Saturday (US) time Hambletonian Program with all the best horses in US going for anyone if interested

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Dexter has chosen to drive Really Fast who ran second in his heat to Captain Corey.  Quite a tough race as any one of 5 can win it in my opinion. The fastest horse who can close and can blister off the gate is Sonofamystery. If he minds his manners he could be very hard to beat.  Captain Corey is also very fast and his trainer mentioned that he lost his long stride while he was growing and last Saturday when he won, he was striding out like he was when he was 2yo.  This horse has one hell of a stride on him. I love those daisy cutters.


It is interesting that the two yearlings that fetched the most 1.1 mil and 1 mil have not raced and done anything yet but nearly all the other high priced yearlings are in this race or were in the elimination.  Really Fast cost 700,000 US, there is one in there that cost $460,000 and a few that cost over 200 grand.  


Trotters are king over here compared to the pacers and 9 times out of 10 the trotter fetches more than the pacers do at the sales.


You can watch the races here but You would have to be up at 4 a.m to catch the early races. 

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a 3yo Trotter by Creatine just ran 1:49 4/5ths


I also think we just saw one of the fastest 3/4's in harness racing history in 1:18.3 t by Tattoo Artist and he walked home and won by a nose in 1:47.1. First Q in 25 flat and half in 52 flat. Nandolo was beaten a nose


This track is lightning fast. Maybe the 1:46 for pacers is in danger

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