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  1. how good is arocknroll dance

    John the mare is quite well bred, her second dam produced a very good horse you may recall called Desperate Comment. Looks like a Rock N Roll Dance' s stud career has taken off!
  2. australian penalites

    I think it is wrong that horses are racing after being administered pain killers. This should be stamped out. I know it is going on in WA and the stewards are checking out some stables on race days. It is unfair to the honest trainers out there who don't have vets (paying them large sums) visiting their stables each week. If what is going on in NSW is like what has been alluded to then the stewards performance and process needs reviewing. Cobalt and cocaine well it is a disgrace giving horse these substances. Those trainers who give horses painkillers and other performance enhancing drugs aren't true horse people and obviously don't care about the welfare of the horses in their care. Why would an owner give a horse to a trainer who needs as part of his/her training regime to give their horses drugs illegally? There are lots of trainers out there doing the right thing. These dodgy trainers should be exposed by more vigilent efforts and process by the stewards and support by higher level management in the industry.
  3. how good is arocknroll dance

    Yes I agree A Rock n Roll Dance, Shadow Play and Sportswriter are doing well in the US and are not as expensive as some of the others. Incidentally further to our earlier chat I had been following Shadow Play for our Life Sign mare and decided it would be a good choice. I followed up on your comments and went to a sire with a track record. Breeding I find is not easy and many great racehorses don't make it in the siring barn.
  4. breeding season

    Gotta Go Cullect is standing in Qld at great value of $1000 for a horse I agree has a great maternal family. The others I think in the breed to race category worth considering are Highview Tommy in NZ, Follow the Stars and Fly Like an Eagle, with these two standing in WA. Shady Shark Hanover is good value and starting to get some horses racing now. One of his progeny a 3 year old filly went 1.55 last night.
  5. Changeover

    I wonder why he was moved on to Australia. His stud records looks okay. Given that his fee is quite reasonable he would worth the risk. I guess there is a lot of competition with the sires being imported from the USA.
  6. Fly Like an Eagle or Highview Tommy?

    Yes thanks for the response.
  7. I don't really know how Fly Like an Eagle raced as a mature horse after his 2 & 3 year old racing career. I note he didn't do much after his 4 year old days. Does anyone know? If you had to make a choice between which these two sires which way would you go? Would be interested in some thoughts.
  8. Gotta Go Cullect

    Yes I think GG Cullect has a done a good job, considering he was at the lower end on Alabars Sires List. Most of the good mares would have gone to the more higher priced sires with better credentials.
  9. Gotta Go Cullect

    Yes I think GG Cullect has a done a good job, considering he was at the lower end on Alabars Sires List. Most of the good mares would have gone to the more higher priced sires with better credentials.
  10. Gotta Go Cullect

    This sire is now based in Australia. Does anyone have a view on how this sires progeny has performed so far?

    Yes John I agree, we actually went to a proven sire last time with the mare and have a rising 2 year old filly by Western Terror. Still there are no guarantees in this game. Thanks for the info about the Highview Tommy two year olds etc. Really he is a great cross by BD, I have never seen a sire with his influence before and Christian Cullen what an excitement machine he was and also did a great job in the breeding barn.

    Thanks Lamour I have noticed the new sire Always B Miki is bred on strong crosses of Albatross and Abercrombie. AK is bred on the same crosses. We don't race as two year olds and like to keep them racing as older horses. Agree it will interesting to see how his 3 year olds go.

    Hi I am a small breeder and am looking at a NZ sire for a Life Sign mare. We breed to race. Was looking at Auckland Reactor, Highview Tommy, Sir Linclon or Gold Ace as they are all reasonably priced. Does anyone have any thought on these sires?