'd be "even more competitive " or an even better prospect" than if it's run on a Good3. Oh no..her rivals "might be in a world of pain". He just has to say something that smacks of arrogance/superiority. Well, as we all know, a week is a long time in politics and horse racing... As for Dillon talking up Embellish's chances at Flemington today from a cosy draw....well, yes, the inside draw will help. But maybe not enough. I'd love the horse to prove me wrong today, but I don't think he's as good as they say he is or want him to be! I suspect he was just a tad too good in the Spring classic down south, and the quality of the oppo now is showing him up! I bet the Ozzie bookmakers will offer all kinds of attractive odds today based on similar instincts as mine.
  4. More Sibling Rivalry

    also Terravista and Ball of Muscle, another pair of bluebloods ..at Flemington!
  5. More Sibling Rivalry

    Down south today, half brothers - and bluebloods - The Believer and The Chief ... one is in form, the other is not...neither of them in the same league as another sibling The Jewel.
  6. Singapore RAce 8 result

    As usual Oz racing shows us the way, if only we weren't too damn stubborn to follow. Ever noticed how swiftly they show an official photo-finish on TV over there - often within seconds of horses flashing across the line... we don't need to hear the official judges call on TV, just some nous from Trackside presenters eg concentrating on getting placegetters' saddlecloth numbers communicated to us verbally and on-screen as swiftly and clearly as possible.
  7. David Bowie..tonight on Channel PRIME

    Chevy86 I hope you watched Carole...far more entertaining, less mumbly stumbly analysts, more musical/joyful and more educational. I for one love learning the back stories to the 'songs of my yoof'
  8. TE RAPA

    Chevy86 look on the bright side..it could've been served up on a blue plate
  9. Kawi v Start Wondering

    jess I cant wait to read what AS had to say..i doubt it wil be along the lines of "beaten fair and square by s better horse on the day".. more like "track didn't suit" ..."average ride by the jock.." bla bla bla ..ironically in his 'walkalong the parade ring talking to Aidan' pre-race I/v AS commented how well and relaxed Kawi was... but I daresay an excuse will come from him somehow someway
  10. Registration of Colours

    Jess if youre insignificant racing a wee handful at one time I am clearly non-existent
  11. H2H bet of the day?

    oh darn! Sonorous has blotted the copybook N1MUE..but a damn good overall record you are building on this... keep going I will keep an eye on your picks...I get the feeling you do your research v well Cheers
  12. A Fun Three Race Multi

    Summarising our two fun Multi(s)...$20 each Win Multi ..return: NIL 1 of 3 home...big ups to Tomjr for pointing the way to Start Wondering (and Brookbars, which I wouldn't take against Athletica, silly me!) Place Multi.. return NIL ...big ups to Barryb for Wildflower and big downs to Flagship for offering a compelling case for Kapoor who was indeed poor on the day (and so am I as a result) We had SW and Wildflower. Meatloaf said 2 out of 3 aint bad, but botoom line is NIL funds for charity. Never mind. We'll try again, prob at Ellerslie on Sat. Thanks to those who contributed ...it was fun (at least for me). W PS: did you know Brookbars and Wildflower are related?
  13. A Fun Three Race Multi

    magnificent Tomjr you rock brownie points for next week W
  14. Kawi v Start Wondering

    I have nothing against the horse. only the way he has been constantly talked up by AS ...denied a 'Triple Crown' at Hastings as I recall, and the comments last week about how his opponents In the Dyke Stakes were in "deep, deep trouble" is typical of his approach. Kawi has found many ways to get himself beaten over the last two years...and it's always someone else's fault according to his trainer
  15. I'm thinking of starting either a Fan Club or a Charitable Trust for Getalonghome Cindy ...3rd at Te Rapa today, an acceptor for Pukekohe tomorrow (not scratched at time of posting) 9 starts since beginning of Nov 2017 and 16 since September last year...gave a good honest account of herself and placed 2nd in a Dunstan Qualifier behind King's Cross in early Dec.. She will sleep well tonight ..(ut may have to get up early tomorrow and head for Pukekohe !!)