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      TAB 0800 Telephone Bet Number - IMPORTANT!!!!   05/16/2017

      The Telephone Bet Service ceased in July 2016.    For telephone betting via Touchtone call 0800 10 20 33. The old 0800 number now belongs to a different company who are being bombarded with calls. The TAB Helpline is  0800 102 106


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  1. Do you think the photo finish system in the C.D. needs a revamp?
  2. But no McIninny dogs nommed, our leading trainers for many years.. Why? I would hope that this Amazing event will see hair follicle testing initially ... and then Blood and urine tests on all that line up every time they perform . A chance for our sport to really show how Amazing we are.... The dogs We love and and our dogs that Love to race.....
  3. Back Poon What new rule from J.C.A. ? about not saying diddly squat until after 3 months of a positive.Please substantiate on this ..
  4. Just go to Wanganui ...Too good ... Too hot... Too smart ...Too in the know..........
  5. What happened to our $40 , then reduced to $20 allowance..?? Then reduced and altered again, What Happened to the "Tier two" racing that catered for the dogs that G.A.P. cannot cope with..??? It's called Bigtime Racing N.Z. and the Bigtime owner that's the Head of operations... It's a farce!!!, and if not addressed will before too long, kill off the passion behind the real people that Love our Dogs, That love to race .. and the dogs that hope they will be rehomed..... Where was the new lady employed for "Head of animal Welfare" today when at Wanganui all dogs were kept in conditions against the associations ruling of maximum times to be kenelled?. Is she even aware of the rule that governs this.
  6. Fair enough Kotare Thank you.. It stinks of " Kerr" and his sign off, on his correspondance is " Ends". The man has been sliming his way up the chain ... Between him and the new look "we "Love our Greyhounds "..how many lovely Turds have they ever picked up????
  7. Have you had a look? Kotare...
  8. I bet you could run that far too......:)
  9. A , really fantastic thread.. Completely enthralled until reminded of the cheats and sires that were, but infact, were not.!! The biggest nonnie for me was Cameron George and Ross Neal.. They both had a go at "Integrity" but failed....
  10. The head post makes a very good point... Enough time was given for the cheats to clean up their act, more than enough time!!!...I'm all for blood, urine and hair samples to be taken, but like a lot of others I guess time is running out. Having a man in charge and being possibly the largest owner with a varied rage of trainers is naturally a worry too..? Having a dickwit on the board that was found guilty of foul practice shoots down any theory JMc had ?
  11. Have you proof of that oblique assertion Dep? If JMcC is who I think it could be .. Absurd would be too kind .
  12. Jim, go and pull your self you fool....
  13. Well perhaps, you can pay your outstanding fines, Jason ? that, regardless of your excuses you owe to the greyhound fratenity !!. Have you stopped to think that Aqua in his solo effort to bring fair justice for us all, has bigger balls than yours? :)
  14. AC I am not sure.. I am a Tosser but I have NEVER thrown a Tea Bag over the fence.....A Public Trainer is defined in our "Constitution" Simple as that..
  15. AC Your son is doing well and is more established than you as a "Public Trainer" So where do we go go from here? The bonuses for the N.Z. racing series should be left for the genuine people , that strive and struggle, and are vital for the continuation of our sport..Push too hard and the future of Greyhound Racing as we have now experience could face a backlash of serious consequences ...Just my thoughts though, but worthy of it perhaps.....