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I thought so and that about sums it all up. Have a look at the dogs record, one win but plenty of times in the money. It must have made that one misjudgment one day. Such a shame as the dog obviously has ability.

I have no idea if it is an import but this is the new NZ greyhound racing.

Watch Aus racing and see the sad level it has descended to with most fields unable to be filled and many many of the dogs playing or fighting.

Even sadder  is that it is now accepted that most of those will be immediately shipped to NZ.

Even more proof that our sport in NZ is on a steeper downward slope than Aus are finding themselves on. At least they have an escape route for the flotsam that we do not.


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Time to Remember, you have obviously got your magnifying glass out, and turned your imagination up to fool.

No case to answer.

Would not even have got a warning in Australia.

If you're keen on searching for the worst in everything - buy yourself a mirror - it will give you a lifetime supply of fault to find.



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Look at the ground it made up in the video between the 16s and 24s marks. At that rate it's going to win by a couple of lengths.

Then watch it change stride and slow down at 24s, then put in a couple of decent strides at 27s, then ease up again to lope along outside the leader, refusing to go past.

THEN remember that prizemoney comes from the punters, and they only have so much patience for backing the best dog in the race and watching it play silly buggers and throw the race away.

"Don't back the dog if you don't trust it to give 100%". Yeah, sure. But if there's one of them in every race then punters won't bother betting in any races; if you can't trust a dog to try, you can't trust it not try either. You can't back it, but you can't bet against it. Sport is easier to figure out than greyhounds anyway, and you get more entertainment for your buck from an 80 minute game than a 31 second race. Plus if you tell people you like greyhound racing they think you're weird, while if you like Rugby or Football you're a normal bloke.

If it wouldn't have even gotten a warning in Australia, maybe it should head over there.


I took part in the Kiwi Punting Champs heat last week, on Friday's Addington meeting. It was hard going early on; the fave in the first had had two tickets for failing to chase and wore blinkers, in Race 3 the fave had marred on debut then taken three trials to (hopefully) get right, then Race 4 had a favourite who had marred on debut and needed SEVEN trials before being allowed to make his second start, 602 days after his first. If I hadn't had to bet on every race under the rules of the competition, I wouldn't have gone near any of those races. I avoid Addington in general, even though I bet more on NZ Greyhounds than anything else. But I didn't realise it was this bad.

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