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  1. christen me n

    Only if the trainer was an owner I would think.
  2. christen me n

    Well the obvious thing here John is the owners could have shown more interest in the horse by giving it a good paddock to walk around for the rest of its life. They chose not to which indicates they were only interested in the commercial aspect, i.e. what they could get out of the horse. If others can't see this they have tunnel vision.
  3. Lazarus

    Why do you guys have to get so personal and cast insults? When all we are saying the stable was caught administering something illegal and got fined in Australia. Who cares what the name of the trainer is? The fact is he got done and also just happens to train Lazarus!
  4. Lazarus

    You must have too much time on your hands. You can't speak for other owners and trainers. If he was my horse and there was any issue he wouldn't have started.
  5. Lazarus

    No answer given to your question FU I notice! It is not legal as far as I am aware close to race day, that is the point.
  6. Lazarus

    Didn't Purdon get found out in NSW about 12 months ago for a horse having something administered close to race day? I am not sure how sound some of these horses from big money stables are without the assistance of the veterinarians.
  7. Lazarus. Wow

    Try and arrange more of these races in NZ to keep your horses there. It will help us small struggling owner breeders in WA. Most of the horses winning at Gloucester Park each week are bred in NZ.
  8. Lazarus. Wow

    Some trivia they even named a street in East Fremantle in WA after the horse. The reason he won the last Fremantle Cup In the Richmond Raceway era in 1991.
  9. Lazarus. Wow

    Good point about handicapping or lack of it these days. The Fremantle Cup also was a standing some time ago. The champions were actually handicapped in the earlier days. A horse called Village Kid just kept winning because he was in the era of all mobile racing. The system is much easier for the modern day champion. The weighting system of the gallops seems fairer to me.
  10. Lazarus. Wow

    Unfortunately they have been getting away with team driving at Gloucester Park for years. In fact in the 80's they called it the "Red Hots".
  11. Lazarus. Wow

    I thought Purdon got caught. He was unlucky. It can happen at GP. If he took the horse back he wouldn't have run a place coming from the rear of the field.
  12. Lazarus. Wow

    Yes and with a sit CB would have run second even by 5 lengths it runs 2nd. The way the horse was driven it runs 3rd. And guess what the stablemate wins!!! I don't think CB was given the best opportunity in the race the way it was driven, but then again that is my opinion.
  13. Lazarus. Wow

    Really? It would take a pretty special horse to face the breeze in that quality field over 3000m and win the race. CB would have had a better chance of winning taking the sit behind Lazarus in my opinion. I wonder if G Hall would have driven the same way if the stable had only 1 runner in the field???
  14. Lazarus. Wow

    Who trained Elsu Cosmic?

    Far from it. There has been domination by two large stables for a number of years bringing in horses to WA from NZ. i.e. Hall and Bond. It's good to see someone else come in and win some big races. Well done the Purdon stable.