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  1. Alan B

    christen me n

    Only if the trainer was an owner I would think.
  2. Alan B

    christen me n

    Well the obvious thing here John is the owners could have shown more interest in the horse by giving it a good paddock to walk around for the rest of its life. They chose not to which indicates they were only interested in the commercial aspect, i.e. what they could get out of the horse. If others can't see this they have tunnel vision.
  3. Alan B


    Why do you guys have to get so personal and cast insults? When all we are saying the stable was caught administering something illegal and got fined in Australia. Who cares what the name of the trainer is? The fact is he got done and also just happens to train Lazarus!
  4. Alan B


    You must have too much time on your hands. You can't speak for other owners and trainers. If he was my horse and there was any issue he wouldn't have started.
  5. Alan B


    No answer given to your question FU I notice! It is not legal as far as I am aware close to race day, that is the point.
  6. Alan B


    Didn't Purdon get found out in NSW about 12 months ago for a horse having something administered close to race day? I am not sure how sound some of these horses from big money stables are without the assistance of the veterinarians.
  7. Alan B


    Far from it. There has been domination by two large stables for a number of years bringing in horses to WA from NZ. i.e. Hall and Bond. It's good to see someone else come in and win some big races. Well done the Purdon stable.
  8. Alan B

    Positives at Nelson

    Each case will be investigated on the individual situation. Trainers usually do it when their horses aren't quite up to it and they get desperate. If a trainer has been training for 20 years or so with a clean sheet, then you would be suspicious it may have been a stablehand. Mostly though the trainers that get caught become repeat offenders over the years, they tend to rely on giving their horses some additional "help".That's what I've noticed anyway.
  9. Alan B

    Positives at Nelson

    Fully agree. Usually there is a pattern of offences and suspensions relating to particular trainer. i.e. they usually get caught more than once over a period of time. Having said that the are getting smarter and able to pay for expensive vets. I know I bought a horse from a leading stable, just afterwords the trainer was suspended for 12 months for a high Co2 level. This wasn't his first offence, yet he still only got 12 months.
  10. Alan B

    Grant Dixon Suspended and Fined

    Not uncommon, I have seen it before they think they are bigger than the game and their performance can't be questioned. Withdrawing seven horses from one meeting, if that's the case it smacks of taking your bat and ball and going home. Not very professional.
  11. Alan B

    sire selection

    Very interesting points about it being a bit easier to pick with the tables showing of what sires are doing in the US. Its always a risk going to great horses that are unproven as they are new sires. I have noticed some of the newer sires don't last long at the larger studs, they don't make it as sire.The other table I think is good to use is the average stake money earnt. It can show what sires are doing that maybe aren't getting the larger number of mares (as yet). A good example is Betterthancheddar which is ranked 7th on the two year old averages, but didn't get a large number of mares.
  12. Alan B

    christen me

    I understand most horses bleed internally. I am told that if a horse bleeds externally from the nostrils more than 3 individual times after a race in Australia, then the horse is banned for life from racing. "Maintenance medication" to be able to continue to racing, if that is what you consider being looked after is then so be it. Otherwise, I have no doubt the horse is treated like equine royalty in the stable, horses from top stables usually are.
  13. Alan B

    christen me

    This is a myth that has been spread around for years by greedy trainers that horses love racing, particularily after years of racing after injuries and so on.If this horse bleeds then it has serious problems with his lungs. I know because we had to retire our best horse after 78 starts because it became a bleeder. This is about looking after the welfare of the horse, which the owners of Christen Me obviously aren't interested in. By the way we had vets scope our horse and they still don't know what causes bleeding. Champions are born to run when they are fit and healthy, not when they need drugs to keep them racing. I agree with John. Jack you just don't get it.
  14. Alan B

    Lazarus vs Chokin

    One of the best from the 70' s was Mount Eden a sensational horse gave horses a 80 metres start by galloping and still beat them. Have a look a at this Miracle Mile.
  15. Alan B

    christen me

    This indicates they are only interested in money and not the welfare and best interests of the horse. Fully agree shame on the owners!